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Transmission line reflections, standing waves and return loss

This book provides the foundational reference for these software tools, and their use in the design of high-speed craft. High-speed craft are very different from conventional ships. Current professional literature leaves a gap in the documentation of best design practices for high-speed craft. Show all. Show next xx.

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Read this book on SpringerLink. Recommended for you. PAGE 1. The amount of reflected energy is influenced by the seriousness of the mismatch between source and load impedance. The two worst-case scenarios are an open circuit and a short circuit, corresponding to infinite load impedance and zero load impedance, respectively.

Reflections on Power and Power Relations

These two cases represent a complete discontinuity; no energy can be absorbed, and consequently all the energy is reflected. We now understand that impedances must be matched to prevent reflections, but why so much concern about reflections? The first problem is simply efficiency. The whole point is to generate electrical power that can be converted into electromagnetic radiation. In general, we want to move power from source to load, and this means that reflections must be minimized. The second issue is a bit more subtle.

A continuous signal transferred through a transmission line to a mismatched load impedance will result in a continuous reflected signal. These incident and reflected waves pass each other, going in opposite directions. Interference results in a standing wave , i.

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This standing wave really does create peak-amplitude variations along the physical length of the cable; certain locations have higher peak amplitude, and other locations have lower peak amplitude. Standing waves result in voltages that are higher than the original voltage of the transmitted signal, and in some cases the effect is severe enough to cause physical damage to cables or components.

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High-frequency circuit design must account for two important though somewhat mysterious phenomena: reflections and standing waves. You May Also Like:.

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  4. Texas Instruments. The brutal murder of the Son of God may not be, at first, something we are attracted to. Yet, the crucifix has a power and a draw for those who gaze upon it in faith because it is not only a horrific and brutal murder, it is, first and foremost, the complete victory over sin and death.

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    The Crucifixion of our Lord was the greatest act of love ever known, because in that act, He destroyed death and sin forever for those who turn to Him with complete abandon. The crucifix is also a sign to us of the self-giving we are called to live. We are each called to enter upon that cross and die with Christ, giving ourselves to others. For in dying with Him, our sins are atoned for and we are able to share in the victory of His Resurrection. Gazing upon the Crucifixion of our Lord transforms us as it opens the doors of the Mercy won by this selfless act of love See Diary