My Business, My Success: A Woman’s Guide to Entrepreneurship

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Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn does an excellent job explaining why the battle for a better world is far from finished. I learned to generate significant, consistent revenue by reading and practicing with what's in this book. I recommend this book in most of my 16 books, and highly recommend it to other women in business. It teaches all of us to think differently, about our business and its value, our markets and the opportunities they provide--and about the way we've always done it.

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Defy Gravity blends conceptual fundamentals, real-world applications, case studies, questions and exercises to help you think differently. It offers short insights as to how people handle challenges as well as true short stories about what people did to get through difficult situations.

It includes quotes that reference stories that are quite profound. It's not only an intellectual guide, but a spiritual guide as well. In law school I took a class on negotiation, and I wish this book had been part of the curriculum! Reading this book caused a paradigm shift in my understanding of negotiating, from the authors' very compelling research on the topic Who knew men negotiate up to nine times more than women? This book, to put it bluntly, will light a fire under your butt to start actually asking for what you want in your life, today--from little things like negotiating where to go for dinner to getting the right mindset to ask for a big raise.

I was serving coffee to homeless customers, working graveyard shift at Dunkin Donuts, and freaking out over the realization that I was one paycheck away from being homeless myself. Wishcraft was my ticket out of hell and into an inspired life. Now in my mids, I've bootstrapped six small businesses, enjoy a net worth of over a million dollars, and live the life of my dreams. My yellowed, copyright paperback of Wishcraft sits readily available on my bookcase to this day, ready to help me visualize my next dream and craft a plan. I'm also a fan of Zig Ziglar's selling approach and attitude.

When I thought about what book really created immediate action out of me, it isn't an all-time top bestseller. I identified with this book and it spoke directly to me. Frankel offers practical coaching tips on women's use of language, paths of pursuits, approaches and beliefs.

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There were countless development opportunities I identified, I flagged and I began taking action on. I was exposed to this small business bible during the early stages of building my business and it instilled in me a passion for systems. In addition, I'm a big proponent of creating a consistent experience for anyone who visits my websites, blog, podcast, yoga studio, retreat or boutique.

This plays out in women-only networking groups and even in shared workspaces for women. Women feel comfortable supporting and confiding in each other. We want everyone to enjoy success. So, if entrepreneurship is the path you chose, your chances of success are infinite. Entrepreneur Media, Inc. In order to understand how people use our site generally, and to create more valuable experiences for you, we may collect data about your use of this site both directly and through our partners.

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What to Read in 2018: 23 Books for Entrepreneurs, Written by Women

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Guest Writer. August 6, 6 min read. Buy this book. Instead, they keep working and making incremental improvements day after day—no matter what gets thrown at them.

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This is what Grit is all about. Angela Duckworth uses new research to explain why perseverance and focused learning are the keys to accomplishing greatness in any field. She doesn't just explain why this is true, she teaches readers how they can cultivate more grit in themselves and the people around them, too. Elizabeth Gilbert, best known for her novel Eat Pray Love, is candid about her distaste for the blind pursuit of passion.

She suggests that the pressure to provide as in paying your bills can kill your creativity.

What to Read in 23 Entrepreneurship Books Written by Women

I resonated with her notion that creative ideas have their own life force—that they are things to be nurtured, lest they pack their bags and find a more attentive host. While it's a quick read, the book deftly tackles the topics of personal finance and minimalism. My takeaway from the book is to pay more attention to getting enough sleep, rather than cutting it out when I'm short on time. This book does exactly that: it shares and highlights inspiring advice, quotes, and life stories of women from a variety of careers, backgrounds, places, and races.

This book is a breath of fresh air, and truly an inspiring read. Currently the overwhelming majority of the women featured are from the United States. Also how to harness the feeling to achieve success. And Twyla Tharp is no stranger to this. That's why, over her lifetime, she's developed ways to face and conquer the resistance we face in these moments.

I've adopted a lot of her techniques into my own creative process, and like a dancer building a muscle, it will continue to strengthen.

Twenty-One Women Entrepreneurs Reveal Their Favorite Business Books

What is often overlooked when it comes to entrepreneurship—and what Ruth Reichl proves to be the most important ingredient in her memoir, Tender at the Bone—is passion. Before she was a New York Times restaurant critic and editor-in-chief at Gourmet magazine, Ruth found a passion for food and the culinary industry. In particular, the role of women in restaurants dominated by male personalities was a problem she was passionate about overturning. Tender at the Bone proves that professional success can come from affection for your craft. A love of food and defining her own taste was what led Ruth to become one of the most well-known food writers in America.

Warning: you may not want to read this on an empty stomach. Kelly Cutrone is direct and she has no filter. The 52 Lists Project is literally taking my list game to a new productive and uplifting level.

The book is broken into the four seasons, with a list for each week that causes you to really think mostly about the simple things in life. What steps can you still take? However, this is one book that I know, by the end of , I will look back on and have fully completed. From which, I will probably know more about myself, and take action on things I would have procrastinated on, or never done in the first place. I highly recommend this book for yourself, or as a thoughtful gift for a friend. Brown urges us to embrace and be comfortable with vulnerability—a state of being we often shy away from or perceive as weak.

This book is an excellent resource for familiarizing yourself with the emotions associated with vulnerability, and becoming comfortable with the underlying vulnerability in most emotion and action. Ultimately, through embracing vulnerability and imperfection, readers have the opportunity to become more courageous and engage in greater work.

From feeling like a fraud to asking to get paid or for a couch to sleep on, this book is full of useful stories—even if you're not dressed as a seven foot tall bride asking strangers for money. It shows you the path to self-reconciliation and how to have positive thoughts that later transform into achievements in all aspects of life. Shortcomings aside, I do think that this is an important read for women. It was leaving her role at the U.

State Department where she experienced the hostile environment faced by working mothers. In her book, Slaughter rationalizes that making changes to the workplace and government policy will benefit everyone. As more women open Shopify stores, they are creating for themselves more flexible work the way Slaughter did when returning to teaching.

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