Two Visitors in Destrovia, The Journey

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Established seller since Seller Inventory LQ More information about this seller Contact this seller 1. More information about this seller Contact this seller 2. Hawkins Books, United States Hawkins Books, United States, Language: English. Inspired by adventure, animals, and the passion for writing, A. In their search for ownership, independence, and acceptance, they discover an extraordinary world full of intrigue, friendships, and risks worth taking.

While you are here, take a moment to visit the great land of Destrovia. For readers of all ages. I hope you enjoy Two Visitors in Destrovia! Seller Inventory AAV More information about this seller Contact this seller 3. More information about this seller Contact this seller 4. Seller Inventory More information about this seller Contact this seller 5. Published by Grange Books About this Item: Grange Books, More information about this seller Contact this seller 6. Published by Greenwich editions About this Item: Greenwich editions, More information about this seller Contact this seller 7.

More information about this seller Contact this seller 8. More information about this seller Contact this seller 9. Published by Multilingual Matters From: Anybook Ltd. Lincoln, United Kingdom. About this Item: Multilingual Matters, Condition: Good. This book has soft covers. In good all round condition. Please note the Image in this listing is a stock photo and may not match the covers of the actual item,grams, ISBN More information about this seller Contact this seller Condition: Fine.

Dust Jacket Condition: Fine. Shipped from UK within 10 to 14 business days. Dust Jacket Condition: Very Good. Published by Hawkins Books, A. About this Item: Hawkins Books, A. A copy that has been read, but remains in clean condition. All pages are intact, and the cover is intact. The spine may show signs of wear. Pages can include limited notes and highlighting, and the copy can include previous owner inscriptions. Seller Inventory GI3N Published by Barbour Pub Inc About this Item: Barbour Pub Inc, On the MSX version, what do you get?

Thegameplay is also high! The rot can also fly, and by means i five minutes or so of p rotor enter key pressing, can bej to reach the lop of the scr The backgrounds en bad. Avoir ' iyouve 1 your sanity. Brgk has to bound about the caatle Of the Count collecting keys in order to reach new sectors and rooms. He also is to collect a stake to kill racula. Despite the fancy plot, however, it is ust an average scrolling ghoot'ern up.

When you do explode, however, you are given a neat firework display, as zillions of your panicles are sucked into space. Well, they seem to be Irving to at any rale. On loading up. The plot goes like this: Storms wife has Been kidnapped by the vile sorceror, Una Cum, and so Storm and his best mate. Beach d. Winter Games and A. Code Masters. Action Pack 2. Alligata, Commodore. Double Fun 2. Melbourne House. The Artist. Tomb of Syrinx. Power 9 Tomb of the Sphinx m Kfakout Graphics.

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  • CBM version reviewed April. Grand Prix Simulator. Code Masters Amstrad tn. Riding the Rapids. PI a vers. Amst red. Reviewed March. Game of the Month. The Image System. US Gold. CBM version reviewed May. Reviewed April. Game of the Month, Gun Law. Amstrad CI. Super Robin Hood. CBM 64 El. Star Runner. Spectrum H. We review the best, now here's the rest — a comprehensive list of the game's we've received since the last issue. Gremlin Graphics. Qptyx Software. Time Flight. Power House. Cyrox, Power House, Spectrum. Spectrum, Knuckle busters, Melbourne House Spectrum.

    CBM version reviewed February. Aliens US version!. E lectric Drems, CBM CBM 64 El Thrust II. League Challenge, Atlantis. GunStar, Firebird. Zone Range. Below, on the valley floor, a convoy of armoured trucks snakes its way up towards tht fortress, aptly named The Eagles Nest. Their orders were then to destroy the fortress bui three were captured almoat immediately The fourth was able to place oxplosives in the key places throughout the fortress. Firstly, the scale of the graphics is far larger than Gaunt tor where you can tee a substantial area of the dungeons surrounding your character.

    It takes two bullets to kill each guard one In the Spectrum version in lha"eaty" mode so you soon Stan to get a little short. Fortunately, the fortress is strewn with green rectangular ammo dumps, each of which contain ten bullets As with all objects in the game, just walking over an ammo dump is enough to pick up the bullets. These include paintings, boxes of gems, vases, and pendants. Collecting treasure increases your score but has no other effect on the game. Thus the C64 and Amstrad versions have tour Moors while Spectrum owners have eight storey's tot blast Bar tneirway through.

    Lifts should be used with extreme discretion because, not only it there only one pass per floor, but also the doors you 're just painstakingly unlocked will be locked again if you return to the floor you're about to eave if you Ve elected to blow up the fortress, you must locate and activate the hidden explosives on each floor When rescuing the captives you must first find each one and lead them, one at a time, back to the ground floor and freedom. Understandably, your rescued comrades are sometimes a little slow to fallow you, having been shackled lo a stone wall for a week, so be careful not to go too last or there'll be lost off lho screen.

