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Once the Americans have arrived, the children are in for yet another culture shock: far from being the murderous monsters they've been conditioned to expect, the troops intend to honor General Douglas MacArthur's edict that the defeated Japanese be treated with dignity and compassion.

MacArthur's Children was written and directed by two of those titular children, Takeshi Tamura writer and Masahiro Shinoda director ; the film was adapted from the Japanese best-seller by Yu Aku. Masahiro Shinoda. Takaya Yamauchi as Ryuta Ashigara. Yoshiyuki Omori as Saburo Masaki Baraketsu. Shiori Sakura as Mume Hatano. Masako Natsume as Komako Nakai. Haruko Kato as Haru Ashigara.

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Shinsuke Shimada as Jiro Masaki. Taketoshi Naito as Ginzo Nakai. Chiharu Shukuri as Yoko Masaki. Bill Jensen as Lt. Takashi Tsumura as Interpreter. Juzo Itami as Adm.

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Shima Iwashita as Tome Anabuki. Naomi Chiaki as Miyo. Miyuki Tanigawa as Setsuko.

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Howard Mohett as G. Akihiro Hattori as Teruo Nakai Debukuni. Osamu Yamazaki as Jin Nitta Ninjin. Munekatsu Mori as Kinsuke Orihara Bora. Takeshi Marutani as Haruo Kanda Gancha. Tsutomu Tatsumi as Takayuki Yoshizawa Dankichi. Kuniyasu Toda as Mamoru Takase Anone. Ryuji Sawa as Shintaro Ikeda. Hiromi Goh as Masao Nakai. Shuji Otake as Tadao Ashigara. Ken Watanabe as Tetsuo Nakai. See All Audience Reviews. There are no approved quotes yet for this movie.

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Game of Thrones. Big Little Lies. Into The Dark. Black Mirror. In November, however, massive Chinese armies sent the UN forces into retreat. Angered and embarassed, MacArthur publicly called for the extension of the war to China. President Truman, who wanted to limit American involvement in the East, had repeatedly warned MacArthur not to express his own ideas of the war to the public.

Truman finally relieved the general of his command in April MacArthur's return to the United States was greeted by massive public expressions of support for the general and criticisms from the president. On April 19, , he presented his case to a joint session of Congress, attracting a tremendous radio and television audience.

His speech ended on a note that stirred millions of Americans: "I now close my military career and just fade away. MacArthur became more active than he had predicted. Then he traveled across the country criticizing the Truman administration, insisting they had sold out Asia to communism.

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MacArthur supported a peace conference that, if unsuccessful, would be followed by "the atomic bombing of enemy military concentrations and installations in North Korea. As a result, MacArthur was not consulted again. MacArthur then retreated to a life of out of the public eye. A soldier to the end, he died in the army's Walter Reed Hospital on April 5, His wife, Jean, died on January 22, , at the age of Although controversial throughout much of his career, MacArthur is remembered as one of America's great military leaders.

Finkelstein, Norman H. Minneapolis: Dillon Press, MacArthur, Douglas. New York: McGraw-Hill, Manchester, William. American Caesar, Douglas MacArthur, — Boston: Little, Brown, Perret, Geoffrey. New York: Random House, Toggle navigation. Student to soldier Douglas MacArthur was born in Little Rock, Arkansas, on January 26, , the descendant of a long line of military men. Rising military career Returning to the United States, MacArthur began his fast rise through the military ranks. User Contributions: 1.

James W DuVall. The General made one important contribution to the Second World War that is always ovelooked. Jim D. I would like to know "how many children he has. Comment about this article, ask questions, or add new information about this topic: Name:. E-mail: Show my email publicly. Type the code shown:.

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