Jurassic Sex Park (Dinosaur Erotica)

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Part time? To supplement their, say, professional lady-blogger paychecks? What I'm saying is that I'm positive I could write an page story about a lady getting pounded by a triceratops schlong in one weekend. And then, megabucks!!! Here's Sims and Branwen's advice for people looking to get into the self-published erotica money factory:. If you find a market that is underwritten like the dinosaur-erotic market was or doesn't exist, populate it.

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Write a few stories in it and see how they do. Once you have stood out, keep writing and giving the people what they want. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to become a professional writer. An underwritten erotica market? I didn't think such a thing existed in the age of internet self-publishing , but there must be something missing. And I will find it. Oh, yes, I will. And the horrid writing only underscores how ridiculous it is that this bizarre artifact even exists.

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The Spanish author Virginia Lauda is the first writer to publish dinosaur erotica in Spanish, with the trilogy Amada por una manada de deinonychus Loved by a Deinonychus Pack. With this trilogy, Virginia Lauda is also the first author to introduce lesbianism between human and dinosaurs in the genre.

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Dinosaur love: Lock In sex with T-Rex [CLEAN VERSION]

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