    On he minus side, the status column, on the Amstred version, can only be seer when the game is paused This makes it more difficult to succeed as you never know Quite how many h its you've got In he nd or whether you're about to fire your last shot Although there is a small chance you may experience slight flickering in certain situations m the Commodore version, it is more or lets faultlessly produced and an exceedingly playable Overall the Commodore version of Eagles Nest a the bestof the three.

    The game can be played on two levels, either as a mindless blast with no overall plan of action, or as a mindless blast with some idea of how you've going to succeed. After saving the local townfolk from the loci! St George never had this problem. Anyway, the Greet Wiz ard shu! To release himself, Imogen must use ail his intelligence and st a m i n o to ret ri eve the complete spell. Tough break, huh? Of course, this is a familiar format — you pick up and use objects, and so forth.

    But Imogen is a more interesting hero than most. He can turn himself into Other creatures, for example, in order to surmount problems and obstacles — a monkey to climb ropes and trees, a cat to leap over chasms. You can swap between the various characters whenever you like, and very handy it is too. You can also get around by using passwords, although only four are supplied at the start. But from what I could see, the mode are graphics ere smooth and unusually lifelike, with nice clear detail. I would say this is an excellent rendition of an admittedly well-worn theme.

    But it just shows how wrong you can be, because PSS is, quite frankly, superb The game is designed for two players, although handling both players' shots yourself can be equally enjoyable. All the main rules of snooker are catered for including touching ball and asking your opponent to play again. By clever use ol The Amslrad's higher resolution four colour mode, progammer Godwin Graham has been able to give us perfectly round bails foiling smoothly over the green baize. The four colours used by the program are green, red.

    The screen is dominated by the plan view of the table, Above this are a message window and a magnified view of the cue ball. The window provides a commentary on the game telling the player such Things as when a foul has Occurred or when there's B touching ball. The window will also prompt the player to make specific decisions, such as nominating a colour attar a red has been potted, The graphic of the cue ball is used to set any spin you want to put on any particular shot.

    This is done by moving a black spot around ihe cue ball graphic. Thus, for example, ifyou wanted to put a deep screw on 1 he cue bsi I so thai it comes back towards you after he shod you would position the spot towards the bottom of the bell. Below the table are displayed both players' scores and the current break value. To the right are repeal graphics of some of the coloured balls, each labelled to avoid any confusion when nominating a colour during the game.

    Suppliers are far loo fond of saying things like that. A game doesn't have to be mrnd- blowingly different to be enjoyable. Tefl make up ar Complete solve the aH become of Xor, badge prog rem 1 mo heroes, for example, both of which can be used to pick up masks and solve puzzles.

    To help get the direction right a silhouette of any ball being aimed at the object ball , mil appear behind the cue ball graphic at Ihe Top of the screen So, for example, if the silhouette is directly behind the cue ball then you are aiming straight at the object ball. The further to the right the silhouette appears, the sharper would be the vector of the ob ecl ball after being hit. When you're happy with your aim, press the space bar twice, The time between the two presses sets the power of the shot. Unfortunately it is very difficult to put the power you want on a shot because it's too easy to leave too short or long a gap before hitting space a second time.

    Although you gradually get used to this method of play, there have been far more friendly methods of setting power in other games. Apart from normal play the program also offers a comprehensive practice mode lo help you gtil your eye in. There is also an excellent demo game which starts automatically after thirty seconds of inactivity.

    The demo has everything from touching balls. Secondly, and more importantly, the method of setting shot strength is not in keeping with what is otherwise a genuine and successful attempt at a snooker game. That said. The screen shots were stunning. Too good in fact for the Amstrad. I read the blurb, Screen shols from arcade k version — home micro v-su;. Who are w j to kid? Do pig's fly? Do ,ilem 3 games come out oi nW?

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    That means he's able to kick and punch people with devastating effeel and able to perform magnificent leaps and bounds, He's also gol some magical powers at his disposal. Freda the Frisbee. But this freeway is no ordinary freeway. It's a mulli- COloured, with frequent black holes for Bruce total down, and made up of squares which have different characteristics, according to their colour. Do not attempt to play This on a monochrome screen! For example, green squares give you an extra boost of speed, while red squares slow you down.

