Confessions of a Diabolical Lover

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Early modern witchcraft theory reflected a crisis of belief—a crisis that continues to be expressed today in popular debates over angels, Satanic ritual child abuse, and alien abduction. Table of Contents.

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Incredible Sex: Confronting the Difficulty of Belief 5. Experiments with Witches 7. The Theory of Witchcraft Power 8.

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Witches, Infanticide, and Power Interview with the Demon: From Exorcism to Witchcraft Elspeth Whitney Renaissance Quarterly. This provocative, often fascinating, book poses an original and important perspective on the meaning of the witch-figure in the history of late-medieval and Renaissance theology.

It is essential reading for those interested in the witch hunts, as well as those with a general interest in fifteenth- and sixteenth-century thought. Margaret R. Miles Journal of the American Academy of Religion. His thesis is well supported, persuasive, and a welcome antidote to sensationalist accounts of witch persecution.

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Demon Lovers is fascinating and instructive reading for anyone who notices and fears the gulf between human intentions and their effects. Michael D. Bailey Speculum.

Walpurga Hausmännin: Confessions Of A Condemned Sorceress

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