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While this is happening Travis is having issues with his Grandpa at his densed and small house. She almost always goes inside his trailer to watch movies as they used to do together. Then one day Calvins daughter kicks Velvetta out the trailer and locks the door so Velvetta couldn't wear the scarfs he let her borrow. Back in School Travis is learning to read by circling words of unknown words with Mr. McQueen before school. This is a big secret for Travis that he does not want to share with anyone. At the end of the story Travis finds out that Grandpa was the one who killed Rosco by running over him in the driveway.

He claims that " I was backing up and he in the middle of the driveway with his lazyass not moving. This is what caused them to move so Travis won't find out. Then Travis invites Velvetta to come with him and Grandpa to the gravesite.

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When they get there Travis practices his ideas with Velvetta because she found out about the secret and that's were the story ends. The type of conflict is person vs society because he goes against more than 1 people. The theme of the story is that something small can cause something so big. In this case since Rosco was killed Travis had to start a brand new life. The third person point of view affects the story because it shows everything.

The narrator does say his opinions, he says exactly what he sees and the characters in the story say. The book is in 3rd person because it is a person looking from above down at what is happening in the book. The title of the book relates to the story because in this case a bluefish means "dumbness". The narrator is reliable because he does not say anything suspicious about the characters and setting. The author also says everything that happens nothing is left out so, the author is reliable. A major event that changed a character was when Grandpa admitted that he killed Rosco on a accident.

Before this Grandpa was a unresponsible, selfish,and a complete jerk to Travis, and also the fact that he smoked cigarettes daily. After he admitted his dirty reads his changed completely. He started caring a lot motor of Travis and stopped drinking and smoking. He cared more about his grandsons education which was the opposite of him in the beginning and middle part of the story.

My favorite part of the story was at the end when Travis and Velvetta go to the place were Rosco was buried by Grandpa and they study the words that Travis circled with Velvetta and read part of the book. I like this part so much because he is happy in the end which ALMOST brought me to tears, but i didn't because that would be weird.

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I also liked the way that Grandpa changed into a better person and supportive of his grandson and sometimes even humorous. I can relate myself to Bradley because I have braces and I always seem to annoy people when I'm just trying to ask a question or say something, the only thing is that I am not smart and spoiled like Bradley. My least favorite part was when Velvetta got kicked out of Calvin's trailer by Calvins daughter.

I do not like this part because Velvetta had been going inside that trailer for weeks now and the daughter barely comes to lock the trailer and keep Velvetta out from her Dads trailer. Yes she's trespassing property but she's not doing anything bad right? This part had a big impact on the story. I would give this book a 5 out of 5 because it is one of the best books I have ever read.

Everything fits in perfectly to the plot. I'm not lying when I say that I recommend this book to anyone! Well the Genre of this book is realistic fiction. There was a boy who was named Travis and he had to move in with his Grandpa in a new town. Travis hated the idea because when they left he didn't want to do anything with school and how he had to try to get to classes. But before all that Travis used to skip school but after he skipped school once more and when that happend they had to bring the sheriff to help find him but they did find him and he was told by his Grandpa that if he "ditched school again ,the dog would sleep outside" and therefore he never skipped school again.

But at school we meet a teacher named McQueen and he is trying to help out Travis in school. But then after school we hear more about Travis's grandpa and that he stopped drinking but still smokes. But he then forgave him and decided to go back home. But then grandpa started to take Travis and Velveeta somewhere and Velveeta didn't know were and grandpa dropped them both off at an old place.

But in the end he saw a bluefish in a wave and as he put his hand down the water skimming and diving was a bluefish. So the title of the story relates to the book because if you use the word blue fish to describe a person it says -Stupid , Angry , and Alone , and so if you look at Travis he was a blue fish but not for long. The author builds suspense to the story because you basically don't know when someone is gonna get bad news for the reader. A major event that changed the character was when Rosco died , because Travis was going through a tough time when that happend.

