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How did women's lives change during the course of World War One? Alfred Prufrock" T.

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    Statesman Or Tyrant? Is "Bowling for Columbine" a real documentary? In chapter 3 it will be pointed out how the general problems can be mitigated and which chances could be used in order to successfully market ecological products.

    Philip Kotler - Principles Of Marketing.pdf - Pc-Freak.Net

    For Chapter 4, a special case study about green buildings was chosen in order to reflect some general aspects from chapter 2 and 3 to make them more clear with the help of a practical up-to-date case. Following in chapter 5 there will be a conclusion and discussion about green marketing. Problems will be reflected in this chapter and an outlook will be given about how to conduct green marketing successfully in order to create a win-win situation for all, the companies, the stakeholders and the environment.

    According to Belz , p. On the other hand, marketing can contribute to the enhancement of the environmental situation by successfully marketing ecological products and services. But the utilization of these potentials depends essentially on the extent and the kind of green marketing Belz, , p. In this paper the definitions of the following will be taken into consideration. According to Goswami , p. The growing awareness from both customers and marketers about environmental impacts like global warming, solid waste, which is not biodegradable, pollutants, etc.

    One definition of green marketing is:. That means, that the human needs or wants in form of quality, reasonable pricing and performance of products or services need to be satisfied, but with the least disadvantageous impact to the environment Goswami, , p. The most extensive green marketing or eco-marketing approaches are those, which are integrated and complementary with other functional areas of the company and which are taking into account the whole ecological product lifecycle Belz, , p.

    Furthermore, according to Belz , p. That means, that these are for example products, which:. In the s concerns about the health of the earth and its finite resources were rising due to scientific and technological research Lu et al, , p. Throughout the s, research on environmental problems took place with a focus on political reforms with reference to the usage of natural resources Lu et al, , p.

    But it was in the late s that the idea of green marketing really came up Peattie; Crane, , p. The consumption patterns started to shift towards greener products and the willingness to pay for greener products was rising Peattie; Crane, , p. Customers became more and more aware of environmental issues and national governments, especially in developed countries, introduced stricter laws and regulations Peattie; Crane, , p.

    Hence, the s marked the start of a new consumer trend and stimulated the production of greener products and the need for green marketing Lu et al, , p. Regarding companies, there was then also, according to Peattie; Crane , p. Also in the United States, introductions of green products of all new household products more than doubled to But, according to Lu et al , p. From the year onwards, green marketing has got new impulses, for example the implementation of better technologies, stricter governmental regulations and improvements of the worldwide environmental awareness Rahbar; Wahid, , p.

    Now, also with the deeper inspection from different environmental organizations and also the media, green products have experienced a big improvement and found again consumer confidence from the s onwards. According to Belz , pp. External factors represent ecologically affected stakeholder groups and the willingness to pay of consumers for ecological products.

    They have ecological requirements towards companies and are a central and important determinant of green marketing. Examples for ecological claims and stakeholder groups are:. It can be supposed, that market stakeholders like final consumers, distributors and competitors are central determining factors for the kind and extend of green marketing.

    The customer is ready to pay a higher price for a product, if he can recognize an ecological value added Belz, , pp. Internal factors: According to Belz , p. Bigger companies, regarding to the number of employees, do have more financial and human resources than smaller companies in order to develop ecological product innovations and to address new ecological challenges. Also the company branch is an important internal influencing factor. For example the food branch is confronted with a high extend of ecological requirements of market stakeholder towards the company regarding packages and cultivation.

    In contrast, the machine industry, a representative of capital goods industry, is almost not confronted with ecological requirements of market actors. Another important company internal factor for the kind and extend of green marketing is the country in which the company operates. Here are on the one hand the national environmental policies and on the other hand the environmental awareness of the population important influencing factors Belz, , p. According to Lu et al , p. As mentioned before, environmental concerns of consumers are motivating them to change their values, lifestyle and hence purchasing green products.

    But targeting the green consumers can be very challenging for companies because the consumers do not only want green products but also want companies to deal with practices like recycling and energy efficiency. And moreover, consumers do not want to sacrifice quality and do not buy a product only for being environmentally friendly. Still they are expecting a product to include a value added, like for example cost efficiency, safety, convenience or performance. Moreover, green consumers might not trust big companies and advertisers and many consumers believe that products which are claiming ecological attributes do actually not have the green qualities Lu et al, , p.

    Hence, trust building is a very important term in connection with the green consumer as a central actor in green marketing. Ecological products are as per Belz , p. Hence he is highly dependent on the information of the producer or third parties. For example eco-labels, which are given by third, independent institutions, are a simple and reliable opportunity to communicate ecological features of a product Belz, , p.