Retiring in Costa Rica Or Doctors, Dogs and Pura Vida

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I believe this was all due to the education I received from Teocali. I have a close friend who went to Country Day School of Guanacaste, which is an English school, and he did not come out with the same level of education that I did. The public schools are good, but a lot of people who attend there do not plan to receive secondary education so the attitude is spread amongst the students and teachers. Also the University of Costa Rica is free to attend if I remember correctly.

The educational system is Costa Rica is phenomenal. I now attend a respected university for my chosen major and having the experiences from Costa Rica and the language has made me very marketable. I loved reading your input. I am very, impressed with what you learned in their school system. I am Canadian and proud to be, except that the way they are teaching here is completely lazy. By the way, do you need to be a citizen in order to enroll in school in Costa Rica?

How long do you have to reside there before doing so? My husband is currently working full time from home and we have 2 toddlers and an infant on the way. We want to take advantage of this time and move to a totally different place for a year. Any advice on moving to Costa Rica. Is it possible to move there for a year without a work visa? Hello, I am looking to move to Costa Rica. I have 3 children and 17, 15, 9. One of my greatest desires is to live on an island again. I have lived in Puerto Rico and loved the culture but it was very expensive and returned to the U.

I have considered Costa Rica because I have heard it is affordable and a great place to live. I was wondering if there is an area that would be better for someone like us that are both fluent in Spanish and English to live in that is kind of in between. I want to have some contact with people that can speak English but I do not want to miss out be emerged into the Spanish community and culture.

I am not concerned about my older children because they are homeschooled but my 9 year old has learning disabilities and I am wondering if submerging her into a new language might be to difficult. I am reading mixed reviews on the schooling. I agree that the American school system is not the best. I would want her in public school, I just wonder about special education?

Any suggestions? I graduated from high school in California and went to college in Germany,there I got to meet other Costaricans who also attended various universities in Germany. Their Bachillerato was accepted while my HSDiploma required required extra classes in math,chemistry,physics and a few other subjects. We too have 4 kids still at home between the ages of 3 and We have talked about Australia as well but when I looked it up, there are all kinds of categories we must fall into in order to live there legally. How did you do it? Hi there…we are a family of five 3 kids , 8, 6 and 3 we would love to connect and figure out your work situation…we are thinking we might liketo go to CR for a few years..

I have no kids and I am thinking about retiring early and moving to a country where my dollar will go a long way. Live modestly and in a beautiful, warm country where the people are kind and the culture inviting. I hear that the medical and technological infrastructure are all top notch but I also hear many divergent opinions on living there. I understand that the logical next step is a visit but I was hoping to have some comments from you kind folks on what I can expect, what to watch out for and if the country is as amazing a place to live as some people are telling me.

Thank you so much! I do recommend you to come visit , check it out and rent a place for a few months. I suggest visiting Lake Arenal area and contact the people from teamrealtycr. They are the only trustworthy people I know that can help you out with very valuable information. I loved this review. I love your adventurousness and open mind. My husband and I are looking to live abroad with our 3 year old son and we thought Costa Rica too and read they had excellent education.

I would love to hear. Thanks so much for sharing! Being a Costa Rican I can assure you the schools here are good. In general the private schools are better than some public schools. My conclusion from both univeristies is that I found UCR much harder. Bit late to read this but I just stumbled across this post as my husband and I are contemplating moving from Brisbane to San Jose for a couple of years with our young children. Thanks so much for the insights, very useful in our current decision making, particularly as we visited Costa Rica pre-kids with a very different mind-set!

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I mean, are you my twin?! We are going through the exact and I mean exact story at the moment. Living in Gisborne, selling and trucking the family to CR with plan b being Noosa. Please email me…. Glad I found this! I am sure you love it there. How often you see a toucan anywhere else. Very rarely and for that reason I love it and loved being there. Hi Marc! Well, here the touristic places tends to be more expensive. Thank you very much for this interesting article.

I am thinking of moving to Costa Rica for 6 months with my boyfriend. As I am only 23 years old I was wondering if you think it is a good idea?

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I just moved to escazu Costa Rica with my husband and 2 kids.. I would worry about that. It happened to me when my parents divorced and I had to start off at a lower level. If you go back to Canada say at high school level they will have to write a test to see what level they are functioning at My own daughters went from french school to english school and a school board test had to be given. It all catches up in university! What made you choose the area where you are living. Regards Lynn. I am looking to may by move to Costa Rica,but I am unsure,becours, no spanish speaking.

From the USA with German background. Thanks for a replay………Cheers Dagmar. Hello, I live most of my life in USA. All speak fluent English a little Spanish. He is originally from Siguatepeque Honduras a nice small town. But we will like to move to Costa Rica because has better resources and that weather and all that beautiful green an good oxygen.