I was moved by the ending of the story because in the end everything was fine for him and he was able to just hang out with the people he was friends with. I was satisfied with the way how the author brought up the story and the characters and how he add a nice story line with it. An interesting thing I learned from this book was that the word blue fish , when I heard I thought many things but when I saw the back of this book I saw that the author included "He's a Bluefish Stupid , Angry , Alone " it finally calmed my head down at ease.

I thought the ending of the book was great because the way how the author brought up a Bluefish in the end and have Travis grab one was great. I rate this book 5 stars because like I said it was a great story line and a lot of things happend here and there and overall it was great. I would recommend this book to the people who had to move somewhere new in life and who went to new school's. Imagine if you had to go to a new school and be called a Bluefish? Imagine moving somewhere far away from home and you could never go back, starting at a new school, a new life, and there was no way out.

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I'm going to be telling you about this book called Bluefish. The genre of this book is realistic fiction. This book was upsetting bet yet so fascinating. This boy did not really have the best life he could have had better. You will see how his friends try helping him out. The setting of the book took place in Wisconsin IL. Travis wanted so bad to move back to hi Imagine moving somewhere far away from home and you could never go back, starting at a new school, a new life, and there was no way out.

Travis wanted so bad to move back to his old place. He thought It sucks here moving to a new town with an alcoholic grandpa and leaving the old place without finding his dog named Rosco. Then suddenly there's this girl he meets at school named Velveeta and shes all up on him and shes not backing down. She is as loud as he is quiet and shes smart, smart enough to figure out that Travis has a secret and she is determine to find out. She should know because she has many secrets of her own and she gets their teacher Mr. McQueen to help her find out his deepest secrets. They are both trying to prove that Travis is more then just a bluefish.

The conflict of this book is person vs. I think the theme of this book is basically pain and friendship because he goes through a whole lot of pain at the beginning but yet Velveeta and Mr. McQueen help him out at the end. The title of the book relates to the story because Travis is a bluefish he is always stupid, angry, and alone.

The setting adds to the conflict because Travis and his grandpa moved and it brought a lot of problems to Travis because he missed his old place and they left without finding his dog. The author builds tension at the end of the book by saying grandpa didn't come home all night and Travis was worried he didn't get any sleep and when he woke up he smelled the smell of alcohol and he got up in a hurry and his grandpa was sitting outside his door, I thought it brought a lot of tension because Travis was worried and stayed up all night.

Another theme that recurs throughout the book is caring. This theme can be seen when Velveeta is trying to take out Travis"s deepest secrets and is trying to get her teacher to help her out to make his life better. My favorite part was when Velveeta sat with Travis every day at school because it's showing you that she's actually not backing down. I was shocked when grandpa didn't show up that night because he's usually always in the house and drinking or working. The character I identified the most was Velveeta because she always wrote these letters to a dead person saying "What should I do?

I rate this book a 10 because the boy had problems with his life and a girl he barely met cared about him so much and decided to help him out. I would recommend this book to a person who has gone through something similar to this. Would you ever want to be Travis and go through his life? Maybe a 3. This one is cute, and it gives a nice glimpse into the lives of several youngsters who are harboring very different secrets.

Their lives merge into a unique friendship which emphasizes the importance of acceptance. There is one literal jaw-dropping, OMG moment--and I thoroughly enjoyed it because I did not see it coming. I will recommend this book to both male and female students, as I can see them enjoying it even more than I did. And school is painful. The only bright spark in his life is classmate, Velveeta, who is the liveliest, flirtiest girl, who wears old lady scarves—different colors every day—with her hoody.

Taciturn Travis is voiced in the third person, which is perfect for his strong silent character. Vivacious Velveeta, in the first person, writes to Calvin. So we get to see what Travis is feeling and Velveeta shows her feelings. Travis and Velveeta like each other—really like each other—but relationship is complicated between two eighth graders, especially when each has a big secret.

Can they trust each other? Help each other?