    You can move Bruce right and left, bounce him. The road rooms at you out of the screen, and when you lean on the go-f aster key the road scrolls very fast indeed. Quite exhilarating, in fact. It's not an easy game to master, although you can achieve a reasonably high score by nol having a clue what you're doing, as I discovered the first lewlimes I played. What with trying to dodge black holes II never did work out howl, bounce in the right places, avoid the wrong squares, all the lime going as fast as you dare, this is what I would call a challenge.

    Altogether, this is a slick,, polished and off-beat game. The ownjVol high risk propertKan bright, though. I vBSi'it which. Your ship moves abdR the planet surface, destropig the twee aliens-f lying pafW. Alliqata has produced a package of two reasonable games. I can't even say delimily if ihe game remotely resembles the film in any respect, but agoing off the clips i have seen, i assume it does. Number 5 is a robot. After a freak million lo one chance, he was strucks by lightening, and Number 5 became concious, Now there are Ihree people after you.

    Tho scientist who created you, who wants Lo take you apart and see what has happened. The Presidenl of Nova Robotics, wants to capture you and remove your weapons before you kill millions of innocent people. And the Chief of security, quite simply wants to blow you up. You are alive, and the aims of the game, is to stay that way?

    The game is devided into the sections. This is yet another game h. You know the son of thing. N-jw having The second p being chased ordered to k robots, ord you. Wh'Ji this dwindles away; yo-. He has been in every detail. The und graphics are good, the game well.

    The title la rendition of the film's usic. Some will slow you down and others have a fatal effect. Each level must be completed against the clock. Everything aboul Ihe game is nice, E xce'lent graphics, music and sound effects, addictive play. Hither came Steve Brown, black-haired sullen-eyed,, to grind other wimpish combat games to dust in his tain-mailed fist!

    And they aren't catling round for Ira and ciKiimbrf vandM. Barbarian DcMimrtmovic and set about has got all tli.

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    I Tin' i li-ii. Attempted I. Robert E. Howard C uiian iigniun fliiM. II vim if :L. I if W'- I winning l.


    Yea, YOU could own Stevi- Brown's original painting of the Barbarian and the Princess, specially framed, for you to put in pride of place on your bedroom wall. Pretty amazing, eh? All that plus a copy of the Palace game, A prize not to be sneezed at! Second prize winner will get the three Barbarian videos plus a copy of the game and 25 runners-up will get a copy of the game.

    What do we 'want you to do? Well we've decided that you all love drawing and painting so much you'd just love to create your own Barbarian scene. It could he a ha tile a. You can use any materials you like and make your illustration any size. But don't forget to tell us what computer you own and how old you are. Closing date is dune 16th. S A tailed t iarv Crgax. The inlrm w as first published privateli as a series of supplements to the rules for hnvdi. All ch. The first thing is to mil up the 'attributes' osinj; dice. Having got the basic scats lor the i h.

    Some iiimo, like Tunnels and 1 ml k. Hut that's not always possible. The Monster Manual contains lists and rules of st. The bigj. CCMH-, '! London El 6NU With the price of quality games ever nsing only Cascade brings you this outstanding offer on 3 great titles.

    You play the part of future drug buster. DISK An outstanding compilation of yes 50 - games on one disk. Same great value, Same great offer. Insert the number you require in the boxes below to indicate the games of your choice.

    Buy one cassette - get one cassette free, Buy one disk - get one disk free. Harrogate, HG1 5BG. What was really different about DSD was that the action didn't take place on a board — everything came from the players own Imagination Just think of a game of chess where instead of using a board and pieces the players simply describe their moves in words. You can imagine the difficulty the two creators had convincing the world thai DSD was going to be THE new games craze! Time has proved them righl with the original DSD concept spawning hundreds of imitators Now you can become a barbarian, a space traveller, a comic book hero — you name it.

    A role-playing game is like a play in which the actors make up the seripi as they go along. Controlling the fantasy world is a referee or dungeon master who administers the mles and presents players with certain situations which they respond to — taking into account their various abilities, Eactt player 1 character has different skills determined at the start of each game by the roll ol a die. However, experience players can keep their characters and they grow in powers and abilities the more dungeons and venture into.

    Strength, intelligence, speed, magical powers etc are represented by numbers dictated by he roll ol the dice. Since they inhabit a fantasy world the players can take on the characteristics ol heroic fighters, scrawny mages or sty thieves. In the course ol their adventures the players will encounter a variety of creatures, some fantastic some very ordinary, who may be good or evil The players may find that these other Inhabitants of the fantasy world are helpful or horrible! More rules cover comba! In fad there are rules which cover almost every possible situation players may encounter during the course of a session in their laniasv land.

