Why I Sued Eddie Murphy

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Eddie Murphy Productions. British Board of Film Classification. November 25, Retrieved November 1, Retrieved July 12, — via LA Times.

David Spade: This is why Eddie Murphy hated me, wouldn't come back to "Saturday Night Live"

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Hudson's lawsuit alleged that "protected elements" characters, scenes, dialogue, etc. This "true story" is cleverly written and tells Hudson's "heart-pumping" journey from the day he learned his play had been use through how he "single-handedly tracked down" Murphy, Heavy D, Universal, and served them with the lawsuit. Chapter thirteen, "The Year Curse," paints a chilling picture of hard times encountered by Murphy and others associated with Life and its creators. This "David and Goliath" story highlights copyright theft against independent artists and the unfairness of the American judicial system.

It shows Hudson's betrayal by his lawyers and how he was prejudice by federal judges, which shouldn't happen to anyone. For My Fellow Artists In the eyes of these humaniods, the lives of ordinary peole are worthless and serve no purpose other than to become, prey, food, or fodder so that these 'fat-cats' can grow fatter and the rich can grow richer.

The Real Reason You Don't Hear From Eddie Murphy Anymore

It is with my deepest sympathy and heart-felt sorrow to all of you victims of these savages copyright thieves and to your precious families that you must endure such horrendous injustic. However, you can rest assure that as long as there is an ounce of breath in me that I will fight and never submit to these beasts-like animals, their unrelenting greed, and un-quenching thrust to prey upon the weak and venerable.

Bria Murphy

I wrote this book for the sole purpose of setting the record straight with respect to 'my credibility' and as to "Why I Sued Eddie Murphy". In writing this book, it didn't take very long to discover that Eddie Murphy has a very long and storied history of being sued for copyright theft. This book is similar to my other books in the sense that they are highly educational, as well as entertaining. As long as copyright thieves know that this book is out there and that there may be more Gregory L Hudsons willing to put it all on the line to protect their works, copyright thieves will have second thoughts.

Every writer should read this book to better understand "how to protect their work".

Why I Sued Eddie Murphy - Whitcoulls

Gregory L. He is a marathon runner, enjoys golf, fishing, travel and sports. Hudson is highly respected as a "copyright expert.

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The two patched up their differences, and worked together again on Beverly Hills Cop 3. The film is also the subject of a famous screenplay lawsuit. Humorist and columnist Art Buchwald sued Paramount Pictures, alleging that they stole his script idea and turned it into this movie. During the lawsuit, Paramount attempted to argue that the film had not made enough money for Buchwald to be compensated.