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You want it for them. They are both so likeable. And believable. Travis cuts class and sets out on foot to the country to find his dog. When the trip goes wrong, Travis acts like a kicked dog. Back at school he snaps at Velveeta. Travis snaps again. School gets worse. Thank heavens for McQueen the reading teacher. I loved these characters and the writing. She has books coming out with Chronicle books. Out of the dozens of un-read ARC books on my bookshelf, for some reason, Bluefish was the book that stuck out to me a few days ago. I picked it up one night before going to bed… And had finished it by breakfast the next morning.

I got very little sleep that night. This book was just so great. It literally left me speechless. I will admit that Bluefish was one of the extremely rare books that made me cry. In fact, it was the second. The point is that Bluefish was so beautifully written that there were parts that not only brought me to tears, but made me insanely happy. The description of the book gives very dramatic information about the main character — the fact that he has a secret.

By which I mean that I had no trouble at all imagining that these people were actually real. There was Bradley, who is a nerd. He loves video games, Halo specifically. The thing that makes Bradley so authentic is that none of this was over-done. And there was Vita. She was given the nickname Velveeta in the second grade and stuck with it ever since. But the way she was written makes it not at all hard to I seem to be repeating myself here believe that this person could actually live in reality.

And this is one of the things that amazes me about Bluefish. Bluefish is an extremely recommended book for lovers of good reading material. I know, that's kind of a vague statement but it's true. This book was way out of my usual reading zone - no paranormal, no sci-fi fantasy, no mythology. I honestly cannot tell you why I decided to read this book that night. All I can say is that I am very glad that I did. Loved this. Reminded me a little of Okay For Now by Gary Schmidt, since Travis is a kid who could choose to get into trouble but is really trying not to.

He lives with his newly-recovering alcoholic grandfather, and they've just moved out of their home in the country, losing track of their beloved hound dog, Rosco, in the process. In his new school, he meets the irrepressible Vida, aka "Velveeta", who basically forces him to be her friend. And then his English teacher, Mr.

McQueen, figures out Loved this. McQueen, figures out Travis' secret, as we do if we forgot the reviews: Travis can't read. I really like how the author hints at this but doesn't tell us flat out, because Travis is good at hiding it, has been hiding it for years. McQueen, unlike previous teachers, finally gets Travis to believe that he can learn to read, and they begin.

In alternating chapters, we get glimpses into Velveeta's life, and what she's lost; she and Travis become friends who know basically nothing about one another, because each one is too afraid to reveal his or her own situation. This changes, so gradually, in fits and starts, with missteps. I think this aspect of the book might make kids wonder what their classmates might be hiding. Does everyone have secrets? The sassy Vida is a great character. I liked how dyslexia is shown, in very concrete terms--it's not a question of TRYING, the words just mean nothing, blur together, even when Travis knows them individually.

Another great thing about this book is how Travis gradually learns to make choices about dealing with his anger and frustration; he knows he can beat up some bullies, but he only lets them know that he could in order to protect another kid and then doesn't. Terrific book. References to a book The Book Thief that you have to have read to get what's going on.

Didn't love the way the story was told switching between third and first person in a weird, weird way. I don't want anyone to take this the wrong way because I love library representations in kids books. I cannot decide if this is because a. Hopefully A? I just think that this isn't something that a lot of kids can relate to and while I love seeing libraries in kids books, I don't always think their placement is appropriate. This is definitely a teen book and shouldn't be seriously considered for the Newbery. Also, in general, it was fine, but not award-y. Bluefish by Pat Schmatz is an understated contemporary novel.

However, we still see advance reviews for most books, and I really do think Bluefish is going to be one of those that will be under the radar. Read the rest of my review here. Bluefish This book is a very interesting one, it is very different from regular books and has a strange plot and characters; but it is an intriguing and good story. The main character is a boy named Travis and a girl named Velveeta. The setting is a new town where Travis moves to.

