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Mar 15, AM. I created an account for the sole purpose of telling you how spot-on your review is. I hate-watch this show when I'm feeling too lazy to reach for the remote and have grown very, very weary of her hokey, homespun witticisms and "aw shucks" demeanor while standing in a massive, flatteringly-lit, showroom kitchen filled with top-of-the-line pots and pans. Her phoniness is almost like another person in the room with her. I want to beat myself with my rolling pin when she adds a 'y' to the end of their names Paige-y, Bryce-y, Todd-y, and The Other One.

She's selling a lifestyle and attitude, nothing more. Fantastic writin' job! Mar 16, PM. Congratulations Ree Drummond on all your success. I hope you are making the money suggested by the rant. I love a good success story. I don't speculate on your life or even care to judge it - enjoy! Apr 20, PM. I personally despise when people get all high and mighty because someone has money. So silly. There wasn't one thing in your rant that I didn't already know other than how her husband performs in the sack Ree rose to fame because people read her blog not because she had money.

Congrats to Ree and her success in life. As far as the cookbook goes, I only use one recipe. Not my favorite. Apr 21, PM. It is a sad and miserable person to spew so much hate over someone you don't know personally. Don't get me started on Internet "research". If you don't like her, don't watch her show, read her blog or buy her books. End of story. Negativity and bad energy is bringing our society down faster than anything else.

Apr 29, AM. This isn't a review of her book. It's a review of her life. What does their money, land, etc.

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Sorry, but you come off as a jealous, bitter person that can't live like Ree does. So, she has money and married money. Big deal. If you loved the guy, wouldn't you?

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This review is unfair. I hope you aren't getting your info from those 'hate blogs'. You can't believe everything you read on the net. I'm pretty sure Ree knows that she's not Laura Ingalls Wilder. Jul 24, PM. The recipes are ho hum and not even hers, she claims she was a "big city" girl though she grew up in Bartlesville, OK hardly a big city and went to college in California on daddy's dime. I stopped visiting her blog long ago when her home schooling facade was exposed. I don't care how much money she has, or who she married, or how many photoshop packages or cookware sets she sells - good for her.

But I won't contribute a penny of my hard earned money to support her. Ever notice how she has give-aways of sponsored expensive items and promises winners on a certain day? She's a marketing genius. People will keep visiting her site all day and night on the specified day and every click is more money in her pocket from ads.

The winners are often posted late at night or even a day late. Aug 06, PM. And rich people can be wonderful, humble, hardworking folk just as easily as anyone else.

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I don't know the intimate nature of Ree and her family since I don't know them personally, but the point is The fact that she is successful doesn't mean she doesn't provide an enjoyable show with great recipes and a nice wholesome appeal. And to Nancy commentor , who is so hot and bothered about Ree's dad paying for her education that she won't spend her "hard-earned money to support her" I imagine you don't own a car, hold a mortgage, carry a credit card or buy ready-made clothes, because ANY money spent in corporate America like car companies, banks, CC companies and large retail stores is supporting someone so wealthy, they make Ree look like a pauper.

Perspective, ladies. It's just a blasted cooking show. Aug 07, AM. Exactly Nikki! Nancy wrote: "The recipes are ho hum and not even hers, she claims she was a "big city" girl though she grew up in Bartlesville, OK hardly a big city and went to college in California on daddy's dime. I stoppe Excuse me everyone. Aug 10, AM. The review of Ree Drummonds personal life is uncalled for. It's plain tacky to speculate on her bedroom life. If you don't like the book, review it WITH reasons but don't attack the author. Aug 12, PM. This is not a review.

It's character assassination! Aug 14, PM. Ree Drummond is phony. Katherine wrote: "Ree Drummond is phony. The end.

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It's an observation, lady. Go back to your snacks and shows. Katherine wrote: "It's an observation, lady. Pretty simple really. Oct 03, PM. I dont care how rich she is.. Her show and blogs are fun, easy and entertaining and she manages to relate the the average woman. Oct 05, PM. The Mrs. Is so fake with her fake smile and simplistic recipes. All she wants to do is brag on her hubby and her brats.

