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Kathleen Edelman. As Corrie Ten Boom says, "There's no panic in heaven. Jesus is our El Olam.

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He is the King of the Ages. Hebrews says, "But unto the Son He saith, Thy throne, O God, is for ever and ever: a sceptre of righteousness is the sceptre of thy kingdom. She was Sarah's handmaiden, who became pregnant with Abraham's child so, in their minds, they could fulfill the promise of God. Soon after the child was conceived, things became very difficult between Sarah and her.

So much so, that Hagar fled out into the wilderness. Friendless, homeless, pregnant, not knowing what would become of her, she laid down by a fountain in the wilderness. There, an angel appeared to her to give her comfort and to speak of God's grace and mercy. God knows your very thoughts. His eye is on the sparrow and I know He watches me. As I read the newspapers, I can go back to the Book of Genesis and see that immutable, unbreakable promise that God made to father Abraham. And I will make My covenant between Me and thee, and will multiply thee exceedingly. Every Jew upon the face of the earth is a living testimony of the faithfulness of Almighty God.

And the last part of is allah, which means to keep a promise. Elohim is also a plural noun.

Bible Verses for Birthdays: Celebrate Birth with Scripture

All three were present in creation see John Aren't you glad we find the Savior in chapter 1, verse 1? Aren't you glad we find the Holy Spirit in chapter 1, verse 1? Aren't you glad we find the Father in chapter 1, verse 1 of the Word of God? It is the personal covenant name of Israel's God. Not only does it speak of God's strength, but also it speaks of the sovereignty of God and the goodness of God.

The root of this name means "self-existing," one who never came into being, and one who always will be.

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When possible, they use another name. Related Scripture: Isaiah ; 10; 1 Samuel ; Exodus ; ; John ; ; , 9, 11, 14; ; ; , 5 Yahweh-Bore The LORD Creator Can you imagine what a modern writer would do if he tried to describe the creation of the heavens and the earth? Even if he believed in God, what an avalanche of adjectives he would pour out! What double-jointed and obtuse terms he would have to use to describe the creation of the earth! Aren't you glad that God said it, surely, sweetly, sublimely, and simply: "In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.

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It always tickles me when I read about how scientists are trying to discover the mystery of the creation of the universe. They just scratch their heads and say, "We've got to go back to the laboratory now, a lot of things we thought we knew we didn't know. The Hebrew for "banner" comes from the root word "to be high" or "raised. He goes before us and behind us to give us the victory in all circumstances of life. Even in the midst of the battle, the banner of the Lord is raised over us. Psalm says, "Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: Thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over.

When the enemy shall come in like a flood, then shall the Lord hold up a banner before him. The victory in all of life is the Lord's. When we say "Lord," we think of God's deity. When we say "my Shepherd," we think of God's humanity. As the Good Shepherd, He dealt with the penalty of sin. As the Great Shepherd, He deals with the power of sin. As the Chief Shepherd, He's coming to take us from the very presence of sin. He is the Almighty Lord, our healer. He can heal instantaneously by a miracle. He can heal over time through medicine. But let me add, that not every saint will be healed in this lifetime either by miracle or by medicine, nor instantaneously or in time.

Right now, God is more interested in having you holy rather than healthy. Our bodies are not yet redeemed. The redemption of the body is going to come at the rapture of the church and the resurrection of the Christian dead. It is at that time that we will be made like unto Him. There is no sickness in the Lord's body and there will be no sickness in our resurrection body. If you are not healed in this life, child of God, you will be healed in eternity. You have probably heard the blessing "Shalom" from Jewish friends and acquaintances.

It means peace. More importantly it means the Lord, our peace. Where does the Shepherd lead His sheep? Beside peaceful, still waters. When your heart is content, you are at peace. And where does that contentment come from? The grace of God. There's no man more discontent than one who is not experiencing the amazing grace of God. Only in Jesus, will you find security, sufficiency, and serenity. God is omnipresent. He's everywhere. Somebody said that God is a circle whose center is everywhere and whose circumference is nowhere.

