The Frog Story - A Happy Endings Story

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All the stories had a happy ending, in which a wise, fortunate, rich, and mysterious character would help Perry to fulfil his dreams. When all this came to an end, Perry found himself back in his seat, feeling pretty shocked. He realised that in real life he had always been fortunate , and had never helped anyone to have a happy ending of their own. He felt terrible, and spent a long time in that seat, crying. Finally, an enormous smile broke over his face , and he left the cinema, almost dancing.

He was happy because now he knew what he was going to do with his life. He was going to be that helpful person who comes to the aid of less fortunate people. He would be a maker of happy endings! On his way home, over in the distance he saw the distinguished looking man who had given him the movie ticket.

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And Perry realised that that man was the same one who had appeared at the end of all the stories on the cinema screen. The man who created happy endings. Other versions and options for this story. Tap here to watch our new animated stories. Short Stories Stories listing Top 10 Newest stories collections my favorites magic and fantasy real world big concepts funny stories tender and sensitive Animated stories Picture stories Audio stories Download stories Our own tales -audio Classic Tales Tale Teaching benefits of storytelling how to tell stories how to create stories Imaginative Ideas for Stories About Contact The Author Tales usage rules link to us!!

Happy Endings

Happy Endings. Download it to enjoy our stories whenever you want Advertisement. Story File. Values Solidarity and Justice. Main Lesson Good or bad fortune does not make one a better or worse person, and we all have a responsibility to help the less fortunate.

Setting A cinema. Characters A rich boy. Other Langs. Happy Endings Get these stories. At that moment, a very distinguished looking man came over to Perry and offered him a ticket , saying, "Of course, my boy. You have more of a right than him to see this movie". Did you like this story? Yes Please, share it.

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Fairytales and Happy Endings

What happens when great expectations turn out not to be so great? Exposing children to fairytales in which the cruel and frightening scenes are edited or omitted would mean exposing them to only one side of reality. Lucia O. In no success story, even the most fairylike, from Steve Jobs to Novak Djokovic, did the hero manage to escape dealing with obstacles on his way from rags-to-riches.

Challenges the hero is exposed to offer a toolkit for riding the wave of life. Fairytales offer ways of resolving a stranglehold situation that at times may seem insurmountable and can inspire child to look beyond the limiting circumstances. So take your chances. Become a hero of your own narrative.

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Maybe life is a fairytale, after all. Hi Ksenija, this is a great article, I really enjoyed reading it. Dreams are important, but fighting and working really hard to rich them is important as well. So emphasizing this to children, beside story telling, would give a nice base for a good parenting. Best regards! Certainly fables are a good starting point for what awaits our children in life and what they will have to overcome in order to also reach their goals they want to achieve in one way or another to suit their needs as they grow up in a smart and responsible people.

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Fairy tales are an example of how to with hope and faith go to realize their goals which will satisfy his own needs and desires that are not originated from our fixation impossible reality but a reflection and the reflection of the situation in which a society is whether it can be moved forward or backward in quicksand and with every move deeper and deeper incursions into their own traps and shackles of their missed ideals that will only remain as a monument to the failed attempts that we can get and makes its way to their dreams despite all the obstacles we encounter along the way.

There is no better and more examples of how a child following his dreams can come to the moment when they will be achieved and the enjoyment of fairy tales in which also is not all just black and white and there is always onakvog end of what we had hoped for , but there is certainly a departure from what how we want to achieve all your plans and ideas to carry us to the factors and actors that we would be able to help us to be part of the world in a good way and transparetnan and that it does not affect much on our need to be achieved as people who follow their dreams by the time they realize and round off our lives with those ideals which we can be satisfied when all the circumstances we do not favor but there is always something left unsaid and unfinished in our mission to satisfy our own goals to which we can only come if the huge desire going and tremendous effort and work that accompanies it.

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