    So what do ligurincs have to do with this world ol the imagination? Although the games do take place in the mind, some referees began to use markers lo represent the positioning ol characters in relation to each other. Bis helped tor instance in combat situations, since it determined just who could see who, or if the Dragon could rip the dumb barbarian In hall or was he possibly just out of range? Although all that was needed were simple markers, these were not very attractive, and some people began mailing models ol their favourite characters.

    These proved so popular that professional toy soldier makers began taking an Interest, and applying their talents to this new trade. The fantasy miniature figure business was bom. Although there had been a huge wave ol inlerest in figurines there had only been sporadic attempts to explain what to do with them. A lot of people were drawn into the hobby simply through the miniatures themselves, since they were very cot led able and attractive Artists had meanwhile discovered that figures wei another medium in which lo exercise their talents and the results.

    Gradually, the magazines responded lo this interest and began running features which included full colour photographs and. A basic figure is generally twenty five millimetres high. The sculptor of the figure works from a concept sketch, so the idea of what he is trying lo produce is fixed firmly in his mind Then a wire skeleton is made and the bulk of the model is buitt up using a coarse putty Once this is dry.

    The sculptor employs a wide range of Instruments, from pencil lips to dentists' tools to create various effects. What surprises the outsider Is that the sculptors wort In the same scale as the finished mode. Once the master figure is completed it Is used to create rubber moulds. It one mistake is made I hen the likeness of thai particular model Is lost forever. The figure is cast and silting there in front or you. What next? Once cleaned of unwanted bits of metal, it may be painted. There is a huge variety of possible types ol paint to use , Irom artists oils through inks lo acrylics.

    Each has different properties and may give different and unique effects, but it is a sale bet for a beginner to use acrylic paints since they are wafer based, do not smell, dry quickly and give nice, bright tofoors while still being easy lomir. As long as a potential painter has a good set of brushes, an adequate set of paints and sufficient time, then there is no reason why Ihey cannot produce wort Of the quality shown in my book. As In everything else In tile, the key to good results is lime, practice and effort Johi Blanche is one ol the top figure painters in the country, and works as Art Editor for Citadel Miniatures.

    This company is one of the oldest In the business and is now the largest fantasy figure producer n the world — they usually have around ten sculptors working full time, simply making master mi matures. Several of John's figures were used to illustrate this article Figure painting is a rewarding hobby lllakes time, but the final product is very attractive, and certainly collectable Any person wishing to try. You certainly end up laughing more, and bouncing ideas off of each other And of course.

    How many bolls do you find on a pool table? How many bolls are bowled in an over of cricket? How many golf baits are there on the moon? To get past Rail, grve him me bone Pick up the false teeth and the glass eye To gel the matches use the paper plane. Type Throw paper piano at matches You've now got trie matches Drop l he paper plane, climb over the lance, You will now be on the other side, go right, pick up the dead car.

    Break the padlock wi h the chair leg — type Break Lock' Go left Use the matches and type ugh! Candle To get fid ol the dog — grve him the bone The caretaker and the pusher are not worth bothering about To gel into the conducting system you must have a lit candle Waieh out lor the false teeth and the glass; eye When you ptck these up you can not drop them again Finally.

    POKE First el all LINK up with the terminal in room 2. Go through the door but leave the door closed because a droid win appear in room 10 if left Open. Data 1 1 Mike says he is saving up for an Amiga — could Ihis be the end of the Vic pokes from The Werewolf if you are having problems killing Leanonc m Feud. First get the bones ana devilsbit and then go back to ihe cauldron and mix the zombie spell Then go lo a place where a farmer is walking about and cast the zomjjie spell on him and the farmer will turn into a zombie.

    Walk out and Ihen beck into the screen and as you enter he zombies turn back to farmers and Leanonc s energy is depleted Darren McCatferty of Coventry has sent in this easy Up for the C64 version o' ACE. Alter you take Off head due north and climb up to 70, leet. Al this height the plane will no! Places mapped as houses can also be caves II can be totally frustrating if you loose your enchanted crystal without carrying another object with you. Although there are several crystals located in the kingdom and me watcn and purse can also be lound on l he street, il will be very hard lo got to these Objects since herbalists don t offer their transmitter-service and gate- keepers won t lei you pass through, if you haven t got a thing lo barter with, You will find the enchanted crystals m various locations.

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    Be careful when you pick up an object lying on the street It may be exchanged with an object you are carrying Jus! Remember you can only carry lout objects. Cnarms are a! Each person only has knowledge about one charm. Both need two objects lor their service, Remember that you need enough bartering power and two objects after getting inlormaiion trom Socrates it you want to go through the gate-keepers house.