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There is not a murmur, but that He hears it. After the release of her hit single "As Tears Go By", she became an international star.

Who Knew I Was Not the Father?

Her debut album Marianne Faithfull released simultaneously with her album Come My Way was a commercial success followed by a number of albums on Decca Records. From to , she had a highly publicised romantic relationship with Mick Jagger. However, her popularity was overshadowed by personal problems in the s.

During that time she was anorexic , homeless, and a heroin addict. Noted for her distinctive voice, Faithfull's previously melodic and higher registered vocals which were prevalent throughout her career in the s were affected by severe laryngitis , coupled with persistent drug abuse during the s, permanently altering her voice, leaving it raspy, cracked and lower in pitch.

This new sound was praised as "whisky soaked" by some critics for helping capture the raw emotions expressed in her music. After a long commercial absence, Faithfull made a comeback with the release of her critically acclaimed album Broken English. The album was a commercial success and marked a resurgence of her musical career. Faithfull was born in Hampstead , London. Her half-brother is artist Simon Faithfull. Robert Glynn Faithfull's family lived in Ormskirk , Lancashire, while he completed a doctorate at Liverpool University.

Faithfull's mother had been born in Budapest and moved to Vienna in The family of Sacher-Masoch had secretly opposed the Nazi regime in Vienna. Faithfull's father's intelligence work for the British Army brought him into contact with the family, and he thus met Eva, his future wife. Faithfull's maternal great great uncle was Leopold von Sacher-Masoch , whose erotic novel, Venus in Furs , spawned the word " masochism. She spent some of her early life at the commune at Braziers Park , Oxfordshire, formed by Dr John Norman Glaister, where her father also lived and participated.

Her parents divorced when she was six years old, [2] after which she moved with her mother to Milman Road in Reading. Her primary school was in Brixton. Living in reduced circumstances, Faithfull's girlhood was marred by bouts of tuberculosis. She was a charitably subsidized bursared pupil at St Joseph's Roman Catholic Convent School, Reading , where she was, for a time, a weekly boarder. Faithfull began her singing career in , landing her first gigs as a folk music performer in coffeehouses.

The Rolling Stones recorded their own version one year later, which also became successful. During that time period, Faithfull started smoking marijuana and became best friends with Pallenberg. She also began a much publicised relationship with Mick Jagger that same year. The couple became notorious and largely part of the hip Swinging London scene.

She is heard on The Beatles ' song Yellow Submarine. In an interview 27 years later with A.

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Homes for Details , Faithfull discussed her wilder days and admitted that the drug bust fur rug incident had ravaged her personal life: "It destroyed me. To be a male drug addict and to act like that is always enhancing and glamorising. A woman in that situation becomes a slut and a bad mother.

Faithfull's involvement in Jagger's life would be reflected in some of the Rolling Stones's best known songs. The writing credit for the song was the subject of a protracted legal battle; the resolution of the case has Faithfull listed as co-author of the song. In her autobiography, Faithfull said Jagger and Richards released it in their own names so that her agent did not collect all the royalties and proceeds from the song, especially as she was homeless and battling with heroin addiction at the time. Faithfull ended her relationship with Jagger in May , and she lost custody of her son in that same year, which led to her attempting suicide.

Faithfull lived on London's Soho streets for two years, suffering from heroin addiction and anorexia nervosa. The album was shelved until Severe laryngitis , coupled with persistent drug abuse during this period, permanently altered Faithfull's voice, leaving it cracked and lower in pitch. While the new sound was praised as "whisky soaked" by some critics, journalist John Jones, of the Sunday Times , wrote that she had "permanently vulgarised her voice".

Faithless , which reached No. Faithfull's career returned full force in the same year she was arrested for marijuana possession in Norway with the album Broken English , one of her most critically hailed albums. In addition to the punk-pop sounds of the title track which addressed terrorism in Europe, being dedicated to Ulrike Meinhof , the album also included "Why D'Ya Do It?

