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Now known as the Hundred Realms, war, bandits and dragons ravage the land while rulers are left to fend for them themselves for the first time in 50 years.

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Here Monarchs rule with iron fists or loving care, peasants start great journeys to become legends and sorcerers hone their ever advancing skills to aid either allies or curse their foes. A hundred realms, a thousand possibilities. Who knows how your story will go?

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It has been a long time since Camelot last opened its gates, and a great deal has happened since. Great leaders have arisen, great heroes have become known, and great deeds have been done.

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However, I am told terrible things have happened since too: you fight among yourselves, you wage bloody wars and allow monsters to ravage your lands. This is not the world I once knew.

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Therefore I wish to invite you, representatives from across all of the Realms, back to the city that once united you all. At the start of a weekend in the early Ninth Month, my trusted Sorcerer will be able to lift the Great Shroud around the city to allow visitors in, and then to do so once more at the end, allowing you all to join: to meet, to create magic, to partake in a tournament, to revel, and to make use of my Oracular Mirror of Legend to conduct your wars in a way that is better for the world.

Beyond the Untold

Myself, Guinevere, and the Round Table keenly await your arrival. Let us forge a new chapter in our world's history together. During each event you can expect to:. Follow the story of your character and the world they're part of. Use Defining Moments to gain access to powerful magic and abilities based on your choices and what's meaningful to you.

Form magical Bonds with your friends and your enemies to solidify your relationships. He graduated with a B. Prior to joining Fordham, he worked in magazine journalism in the D. Search Search. Kevin Mahnken. Policy Priority: Quality Choices. Topics: Charter Schools.

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