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Ruins from every century remain as epitaphis to the many holy men who sought contemplative surroundings throughout the ages. The presenter of this one hour production Michael Lally is a co-founder of the Druid Theatre in Galway. One of Ireland's best known theatre actors, he also works extensively in television and has played a leading role in Glenroe the award winning RTE tv drama.

Mayo Welcome to Mayo situated in the heart of Ireland's "Western World", a county that is traditional Ireland at its very best. Stretching from Lough Corrib and killary Harbour in the south to the Mullet Peninsula and Killala Bay in the north, Mayo provides a fantastic variety of scenery and natural amenities.

Memories of the Emerald Isle - Galway, Donegal & Mayo

Mayo is a treasure house of literature ,heritage and history- a holiday county of festivals , fun and folk music- a haven for sportaman, fisherman or family man. The election of President Mary robinson in December focussed the attention of the world on Ballina and the Westport Horse fair has brought that town to international prominence. The Mayo DVD captures all that is best in a country famous throughout the world for its people and places. Donegal Donegal, dun na nGall in Irish, means Fort of the foreigners - the foreigner being the Vikings who built fortification here a thousand years ago.

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The history of Ireland was written in this county un the 17th century, when all the manuscripts of the time were compiled into a monumental work known as the Anals of the Masters. Rockefeller, Jr. Yard set the center emerald in a platinum ring and Rockefeller gifted it to his son, David. The ring features the octagonal step-cut emerald flanked on either side by trapezoid and circular-cut diamonds. Christie's noted that the intense color and distinct saturation that typifies a Colombian emerald is illustrated perfectly in this remarkable stone.

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American Gemological Laboratories described the stone as "exceptional," possessing what AGL calls an "unusual combination of size, provenance, absence of treatment and quality factors [that contribute] favorably to its rarity and desirability. Members of the Rockefeller family are often characterized as American royalty. John D. Stretch goals have now been announced! See below for a list of all rewards, and descriptions of each reward. There's a bit more information available on the Stretch Goals Announcement Update.

Please note: Platform ports are entirely dependant on the companies who own those platforms, such as Sony, Nintendo, and Apple, and are also dependent on how soon I can secure licenses for Unity for those platforms. I'll work very hard to launch Emerald on all platforms as close to the primary launch date as possible Feb 13th, but there may be factors that are entirely out of my control when it comes to porting Emerald onto these systems.

It is NOT guaranteed that Emerald will launch on all platforms on the primary launch date. That said, I've spoken to folks at these companies, they're lovely people and are extremely helpful.

Agate Emerald - slave of the memories

Fingers crossed! All tiers include all previous tier rewards. Ships within one month of campaign completion. I'm the designer, developer, artist and programmer behind Emerald. You can view my full portfolio here. There's a presskit available if you're into that kind of thing. Though I usually work solo on projects, I love working with other artists, developers and designers too!

Her personal works are pretty whimsical , too. Many of those folks have had great things to say about Power Up. I'm extremely glad they loved Emerald enough to work on it! Basically a needlessly lofty version of CEO.

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When I found out I could legally define my own job title, I naturally had to have a bit of fun with it. Emerald is very much a project of passion. I would love nothing more than to bring the game to fruition these next few months, and with your help we can make that a reality. If you're interested in Emerald too, please share it on Facebook or Twitter!

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Kickstarter campaigns live or die by word-of-mouth referral, and every post and tweet is valuable. Thanks for reading!

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As such there will likely be business and set-up costs and work that I haven't considered. I'm fortunate to have enough close friends working in the game design industry that I have access to plenty of advice and guidance, and have built three weeks into the end-of-project schedule to allow for "flex time", to cover any unexpected tasks. Ideally, if the number of unexpected tasks stays low fingers crossed, but ever unlikely!

Questions about this project? Check out the FAQ.

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Get a DRM-free copy of the game upon release. Release is aiming for February 13th, Plus, get the soundtrack, as soon as this campaign is successfully finished. Finally, get one high-res desktop wallpaper. Get the prototype! Within two months of this Kickstarter campaign finishing, get a build of the game ready to play on PC or Mac.

Note that this is an optimized version of the build used in the video, and is totes a work-in-progress. Includes full game on release est. Feb 13th , and the soundtrack at Kickstarter campaign complete. Also includes TWO high-res desktop wallpapers. Get a series of digital documents including crew logs, Ship status reports, and memoirs from before the Ship left Home. Gives deeper, clearer insight into the story of Emerald.

Delivered approximately one month before game launch. FINALLY, includes three of twenty-five secret game codes cheats, unlockables, mods, etc , unique to this Kickstarter campaign, delivered at game launch. Includes all previous reward tiers, of course. Summary: DRM-free copy of Emerald, Ship documents audio logs, status reports, tech info, maps, etc , developer diary, three secret codes, early access prototype, the OST, two high-res wallpapers. Seven experimental games!