Faithfull, in her autobiography, commented that her fluid yet rhythmic reading of Williams' lyric was "an early form of rap ". Faithfull began living in New York after the release of the follow-up to Broken English , Dangerous Acquaintances , in Despite her comeback, she was still battling with addiction in the mids, at one point breaking her jaw tripping on a flight of stairs while under the influence. A disastrous appearance on Saturday Night Live was blamed on too many rehearsals, but it was suspected that drugs had caused her vocal cords to seize up.

Rich Kid Blues was another collection of her early work combined with new recordings, a double record showcasing both the pop and rock 'n' roll facets of her output to date. Faithfull's restrained readings lent themselves to the material, and this collaboration informed several subsequent works. In , she was at the Hazelden Foundation Clinic in Minnesota for rehabilitation. While living at a hotel in nearby Cambridge , Faithfull started an affair while still married to Brierly with a dual diagnosis mentally ill and drug dependent man, Howard Tose, who later committed suicide by jumping from a 14th floor window of the flat they shared.

Faithfull's divorce from Brierly was also finalised that year. In , Faithfull again reinvented herself, this time as a jazz and blues singer, on Strange Weather , also produced by Willner. The album became her most critically lauded album of the decade. Coming full circle, the renewed Faithfull cut another recording of " As Tears Go By " for Strange Weather , this time in a tighter, more gravelly voice.

The singer confessed to a lingering irritation with her first hit. In a interview with Rory O'Connor of Vogue , Faithfull declared, "forty is the age to sing it, not seventeen. The work also includes tunes first made notable by such blues luminaries as Billie Holiday and Bessie Smith ; Tom Waits wrote the title track.

In , Faithfull married writer and actor Giorgio Della Terza, but they divorced in When Roger Waters assembled an all-star cast of musicians to perform the rock opera The Wall live in Berlin in July , Faithfull played the part of Pink's overprotective mother. Her musical career rebounded for the third time during the early s with the live album Blazing Away, which featured Faithfull revisiting songs she had performed over the course of her career.

Blazing Away was recorded at St. Ann's Cathedral in Brooklyn. Alanna Nash of Stereo Review commended the musicians whom Faithfull had chosen to back her—longtime guitarist Reynolds was joined by former Band member Garth Hudson and pianist Dr. Nash was also impressed with the album's autobiographical tone, noting "Faithfull's gritty alto is a cracked and halting rasp, the voice of a woman who's been to hell and back on the excursion fare which, of course, she has. A Collection of Her Best Recordings was released in by Island Records to coincide with the release of the Faithfull autobiography; the two products originally shared the same cover art.

The retrospective album also featured one live track, "Times Square", from Blazing Away as well as a new Faithfull original, "She", penned with composer and arranger Angelo Badalamenti to be released the following year on A Secret Life , with additional songs co written with Badalamenti. Faithfull sang a duet and recited text on the San Francisco band Oxbow 's album Serenade in Red. Faithfull also sang interlude vocals on Metallica 's song " The Memory Remains " from their album ReLoad and appeared in the song's music video; the track reached No.

Mainstream Rock chart and No.

Faithfull's DVD Dreaming My Dreams contained material about her childhood and parents, with historical video footage going back to and interviews with the artist and several friends who have known her since childhood. The documentary included sections on her relationship with John Dunbar and Mick Jagger, and brief interviews with Keith Richards. It concluded with footage from a minute live concert, originally broadcast on PBS for the series Sessions at West 54th. The song was eventually recorded by Marianne Faithfull on her album Vagabond Ways.

Faithfull released several albums in the s that received positive critical response, beginning with Vagabond Ways , which was produced and recorded by Mark Howard. Her renaissance continued with Kissin Time , released in On this record, she paid tribute to Nico with "Song for Nico" , whose work she admired. The album also included an autobiographical song she co-wrote with Cocker, called "Sliding Through Life on Charm".

In , she released Before the Poison. In March she returned to the stage with a touring show entitled Songs of Innocence and Experience. Supported by a trio, the performance had a semi-acoustic feel and toured European theatres throughout the spring and summer. The show featured many songs she had not performed live before including "Something Better", the song she sang on The Rolling Stones Rock and Roll Circus.