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No matter what the style, though, the plague is waiting for them. Dado also makes use of video projections in various places around the theatre: politicians and experts advising the people how to respond to the disease, shut away we assume from contact with the outside world that would endanger them as well. But the disease is unstoppable: by the time the spectre in the plague mask reappears, it has claimed hundreds of thousands of lives and left countless others living in terror.

Interestingly, the sheer volume of deaths, coupled with the facts that Ionesco is not interested in adhering to rules of epidemiology and that Dado has her actors simply drop dead most of the time with no preamble, desensitizes us and keeps the action from becoming overwhelming.

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And then there are those body parts, crafted by Samantha Rausch, mostly arms and legs which are often simply there but occasionally stand in for canes or other real-world props. The Killing Game is most definitely not for everyone. It is the perfect example of why this site has a yellow light designation: a play that is brilliantly directed and performed but which is, by its very nature, odd and off-putting. In the hands of Dado, though, it is a piece that can occasionally make you laugh and very likely haunt you and make you think, and that is ultimately what Ionesco is all about.

Selected Writings by the author of Dark Alliance

It includes Webb's series at the Kentucky Post on organized crime in the coal industry, at the Cleveland Plain Dealer on Ohio State's negligent medical board, and on the US military's funding of first-person shooter video games. The Killing Game is a dedication to his life's work outside of Dark Alliance , and it's an exhibition of investigative journalism in its truest form. When the story first appeared in on the website of the San Jose Mercury News , it became an unprecedented internet sensation, receiving up to 1. The report was the target of a famously vicious media backlash that ended his career as a mainstream journalist.

Others, including his own former newspaper and the New York Times , continued to treat him as an outlaw. Torres' character has a plan, and Katrine approves, ordering a positive response for the Allies. Later, Brigitte feigns illness in front of the building where her lover works to get in. When Brigitte arrives, Karr leaves them alone. On the ground, Turanj gets dissatisfied with "playing the game" and complains to a fellow Hirogen that he has learned enough about their prey.

Upon sight of Neelix, he shoots him and Seven when she retaliates. They are taken to sickbay. In sickbay, The Doctor is asked to attend to their injuries. He insists that they stop these brutalities because the bodies of the crew have not been designed for this kind of punishment.


The Hirogen however, refuse to listen, even when The Doctor asks that they at least activate the holodeck safety protocols. It is decided that Neelix is to be sent to the Klingon simulation, and Seven back to the World War II simulation after their wounds have been treated. Back on the bridge , the Hirogen are forcing Ensign Harry Kim one of the few remaining crew not to have been sent into the holodeck or locked away to expand the holodeck grids so that they can expand the holo-projectors into all surrounding sections.

Kim joins Ashmore in a corridor to work.

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Kim has Ashmore distract one of the Hirogen guards so that he can transfer The Doctor out of sickbay with newly installed holoemitters in the corridor and tell him about his plan to get the crew back. Before they can begin to recover the crew, they need to disable the neural interfaces. He has found a way to tap into the sickbay diagnostic console but somebody has got to be inside the holodeck to engage the bridge control relays.

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They decide to use Seven's help for this task. In the ready room , Karr tells Turanj that he has been studying Voyager 's database looking for their next simulation. He tells him that there are many to chose from because Humans have a violent history. However, this will be one hunt Turanj will never see if he continues to disobey him.

Karr tells him that his lust for the kill has blinded him, like it has blinded many young hunters.

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He tells Turanj that if the younger hunters took the time to study their prey, to understand its behavior, they might learn something because each prey exposes them to another way of life while at the same time making them re-evaluate their own. He wonders what will become of the Hirogen when they have hunted this territory to exhaustion: a way of life that hasn't changed in a thousand years. He complains that they have lost their identity, that they have allowed their predatory instincts to dominate them — turning them into a solitary race, isolated, no longer a culture.

He insists that their people must come back together, combine forces and rebuild their civilization. Karr believes the hunt will always continue but in a new way, for he intends to transform this ship into a vast simulation, eventually replicating the technology which will allow them to hold on to their past while they face the future.


Turanj is convinced that Karr is right, albeit very reluctantly, for he knows that others might not agree with Karr's assessment. In sickbay, The Doctor manages to wake Seven, explaining to her that he has found a way to disable the interface by remodulating one of her Borg implants to emit a jamming signal to interfere with her neural interface implant. Once she is back on the holodeck, the jamming signal will activate within seconds at which moment she must find the control panel inside the holodeck and engage the bridge access relays so he and Kim can deactivate all the neural interfaces.

Unfortunately, she doesn't know anything about World War II, so she'll have to figure it out as she goes along.

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At that moment she quickly excuses herself and gets off the stage. Janeway is pumping commandant Karr for information, and wants him to stay so she quickly goes to order de Neuf back on stage. Seven refuses, and, since her character has shown resistance to Janeway in the past, suspicions that she is a Nazi sympathizer are coming to a head with her new unwillingness to continue to sing.

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