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Around campsites, they will gnaw on anything smeared with salty sweat, such as canoe paddles, axe handles and saddles.

Animal Facts: Porcupine | Canadian Geographic

A porcupine produces one offspring at a time. Young are able to move about quite briskly shortly after birth and, unlike their stolid parents, are quite playful. Looking for photos?

Contact us to learn more! Natural History Notebooks. Canadian Museum of Nature.

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Last updated Web site consulted. Comments or Questions? Paim, Bryan R. Shantz, Allan G. Porcupine Location. Share This Article. Hedgehog Thought to be one of the oldest mammals on Earth! Porcupine Comments fizzy56 "i think this is good and im not just saying that i think its good for reports and for porcupine lovers".

I did report at school, it was soooooooo helpful.

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Id give it 10 stars if I could! I didn't know that!! Your Comment:. Print Article View printer friendly version of Porcupine article. David W. Subscribe to A-Z Animals and enjoy our website without advertising! Subscribe Now. Ecotourism has become popular in Coorg among visitors interested in environmental conservation. The main essence of eco-friendly tourism is to ensure that minimum or no damage is done to the ecosystem.

Porcupine Mountains Visitor Center

Porcupine Castle believes in sustainable living, thus the whole property is built around abundant and bountiful hills without disrupting the natural resources and lives of the people involved. This gives rise to economic opportunities that make the protection of natural resources advantageous to the local people.

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C oorg, nicknamed as the Scotland of India, is located in the Western Ghats of southwestern Karnataka. It homes different communities of diverse ethnicities, with the Kodavas being the main ethnic group. The place is a prominent travel destination in India drawing in tourists from all over the world.

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The economy of Coorg is based on agriculture, forestry and plantations. Coffee and major cash crops such as cardamom and black pepper comprise greater portion of the contributors. The climate in here is moderate throughout the year with an average temperatures ranging from 15 to 29 degree Celsius, making it an ideal tourist destination. All our fatigue disappeared on our first look at resort and its environs. Our short stay was memorable, courteous staff and attention to details in the resort was admirable thanks.

  1. Interpretive Hikes & Activities;
  2. Verführung und Gefährdung: Bäder, Pools und wilde Wasser im Film (German Edition);
  3. Parasitología: Cyclospora cayetanensis y Cryptosporidium parvum (Spanish Edition).
  4. A serene and beautiful location, far from the hustle and bustle of life, enjoyable stay amidst unspoilt nature. The drive to Porcupine Castle once you enter Coorg gives you an idea of what to expect at the resort. Then when you actually reach the place you are actually blown over by the surrounding and the way the resort is nestled on a hilltop with breathtaking views of surrounding hills and valleys on all sides.

    As a bird watcher there are only a few places in Coorg where there are abundance of exotic birds all year long. This is one such place.