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Orange has made commitments to take a proactive approach to develop the rich skills and competencies of our female workforce and to open up professional opportunities in creative and flexible ways, so that we can truly enjoy the rewards of working in highly diverse, global teams. Over recent years, our commitment at Orange to improve professional equality has centered on four pillars:.

Gender diversity is at the heart of our business plan but, especially as we operate in a B2B environment and in the digital sector, our business environment is still predominantly male. Reversing this curve is not easy, but we must attract more women in our field, identify emerging talents and expand our workforce.

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Today, if we wish to ensure a gender diverse workplace for the future, we must take direct action to anticipate our business needs and reach out to female students before they are ready to enter the workplace. Every day we see that fewer women than men enter the science and technology streams direct from high school and higher education. Young girls are less attracted by the science and technology professions and these stereotypes remain the key reason for the lack of young graduates in this sector.

I am hopeful that things will change as our world is experiencing digital transformation, which will bring opportunities for new profiles, including more openings for women. As IT and marketing teams converge, this opens up new opportunities to capitalize on the growing importance of soft skills, agility, continuous improvement and project management.

She has 25 years experience in international HR roles across the entire range of HR disciplines. In her new role, her mission is to build the reputation of Orange Business Services as an employer of choice that offers an open learning enterprise, in which employees can achieve their full potential and contribute to the needs of society as responsible corporate citizens. Recently, while preparing an internal message for our people at Orange Business Services on International Women's Day — I reflected upon how grateful and proud I am to have had so many influential people in my life willing to share their professional and personal guidance to help me achieve my current position.

But I also pondered on how much better it would be if everyone had access to a strong network of family, friends, colleagues and managers — not just me. He needs to gain self-knowledge and to test his limits. He is Shockheaded Peter. Little vignettes at the bottom of the pages depict the negligent parents enjoying their dinners while their offspring suffer awful fates. She responded positively.

The new generation, they agreed, understood that schools perpetuated inequality, and supported a system that was rotten to the core. I know how to say NO! Once again, the Push Pin influence is clear. The delay, Ruy-Vidal explained in a letter from February in that year, was because they had struggled to find an illustrator.

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He had added to some of the dialogue in order for it to be less intellectual. It seemed that as Editions Harlin Quist was heading for closure, the radicalism of the project was becoming clear.

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The book was a commercial failure. Many booksellers refused to stock it. She worried they were exploring the sexual phantasies of children, singling out the depiction of relationships between children and their schoolmistresses in Geranium as concerning.

She warned that not only did they celebrate homosexuality, but the illustrations also represented primal childhood fears of becoming disembodied. Mixing animal and mineral, and distorting reality into dreamscapes was also worrying. It is important that men look like men, and trees like trees, wrote the doctor.

Here a leading child psychoanalyst had pronounced a damning verdict — that this material was dangerous, and wilfully so.


The fact that it was published in a respected large circulation magazine, just before Christmas, delivered the death blow to a venture that was already in financial and personal crisis. Far from it. This, combined with a sense that there might be a market for such material, piqued the interest of mainstream publishers. These new publishers were much more focused on concrete change, reflected in their logos featuring children and the raised of the revolutionary came to the fore, as the delirious artistic experimentation of the early years was overtaken by a more serious approach.

In the land of the elephants, all girl elephants must eat flowers, and play within the confines of a pen, so that their skin turns a sweet pink colour. Then they will be marriageable. The heroine of the story, whose skin fails to be transformed, suffers rejection as a result. She leads her sisters to escape the pen, and join the boys, until no-one can tell the difference any more. This title and subsequent volumes in the imprint sold well. Turin and Bosnia had opened the discussion. Her efforts to conform to their ideas of a good little girl fail, and this failure takes physical shape when Julie realises that her shadow is a boy.

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All her efforts to get rid of this humiliating deformity do not work. Through sharing the pain caused by their failure to conform to their assigned gender identities, the children realise they are not alone. The presentation of Julie argued that, in a society dominated by men, simply becoming a tomboy does little to emancipate girls, for it still supported the notion that to be female is something negative.

Within nine months Julie had sold five thousand copies, and was warmly received by critics. Over the course of the twenty years Le Sourire qui Mord operated, it sold over , copies, went into eight re-editions, and was translated into eleven languages. Still, in the case of Julie , the controversial subject matter did not go unnoticed.

This posed little problem for a press so small that they only produced one book per year. The law itself is still very much in vigour, while child protection is still an important justification for censorship. Paris, La Joie par les livres, , pp. Unless otherwise specified, all translations are by the author. Melun, Imprimerie Administrative, , p. He returned to this idea several times in the conference discussions reported in this book. There is not the space in this article to discuss this. The American edition appeared first in , but the French version was delayed until for legal reasons.

Children's Literature Association Quarterly, 14 , pp. Subsequent editions would see further changes. Duras , Paris, Thierry Magnier , p. All subsequent correspondence references will be from this file. Duras , p. All quotes from Turin are from this source. Une histoire de l'image dans les li Aneesh eds The Long Revisions and Agrandir Original jpeg, 96k. He returned to this idea several times in the conference discussions reported in this He also notes the influence of American-based artists such as Maurice Sendak an The American edition appeared first in , but th Agrandir Original png, k.