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Was I the only one besieged by bad dreams? One mom friend told me she had a recurring dream that her baby was lost in the bed, suffocating under the covers. Turns out, this is a nightmare so common that one researcher created an acronym for it: BIB Baby in Bed dream. The lack of information I found on postpartum nightmares is surprising, considering how common they are: According to a study in the journal Sleep, 73 percent of postpartum women reported having dreams of their infant in peril.

For many, the effects of these bad dreams lingered after they woke up—42 percent of women felt postawakening anxiety after a nightmare and 60 percent felt the need to get up and check on their infant.

The Bazaar of Bad Dreams by Stephen King

Postpartum dreaming might be especially intense because of something called the REM rebound effect, says Tore Nielsen, Ph. When you get only short bouts of it say, because of a crying baby , your need for this type of sleep builds up so that during your next stretch of sleep, you may actually have more REM sleep and, therefore, more intense and vivid dreams. In brain-imaging studies, the part of the brain that lights up when new parents are having these intrusive thoughts is the part of the brain that deals with vigilance and protectiveness, not violence.

Though her child is 12 now, she still shuddered thinking about it. My friend shared this story after I told her about the nightmares that haunted me. In fact, all of my wonderfully oversharing friends the same ones who happily swapped birth stories involving gory details of perineal tearing and postbirth constipation neglected to mention anything about this extremely common and destabilizing symptom.

My nightmares, according to Davis, were likely an evolutionary adaptation. They are actually part of a cavewoman-era system designed to help me keep my baby safe, not a sign that anything was wrong with her—or me. During prehistoric times, this would lead to safer babies, but today it can lead to stressed-out parents.

Nightmares can sometimes be a symptom of a bigger issue, including postpartum anxiety, depression, or even PTSD from a traumatic birth event which happens to about 9 percent of women. But in most cases, including my own, they occur on their own, without any other symptoms.

What intense nightmares can reveal about your health

The first step is to take the research on these bad dreams to heart. The second step is to talk to someone about your nightmares. After—and only after! In my case, the nightmares started tapering off when my daughter was about eight weeks old and disappeared entirely a few weeks later. Everyone has the power to invoke these mythic defenders to vanquish their fears. So Julio learns his imagination can turn a bad dream into a good one.

Our book Good Dream, Bad Dream combines super heroes and fantastic comic book art into a children's picture book that will be a feast for the eyes and comfort for the heart. Together we are Liberum Donum, an independent art studio based in Bogota, Colombia.

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We've created characters, comics, books, and animation for clients around the globe. We like science fiction and fantasy, and love drawing action heroes and colorful monsters. Dinosaurs and dragons to werewolves and mecha! We are collaborating with fantasy author Serena Valentino www.

Good Dream, Bad Dream will be a 40 page book, hardcover with dust jacket, with full color spreads. This picture book will be at home on the shelves of a comic book store, kid's gift shop, or your local bookstore.

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The bilingual translation Spanish and English will enable a larger international audience to enjoy the story and our art. It epitomizes the global nature of our book's themes and our desire to cross boundaries to reach as many fans as possible.

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With your support, we will post updates frequently, showing sketches and the progression of each spread. Then you'll get a marvelous book in your hands by October Portfolio on Behance: www. We're kind of like the Avengers or Justice League. There are 7 of us on 2 continents: if one teammate has a problem, the rest can shoulder more responsibilities!

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So while an unforeseen weather problem may swallow our office computers, we'll backup in the cloud, and give you our solemn promise: we'll finish this story will your help! We plan to work with a dedicated book printer which has professional publishing clientele and equally reputable American distributor with a top track record. Therefore, after you get your copies first, Good Dream, Bad Dream shall be available to any store or website that wishes to offer it.

But remember, only our prized Kickstarter backers will enjoy all the cornucopia of extra goodies listed above! Questions about this project? Check out the FAQ.

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