The main conflict is basically Travis and his struggles with school. The overall review of this book is good.

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I think that the characters are dull and they use kid-like language when they are supposed to be in the 8th Bluefish This book is a very interesting one, it is very different from regular books and has a strange plot and characters; but it is an intriguing and good story. Undercover alien genius cop man. This is get dull and there are a lot more of these dull parts and the reader gets bored.

I think that the main characters are essential to the story and to the plot. I think that the idea of Travis learning how to read is an extremely well thought idea and that it is very different from regular authors. I would recommend this book to someone who wants to read a book in an airport or a cafe and to semi-easy readers because I found that book an easy read. The star rating that I give the book is a 3 because even though it's a good book it is not fantastic but it is good overall.

The main story is about Travis a teen in 8th grade who is a bluefish. He just moved to this new town and he is angry, stupid, and alone. However this girl named Velveeta who is smart knows Travis has a secret and she tries to discover it however Travis knows she has secrets of her own.

This book is in my opinion mediocre. The author never tells us their age she only tells us they are in 8th grade. However t The main story is about Travis a teen in 8th grade who is a bluefish. That is how a 4th grader talks.

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It is said that Velveeta likes Travis and Travis kinda also does. Kawoof, furnace on. They never talk about both of them liking each other. That part of the book gets forgotten. We never know if they stay as friends or become a couple. They never even share their feelings towards each other. The plot takes a long time to make the book interesting. It takes too much time setting the stage and telling rather than showing. Your emotions start to get into the book way too late; about thirty pages before the book ends.

Even with grandpa in the picture. The rising action is really really boring. Night Shyamalan which doesn't need to be told if it isn't important for the plot. Night Shyamalan. He's a writer and director. He's done a bunch of movies. I would recommend this book to a student who has to choose between this book to read and another worse book. I had to read this book and I much rather had read another book that wasn't this one.

However it wasn't the worst of the bunch. It was an emotional ride but it's a very gratifying, quick read, at the same time. A story about kids dealing with the struggles of life and loss, relationships, home lives, bullies, anger, and school. The characters are much more believable than they are in many YA books.

I loved the references to The Book Thief too. Also, can we just take a moment to celebrate a book written about teenagers where they don't fall into the ultimate love with one another and never look back for the rest of their It was an emotional ride but it's a very gratifying, quick read, at the same time.

Also, can we just take a moment to celebrate a book written about teenagers where they don't fall into the ultimate love with one another and never look back for the rest of their lives? I read plenty of books that get super sappy and I begrudgingly accept that, but this is a much more realistic depiction of teen life.

This is a beautiful story. It's not a happy story, but it's hopeful. It deals with death, alcoholism and bullying in a realistic way. I loved the characters. The stories they tell are heart breaking and heart warming. The thing that kept coming to mind as I read was that each character was flawed, but they were doing their best. The three teens managed to be friends because they allowed each other to be imperfect, and they recognized their need for each other.

Great read. I listened to the audio for this and loved that there were 2 readers however the format for presenting was terrible. The voice actors did a good job, but could t cover the downright cringeyness of the dialogue. It reminded me a lot of an adult trying to remember childhood. One more reminder that kids are able to handle and HIDE more than we think.

So many YA novels portray ALL adults as the cause of angst and unhappiness—so glad to see a few sensitive and insightful grown-ups in the lives of Velveeta and Travis. Wanted to know more of the story after the book ended.. It's okay, I liked Schooled by Gordan Korman better which is a similar book. I wasn't really hooked or dissapointed when i had to stop reading. I agree with those who are calling this a "quiet" book. Because I can't figure out how, I'm not able to rate it and I'm not going to do plot here you can find that in other reviews here, I'm sure.

What I will do is mull a bit about it. First of all one aspect of the book's quiet is due to the main character Travis who is incredibly silent on the surface though steaming underneath for many good reasons we learn as the book goes on. There are some lovely scenes through which we get to know Travis I agree with those who are calling this a "quiet" book. There are some lovely scenes through which we get to know Travis, say right at the beginning, his first day in a new school, when he subtly gets a shoe back to a bullied boy named Bradley.

