Renewal Journal 7: Blessing

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In this class, we will explore ways to discover ordinary joy in the everyday, allowing ourselves to be formed by wonder and praise in the daily rounds of life. We will explore ways in which our surroundings may nourish joy or may foster competitive angst. Class will include quiet prayer, some lecture, and reflection together. Mary C. Earle is an Episcopal priest, poet, author, spiritual director and retreat leader.

That young man and his father both gave their lives to the Lord right there in the village. Grant prayed for a son of the paramount chief of South Pentecost. He was healed from a painful leg and later he invited the team to come to his village to pray for the sick. No white people had been invited there to minister previously.

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Healing is a tough subject, especially if you or your loved ones are sick! At one extreme lies the claim that everyone can and should be well, and if you have enough faith in God you will be healed; at the other extreme lies the claim that healing, if it occurs, now happens through medical science. However, they usually acknowledge the importance of healthy food, exercise, rest and positive attitudes — which people at the other extreme also acknowledge. God heals. His healing power is always at work in us with every heartbeat, every breath.

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Life is his gift to us. Healthy living contributes to good health. Oranges and Vitamin C tablets promote health. So do healthy attitudes. So does prayer, and faith.

Renewal Journal 7: Blessing

We know that being healthy is good, not bad. We go to a doctor or we take medicine because that can help overcome sickness and restore health. Most of us pray for healing, for others and for ourselves.

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We usually appreciate others praying for us. We pray for others in many different ways.

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It may be the even more specific prayer or command, led and anointed by the Holy Spirit, through various gifts of the Spirit including healing, miracles, faith, prophecy, words of knowledge or wisdom, discernment of spirits, or tongues and maybe interpretation. There is a mystery in healing, as there is in living.

However, we know that God gives life, and sustains life. We can learn more about how to co-operate with God, including learning how to pray more effectively, believe more truly, and love more fully. Healing is complex.


Most healing takes time, but intervention through prayer or medicine can speed up the process, sometimes dramatically. JS, Journal, 22 Sept. See Blessing to David Whitmer, 22 Sept. Phelps, 22 Sept. Blessing to David Whitmer, 22 Sept. See Revelation, 24 Feb. Joseph Smith Sr.

Renewal Journal – A Chronicle of Renewal and Revival

Blessing from Joseph Smith Sr. See Revelation, 15 Mar. Do you know of any Joseph Smith documents that we might not have heard about?

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