    Only other exit is through two flames. The area near magic place three is very interesting because the column -charm and the corresponding barter object can be found there. The three deadly crystals at location When the player option screen appears, and you have to make a choice of character, select e character that will suit your tastes Wilfred oi Ivanhoe is about the best He has good leadership and jousting skills, but his sword- frtjhhng is only average This usually means that he doesn l do too wed m the love slakes.

    Geoffrey Longswor d is also a good character He has strong swordplay, which means that you should be able to get the fair maiden, no problem. But although he is a superstud. But he isn't a very nice character, as he tacks any real skill with the sword. WoUnc the Wild is a very good jouster, and can easily win land from the most formidable ol toes, He leads his men quite well, and is not that bad with a sword either. A skateboard speeds up his progress and picking fruit pramdes bonus pomis if you're careful!

    ConaeQuetrliy ii hta tta Ktoteto hoMBfttataatai taa! CMI Tta Fada ra tto n tad a p rafc l i w , a taj pi wniii. DM final front. A combination of cheap, powerful computers aggressively marketed, has servied to put Atari well and truly back on the world map. On the domestic front, since the arrival of Bob Gleadow to the number one slot, there has been a shift in emphasis towards an ST range for home and entertainment use as well as for more serious business applications.

    The very fact that you're reading an article which forms part of C VG's Atari Special is tangible proof that developers of entertainment software are taking the ST seriously. In fact some IS new releases didn't find their way into the review section this month through sheer lack of space! To mark C VG's first ST pull-out, we sent David Bishop, our regular ST games reviewer, along to Atari house for an informal chat with Bob Kati and Roland White house who between them are responsible for software acquistion, development, and marketing support.

    RW — "You won't have to wait much longer. In fact I can tell you that we're planning a three phase release covering seven titles. Phase one sees the release of a vastly upgraded version of Neochrome, together with Joust and Star Raiders which should be available now, "Phase two will include Battle zone and Crystal Cashes, and Robotron and Millepede will appear in phase three. These titles will be for both 8 and 16 bil machines and even the VCS games consle.

    So does this mean that you're resurrecting Atarisoft? BK — "Oh very much so. We're concentrating on sourcing and developing titles for all Atari machines. In the past, potential programmers, or game designers may have been put off from coming direct to a hardware manufacturer for fear their title might get lost or forgotten amongst so many other hardware or software launches.

    RW — "We keep in close touch with almost every software house that's actively producing Atari product. We may be able to help them with extra technical documentation, or early viewing or acquisition of new hardware, and we can certainly keep them bang up to date with our future plans. BK — "Wherever a program uses 'line A' instructions, that's those involved with the movement of graphics primitives, gem windows etc.

    It's important to remember that many games aren't written in a Gem environment and these will not be affected by the blitter," When will the blitter be available? RW — "We have set up a test department here, to pick up anything like that long before it hits the streets. We are asking all developers of ST titles to send us two copies of everything they release, One copy goes into our demo library, where it stays. Library copies aren't even loaned out to employees, in fact they don't move from that room. Obviously the quicker we can get hold of third party titles, the better.

    We Ve heard alot about the new Mega STs. What are the main differences fromtheS2Q s? BK— "Interestingly enough, many of the changes made for the Mega's area as a direct result of comments and questions from users - Things like the battery clock, the new position of the jockstick ports at the back 9, and the detachable keyboard, all came about this way.

    Of course the Blitter will be fitted as standard in the new machines. You will be able to switch it in or out from desktop. Football Ch. Wrestling Ch. Of you NU be rery disappointed! Ones to took out f w in the second halt of 1 are Portal, an adventure Kanre with a difference , Endure Racer converted from the arcade jrtir ol Ihr unw name , and Qaartet. First rtoor, 74 Hew Ovtord 5t. To prevent l from threading. CDvent Garden.

    Loti don WC2 7 HE. North Oi hrndon. Crpmwed BaakWM centre. New Rd. North FeRham Ind. Mrtre Hew, Abbey Rd.. Mdrfi EN]? RQ Tel 01 Macadarnt. Boi b6. Cirtn enter. Ocean Houte. Harcourt St. Port oi Lhirpaal BaWhaf. Pvar Head. Barbarian is an animated arcade adventure full of frenzied ottacLs, hidden traps and dozens of death deolmg monsters.

    Terrorpodi is a strategy arcade game set against o 3D playf ield wiih perspective scrolling. The game coven all Ihe elements of trading, rsiours monocjerneor ond, ultimately, the destruction of the invading Tripods and their moiheriTiip. A" 1 tf. Uff irpr- t : i Bishops Cleeve. Crwllenhim, Glot. Tel: S0 ,30 OWltfa. PD tnd large tic with? In tta two two into cfl are dHctoyad. Vou tl. RMft rrjinlic — part af tta caaat. Weil Lothian.