That incident causes another student, Velveeta, with her own problems to notice Travis and before long the three of them have connected. I definitely appreciate the author's elegant development of characters and plot. You are never hit over the face with the revelations, it is more they just come along, woven in naturally. Travis and Velveeta's separate situations of mourning both have lost a dear and close friend are elegantly done as is their connecting. The book is from two POVs, Velveeta's first person letters which alternate with chapters set from Travis's point of view.

Both Travis and Velveeta interact with Bradley and there is a sense of them being a sort-of threesome, but since the POVs are Velveeta and Travis, Bradley feels a bit undeveloped. At least he did for me and I'm not sure how I feel about that as he has some qualities that felt, I have to say, stereotypic, designed I suppose to contrast with Travis and Velveeta. Since I'm a teacher I tend to be particularly hard on fictional educators and have to say I was very pleased with the reading teacher, Mr.

McQueen one of the best portrayals of a teacher in a kid's book of this sort that I've seen in some time. He stays rightly far off, moving in just here and there to subtly help Travis. Excellently done.

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At the same time, as a teacher myself, I can't help chaffing a bit at the kid-can't-read trope, one I get tired of and is another reason I don't think it fair for me to rate this book. But that isn't the fault of the book and the author, it is mine. Another thing I'm on the fence about is the referencing of other books. I always have very mixed feelings about this, especially if the books are relatively recent ones.

That is, it is one thing to reference a book that is sort of in the culture e. Wizard of Oz or Alice in Wonderland and another to reference books that are less so. There's something a little too didactic to me when I see this. That said, the two that Travis and Velveeta are reading The Book Thief and Haunt Fox and movingly woven into the plot as is the one referenced in the title.

So those are just a few random thoughts from me about Bluefish. Good YA is the balance between the artsy and the readable. Good YA is also the balance between the story teens need to hear, and the one they want to hear. Good YA requires a connection between author and reader perhaps more than in any other genre; a sort of telepathy, and loyalty. We have a rural sett Good YA is the balance between the artsy and the readable. We have a rural setting, somewhere. One that's quirky enough to be interesting, and one that's just general enough to be there. Mostly on the wrong side of the tracks.

This is good, because a setting that became a character would have competed with the fantastic characters we've been given.

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The relationship between Travis - withdrawn, sullen, a fighter, embarrassed about a secret that anyone could guess - and Velveeta - bubbly, quirky, trying to make up for something, and we don't know what - is what drives the novel. I cared about these characters. In both, polar opposites, I found shades of myself and in Velveeta, shades of Juno, if you'd thrown in a teen pregnancy. In one of my favorite scenes, a friend of theirs that happily takes the role of Third Wheel - an avid videogamer, one of the "gifted" kids, black to their white trash, unimaginably privileged in Travis and Velveeta's eyes - brings lunch to school.

I think it's squash ravioli, and his mother made it for him from scratch. And Travis and Velveeta wonder if they, too, had had parents that cared for them enough to make lunches from scratch, would they be the "gifted" kids? It's understated and pitch-perfect, and the kind of moment that I won't be forgetting anytime soon. Unfortunately, it slips somewhat by the end. There's slightly too much reaching towards a happy ending for my taste, and slightly too much precocious awareness of its quirks. It's Me, Margaret and Holes, would I have cared a whit about those flaws?

Absolutely not. It's the kind of book that deserves to be checked out again and again from the library, beloved by generation after generation and remembered fondly in college and beyond. While older teens might not find enough grit to hold their attention, it's my go-to recommendation for middle schoolers and new-to-high-schoolers this year. Thank you to Candlewick Press and the Goodreads first reads giveaway for my copy of this book! Travis seems to think he is a Seussian "bluefish" in more ways than he can shake a stick at. He's the new kid in town.

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