The Colors In My Rainbow

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Any time you can make a song about it, children will have increased listening, and music is perfect for all children to learn with. Our friends at The Learning Station hit another home run with this great color song!

Each color is shown on a t-shirt, and kids who are wearing that color are encouraged to do a specific action. The actions rhyme with the color, which brings a super important reading skill to the song. Colors, movement, rhyming, literacy — what more do you need?! I love this rainbow song so much for introducing some science!


It reinforces the names of colors and rainbow color order, but also teaches WHY a rainbow appears! This rainbow song is gorgeous and so calming. Use it to practice critical listening skills. It can also be used as a smooth transition to quiet time or a calm activity.

What Color of the Rainbow Are You?

After the song ends, ask your little learners about the rainbow in them. This rainbow song has a simple, catchy tune, which means that kids will learn it faster and enjoy singing along. This sweet rainbow song for kids reinforces the colors of the rainbow with a fun backdrop. You might remember this sweet rainbow song from your own childhood! One of our favorites, Jack Hartmann, is back with this fun colors song. It stars an adorable little gnome named Roy G Biv. Even my husband was grooving when I played this one at home! The rainbow colors are presented in a fun rock song!

It emphasizes how we see rainbow colors everywhere and then gives some fun examples. Some of the lyrics are sung, but they also encourage kids to chant along to the beat at times.

What Color of the Rainbow Are You?

Chanting and singing are actually very different skills, and both are important to early music education! I love it any time our little learners get a chance to learn some sign language!

Three 6 Mafia Rainbow colors

The signs are first demonstrated by a hearing child and then a deaf child. Adorable puppets share their favorite colors, and then they all combine at the end to make a rainbow. Your kids will love this bright and happy colors song. Our friend Angela over at Teaching Mama also has some great color songs to use too! Rainbow Sensory Bottle. Preschool Rainbow Craft with Pipe Cleaners.


Rolling Pin Rainbow Art Activity. Rainbow Counting Bear Sensory Bottle. Rainbow Name Tracing Activity. Rainbow Marble Painting Process Art.

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Yes, love is hard to find All you do is for me and you. Please click here if you are not redirected within a few seconds. Maarja - Rainbow Colours Lyrics Maarja. What does this song mean to you? admin