    Qf if] if. CrurCkihmk, 37 denials Caul. Summer Si VYi mar 1. Peavonrtie 7. I I swap Starstrika. Now Games I. Their Finest Hour, Quiref rem. Hijack, tomahawk. Swiutflend CBM 64 Software lo swap. K-ungi Fu Maaiar. Tiflafa m Snow. WEiii-di Lair Andruna i. Combat Lyn. Labaruilh ol Creaier. PiialOO 3. S each Alao joyatiek interface fbosedl, Qunkmot 1 joyetkk; power lupply. Starahip Entarpriie. H , Stadikanaal. Fnldof Fife. Rattla of Anii-tam. Pon Talbot. S Wales. Winter Games and Decathlon Soma hardware as wen.

    Biomstarvanpen Alio computer magumee 7 months old but herdty used. Printer paper etc A1 eohcktxafi. Worth 1 WW part lor [ Rock n' Wrestle Eirplodi ng fm. Ghostbustet t , LCP. Commando, Monty on Inn Run. Contains cheall. Rocahamplon, OueensLand. KempttCn loyslick, mieriice, co-lour momtor interfaci,. HUl2BN i Tel. Dsk onty Lolsof exceittni niles.

    Wnietd Herman" Asmundsson. Wnta lo V Patil. Berkhamtted, Harts. Eidolon, Vndrum, Fc-urth Protocol. SO David Vip. STunning and STupendqus! We've gol a briefcase full ol ST software to give away la the first person who writes in and correctly Identities the four ST games pictured on this page. Now you won 1 have in be embarrassed because all you've got to take your books to school In It i Mr Buyttto carrier-bag. There's so much software In It we cant even shut the lidf You'll hive lo be super-fast to get your hands on this hot prize so sand your entry to Computet - Video Games.

    Any element, already in petition, can be moved around later or taken off altogether. If you're feeling lajry. You tan even control the elasticity of the ball — how " bouncy" I to. All the variables in this screen are altered using a set of slider controls. Apart from left and right flipper, you can also let controli for "hit labia" left, right, or in the middle.

    The game is in two parts. Combat and concentration or bonus hatorhiawi. This is a must if you with to indulge in a Irttk civilised oriental violence. This is i role pitying fantasy game which hn i cult following in the States. The higher these stats" are at the beginning of the same, the better are your chances of tunmral. Treasure can be found tying on the street or after a successful encounter. Gems and jewels aren't legal tender but can be eichanged for money it any bank although some will offer more than others.

    Currency in the city is in gold, sthrcr, and copper coins. The higher the interest rata, the greater the risk. The r icellently written nwfmuaJ adritet you to spread your fortune between banks and account types rather than putting all your eggs into one financial basket.

    Every time you buy a round, you endear yourseff further to the Tavern-keeper and his customers. Strength is also of vital importance when fighting is it not only determines how much damage you inflict on the enemy, hut, along with skill, it also deti nra w ii how we4 you're able to use certain weapons. There is so much in Affernef e ffeeffly that reveals itself as you dene deeper into its secrets mat a short I review like this could not do I justice. The simple answer hi yes and no. Yea M you would onfy ever use a few of the features in AD anyway.

    So realty It's a cate of buying what you need and getting what you pay tor. So what do you get for your money? Well, unlike Art ftVector, 4rtscrioe can be used hi either tow, medium, or high resolution modes ai can Degas, Hany of the standard f eatu res are there including shapes Hilled and himed , fill and fill patterns mono and colour], cut and paste, room. Drawing n done on the full screen and the option box is accessed by double clicking the left hand mouse button. Apart from the options mentioned above, the program also boasts 9 few, more esoteric, features many of which can be seen by clicking on "Edit" which contains Ariseribe's cut, copy, and pacta functions.

    Cut etc. Replace, the simplest and most common tj used , will result In the copied portion replacing ail the pixels that were prevtosb on the screen where it was placed. Although the manual doesn't attempt to expand on this mysterious description, the effects that can be generated utiog the And, Xor, and Or modes are very impressive, if somewhat bizarre. Other file handling routines such as delete and load use standard gem screens. Fill pattern nd palette files can also be saved for future use. Although the program has many good points, it is partialrj let down by lapses in design and friendtyness.

    For example, to Art Director, if you inadvertently start to mi an area, pressing ESC will abort the process. In Arlscribe you have to wart until the fill process which can take well over a minute when using a tertured fill, or ffflng a tortured artai has finished. There is also no keyboard buffer present whan using the arrow keys to move the room window over the screen, meaning that, rf you keep your finger down on the key fractionally too long, the window carries on scrolling in thai direction until every key press has been registered — this again is time consuming and tery frustrating.