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I got sick of of and could not watch one more episode. I say she is fake cause she tries to talk so sweet and "down home" but it comes across so syrupy and plastic. Please Food Network, dump her and Farmhouse Rules. Oct 09, PM. This is supposed to be a review of her book, not an essay condemning her lifestyle. Who are you to judge what she does in her life? A little bitter are we? This is a book review , not a judgment on people. Personally I leave that to a higher power. I don't know who you are Nikki or what gives you the right to pass judgment on others but this is not the forum to do so.

I pity you having to spew your negativism in a book review. If you hate the author so much don't read her books, don't watch her TV show, and don't read her blog. It's that simple. Obviously you need to take your hate out on someone. I enjoy her recipes that's all I'm interested in.

How she conducts her life is none of my business. Oct 21, AM. Funny how our society has changed and making money is now a cause for disgust. I admire you Ree Drummond for being fun, successful, a loving mom, a loving wife, a good business woman and publishing books "for the pleasure of my eyes". I do not care that you do not really homeschool your children, I like the fact that you decided to have them educated at home. If I could afford tutors, I would hire some also! Go ahead, make even more money and you'll hear me cheer!

About the book. I read it as a picture book, looking at the photographs, enjoying the graphic style and smiling at her conversations with the readers. The ingredients are somewhat too high on the calories scale for me since I do not work on a farm. Looking forward to more books! I like her recipes but I don't care what all of you think. She gas great food, I've made most of the recipes and they work great.

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Just because she has money it doesn't mean she is not part of a farmer family on a ranch! Oct 26, AM. I have to agree with your review Nikki. At first, I too was intrigued by Pioneer Woman and what she stood for. I'm a working mom who puts a meal on the table every night. Family values mean alot to me. But I wondered, how on earth does she do it, how can she possibly do everything she claims to do. Well you've answered those questions and now I'm completely turned off. Not because she has help, but because she has misrepresented herself. She doesn't home school her kids. I've seen snips on her show of them 'in school' and thought, my goodness, what kind of education IS that?!

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Anyway, I feel the same way about the source of the land which was always a turn off stolen from native americans and federal subsidies etc. Overall, not feeling it like I did - though I do make a few of her recipes and did enjoy watching her show in the beginning. I'll tell you this, I will not be buying any of her new dishware products, primarily because they're made in China.

It's not one thing that turned me off, but the cumulation of the reality of who she really and attempt to mislead us all that did it for me. Oct 30, PM. Nov 07, PM. I agree with Nikki and not because of the wealth.

6 Bad-Ass Recipes for All Our "Nasty" Women

I couldn't care less about how rich she is. She had one recipe for brownies that she doubled, and put in an 8"x 8" pan. Probably calories per piece. She's the Pioneer Paula Deen. More power to her earning powers, but please don't pass yourself off as a knowledgeable, creative cook. Nov 08, PM.

Have any of you met her? Nov 14, AM. It is sad how you just treat a inspiration woman and kids and adults might like her because of the way she cooks. So I think whoever doesn't like her just don't say dumb stuff like that because what if Ree Drummond was reading all of these comments and she thought that only a couple people called her a phoney and that is very disrespectful. So if you want to judge her than you are messing with the wrong people. Nov 15, AM. Not a book review, just a snarky jealously mean spirited comment.

Successful people are to be admired. I've made many of the recipes an they are good. Maybe you are not capable of writing reviews. Maybe you shouldn't! Dec 13, PM. I have to admit--being in N. TX area so close to OK I fell for her shtick as well. Grainy mustard and Emeril Lagasse's own unique seasoning blend make ordinary chicken taste truly extraordinary. Plump shrimp, tasty sausage, and a medley of vegetables bake to tender perfection in less than 15 minutes.

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Vitamin C-rich bell peppers boost all-day energy. The simple secret that makes these naturally buttery mini spuds even more irresistible? A quick finish with white balsamic vinegar for a hint of tangy flavor. Classic steak and potatoes is an absolute cinch when everything — including tender asparagus — roasts together on one sheet pan.

Roasted asparagus adds gourmet flair to this starter that pairs peppery watercress with a sweet citrusy vinaigrette. Just five ingredients and a pinch of pepper are all it takes to get this hearty comfort food favorite ready for the oven. Enjoy two sweet treats in one blissful bite, thanks to these mix-easy fudgy bars swirled with berry-licious cheesecake.