    Also, in 2nom mode use Undo hay [mad for deleting the last thing drawn does not work, thus any slips made in loom mode have to be nunuilly corrected or erased. Desprlo obvtous holes M lb capabilities, rt represents reasonable value for money. Daia Cordar. Crtaai flmmiiwrict, Typing Tutor.

    Two Visitors in Destrovia, the Journey : A M Hawkins :

    Only Nemesis can destroy torquemada and sate the aliens from extinction. Only VOL' can win one of oar amazing. VWmssfr theWMriockprwsl Martech haw presented us with sane pretty iweaone prises to give my to the lucky wfawra. For Tour Eyes Only. Britain's super agent will also be back on computer in Domark's game of the same name. An arcade version of the game will also be released in a pleasure dome near you. Bond in back with a bang. And like OVG. Despite making money, the game did not meet with critical approval. Domark bosses Dominic Wheatfey and Mark Siraehan are determined it won't happen again.

    He follows in he footsteps of Roger Moore. George Lazenby and Sean Can- nery who have all played the pari The title ol the m is taken from a short story by Bond's creator Ian Fleming. At the time ol writing the plot ol The Living Daylights is still a closely guarded secret. However it thought to about a Russian general who wants to detect to the West Bond is assigned Id help and protect and at the same time gets Involved with an evil arms dealer by the name of Wh maker. Add 10 that the ingredients which have become standard in the Bond Films ot lain — last cars, gadgets, gimmicks and, of course, a bevy of beautiful girls.

    And of course there are the slums They're bound to be un- believable, silly, but al the same time great fun and bound to make you gasp arid laugh, in fact, there's this stunt where The game consists ot a playing area split into three sections. Each section scrolls to left at a ditlerent rate to give ihe im- pression ot three dimensions. The foreground makes up about one tenth of playing area, show- ing things such as buildings and hedges. The mid-ground takes up be- tween three and fourth tenihs ot the playing area. This Is where Bond moves, On some levels rocks and holes will appear in this section which must jump over, The background will consist of scenes from the film and where Bond's enemies will appear.

    Bond will face four main types ol opponents and obstacles. These are: Snipers — these will appear from behind buildings, trees etc in the background. Attar a short pause which will allow the play- er to read, they will begin firing at Bond. II they are not shot by ihey will take cover again only to reappear later dr.

    Throwing men — These are planned to appear on the right ot the screen and wilt throw va- rious deadly weapons at Bond. He must duck and jump lo avoid ihem Hocks — these will be in the mid-ground. Bond must jump over thfim Helicopters — these will travel along the top ol the screen dropping bombs Bond must fight his way through the diffe- rent backgrounds, representing scenes from the tilm.

    Belore each level he must choose one ol four weapons. But it must be a wise choice. Only one weapon will be of use. The weapons, which will not be the same ones be lore each level, include knives, crossbows and bazookas The games opening setting will be Gibraltar. The guns aren'1 real. Bui the problem is lhat somewhere, looking exactly ihe same as the SAS men, is an assassin. He's deadly and is out lo kill bond.

    Bond meets the Russian defector Kos- kov and must protect him Irom the Soviets. Survive and the action then switches to the Trans-Siberian pipeline. The more tranquil and civilised setting of an En- glish country mansion does not prove any safer for Bond and Koskov. Soviet agents want Kos- kov back and will stop al nothing to gel him. Beware Innocent looking people. Don't lose your bottle! Alt the tun of the fair next as Bond laces danger among ihe amusements.

    Neil Bond is off lo Tanglers, avoiding capture by police The action takes place on ihe roof- tops. The next action has Bond cap- tive in a Russian aeroplane. He must fight his way in freedom without damaging the aircraft The next setting is a military complex in Afghanistan Can Bond take on the entire Soviet military might? Finally Bond musi face and defeat an evil arms dealer. All the program- ming learns — including the team on Ihe arcade version — are all working from his game plan.

    In theory this means that all the versions should more or less be the same. Richard believes it is probably the first time an arcade game and computer game have been designed at the same lime. Says Richard: "The Amer- icans were going to design the game lor us. What they came up with was something we did in A View to a Kill, three games in one.

    Nobody throught that was a good idea. He set about it the other way round. I came op with the idea ol a man walking along, shooting in front of a scrolling background. It was then a matter ol tying ihe background and characters Irom ihe film to the game. Next month don't miss ihe next report on The living Day- lights, more screen shots, pic- tures from the film and news ot an exclusive Bond competition planned for this summer.

    Ping, Blip. Anne Won - Proper Con Weekly. Sinbad and the Throne of the falcon An interactive mystery and action thriller, designed to test the player's swordfighling mettle, quick wit, and ability lo perform under pressure. A game of space combat with an exciting flight simulation, combined with romance, intrigue and heart-stopping action. Balance ofPower A strategy gome of geopolitics in the nuclear age. Available fmm oil good software dealers ordirecttrom us- UK only. Umrted; Freepost BS Pouflon, Bristol.

    BS1 8 5BR. The menacing inhuman Sentinel has been having things his own way for too long! With Jackson T.

    ISBN 13: 9780615340258

    Othe first programs that realty showed the Beeb could support quality software despite limited memory and graphical capabilities, was AcomsoJVs A u tator written by Geoff Crammond Geoff then went on to produce Rrus initially for the Beeb and , 7 has that rare quality of being totally original, and was recently voted Most Original Game of at -i very own Golden Joystick awards Now available for the Amstrad and Specturm game finds you as a robot ,t un working your way through the 10, landscapes which make up the world of the Sentinel.

    Each landscape consists of mountains, valleys and plateaux The plateaux are made up of squares, rather like vast, open-plan chess boards. By using the keyboard only controls, you can swivel round and look in any direction. You can also pan up or down To defeat the Sentinel in each landscape, you must absorb its energy. This is done by working your way up to a vantage point, from which you can see down onto the square the Sentinel is occupying The catch is that you always begin at on- the lowest points in the landscape, normally with the Sentinel lowering high above you.

    What is the secret to success in this highly ongmal punt? If you've tried this level before and failed, see if you landscape, as this will activate the Sentinel and sentries who will start to recognize any features which rotate and scan may give you a clue as to the start position. You will normally start in one of the lowest points of the landscape, towards the front of the map — bottom of the screen. If you're still having problems hen make a quick sketch showing your position relative to the little horrors.

    Also look at the faces of the Sentinel and senfries — is one already looking at you or about to face you if it turns this way? Note which way they start rotating egame begins- Mark th information down on apiece of paper if necessary. This should help you to formulate a plan as to which direction to go in order to avoid being scanned too many times early in the game.

    Use this to your advantage and keep your head down until the danger has passed Then, when you hear the Sentinel rotate away, make a dash for it! In some landscapes, the only way to succeed may be to hyperspace early on. Remember, though, this uses up three units of energy and you can't assume you'll find any trees to absorb when you get to the ot her end. You'll almost always need to create a boulder or two, as well as teleport once. This is a dangerous ploy as you're tying up too much of your energy resources on one square.

    This leaves you fewer options for the nest move. Also, if you get scanned. Finally, if you teleport onto the top of a targe stack of boulders, especially one that is close to your present positions you'll use up precious seconds panning down until you are looking down on the square from whence you came in order to re-absorb your old robot. Whenever possible, avoid u? The further you teleport the ker you'll be able to re- absorb your old robot,sjnd any boulders he may have been standing on.

    The other circumstances under which you may not have a clear view back, is when teleporting long distances where a mountain may get in the way. You may well be able to see the top of robot, but its base may :dden behind the sloping aide of a mountain. Very often you will hear the sentry rotate after it has absorbed the boulder This may mean that you can now teleport to the square with relative safety as the sentry will now have to rotate by almost degrees before tit can scan that square again. Of course, when you're up against a number of sentries, the only way of being sure that one of the others isn't now scanning the square, is to absorb the tree that was left and create another boulder in its place.

    It takes the Sentinel, or a sentry, twelve moves to make a complete rotation, so use you ears! Remember, once you finally absorb the Sentinel and hyperspace out of the landscape, you will be taken to another landscape whose number is equivalent to the last one, plus the energy you had when you hyperspaced. The higher your energy level the more landscapes you can skip and, who knows, you may even see landscape number 10, this decade!

    Don't forget, when the Sentinel saps your energy, it creates trees randomly over the landscape. So, when searchi ng for trees you might have missed , lake the time to scour areas th. Armed with this information you can adopt a strategy of opera 1 1 ng in areas the t have always just been scanned. If all else fails, go back to the previous landscape you completed and play it again. Gunship't revolutionary 3D graphics enable yen!

    Remember those three Spectrum adventures from Incentive, that won the first person to solve them a video recorder' It's nice to see that they haven't died, and have just returned for the BBC and CM. The C64 version has one of the most original features I have seen in an adventure. It has a self-drawing map! The top half of the screen starts off blank, and every time a new location is entered, it is drawn on the screen, with a!

    If you revisit a place, there is a little man with a pointy stick, who moves about and points to where you are. Of course, it would not be possible for many adventures to use a feature like this, for it all depends on whether the structure of the map lends itself to the treatment.