Always thought of one place I would want to live, If I could. I know that housing is a huge problem there. Costa Rica has been a tourist destination for many people like me. When i visited CR few months back. I was astonished with its beauty and was really thinking to stay there. Your post again have make up my mind and will surely try to fulfill my dream in my lifetime. Hi there, my husband and I are thinking about moving to Costa Rica in 5 years and I was researching the education system and what I read said that it was the best in Latin America. Could you explain more please on how you managed to move so freely between all those countries and how you were then able to move to Australia?

That would be much appreciated. Did it take a while and cost a lot of money to apply for work Visas or do you naturally have rights to work in NZ and Oz etc due to family? Ok you guys can you give me some advise? We both love wild life you have their. We have no wish to live in a city we are country green people who love rainforest and want a simple life.

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Any info please. Yours faithfully. Richard and Then. Looking to move to Grecia or Atenas. Having a hard time finding an English school… or mostly English. Any suggestion? I love Costa Rica. I was surprised to see how polite were the people in I do not know if this paradise changed…. I loved San Jose. And the nature around with parks and waterfalls. The colors. The people. Everything was amazing. Please help me find a tica to rent a house for In the town of Bri aranal….. Even so, we have recently become very interested in the idea of moving to Costa Rica. My kids are half Mexican-Spanish Spanish from Spain, just to clarify and they understand Spanish completely.

Unfortunately, since I am the English speaking one, they are not fluent speakers. I am excited about the idea of them becoming completely literate in Spanish. Living, or even retiring, in Costa Rica can be a great option. That means if have self-employment income or even earn money from investments, you still likely will have to file a U. Furthermore, with the FATCA requirements, you may have to report money you have in foreign financial accounts.

We have clients across the globe and encourage people to get advice before they make the move abroad. I think your choice to leave was wise. It might be beautiful and all, but providing your kids worse education than you can afford is just not fair to them. The article is very objective and I am glad you had this nice experience. I am a single retiree and am thinking about moving to Costa Rica on a permanent basis.

I am sure I can find American expat communities but my biggest concern is the banking system. I need to know that my income can be safely direct deposited in a safe bank. We use this to transfer money overseas between accounts. Love the traveling you have done. We recently lived in Costa Rica and Ecuador and loved it. I would really like to permanently move to New Zealand but I cannot find a way to stay there permanently.

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We are American living in the US currently. I just returned from a trip to South America and Costa Rica. Since I got back to California, I have been trying to convince my sweetie who is retired that we need to move to Costa aRica. I fell in love with the country and have a desire to make this happen. Packing ASAP!!! Some places that have really intrigued us? Thailand and Costa Rica. Meg also has a coworker from Hamburg who raves that it is a lesser traveled gem in […]. Choosing Central America was easy compared to choosing one country within Central America.

Moraine Lake near Banff. Image: Shutterstock. Too touristy. Too over-priced. Too over-run by expats. We finally found those beaches in the Southern zone of Costa Rica. Costa Rica was the only place where the wildlife is really rampant. I hope it stays that way. Friendly neighbour We had everything from monkeys and pizote coati in our trees to hummingbirds or scorpions in the house and even bats in our toilet. Name Website Email.

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Reply to Jeremy. Reply to Annabel. Reply to Joy. Reply to Tyler. Hi Tyler, Lol: I know what you mean. Reply to Charles. Reply to Joe. Reply to Christine. Reply to Martha. Reply to Chris. Reply to Marina.

Reply to Kevin. Hi Marina, Wow! Hi Marina! Reply to Priscilla. Hi Kevin, Thanks for sharing that. Ah, single. Reply to Anne. Reply to Cas.

Retiring in Costa Rica: or Doctors, Dogs and Pura Vida Third Edition

I am a tica myself and actually tica is a female costa rican and tico is a male..! Pura vida.. Living in Canada at the moment missing my beautiful country and its beaches. Reply to Tica. I have a tica girlfriend and she is a wonderful woman.

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Charles Africa for the Security and School System. Hey miss Tica! Reply to Jodi. Reply to Oscar. Reply to Miss. Reply to Steve. Reply to Renee. Reply to Paula. Reply to Jarmo. Reply to Vasco. Reply to rose. Any contacts are very much appreciated, please e-mail. Thank you, Eva. Reply to Eva. Reply to Caroline. Reply to Jennifer. Reply to JD. Would be great to hear back, Thanks alot! Reply to Lou. Reply to Uttoran. Reply to Rember. Reply to Stephen.

Hi Stephen, As with any countries there are touristy areas and less touristy areas. Reply to Alexandra. Reply to Fabio. Reply to Michelle. Hola Michelle, It was hard for us with older kids — there are lots of expats with kids aged eight and younger. Reply to Kristen. Just came across your blog and book Two Weeks in Costa Rica and sparked our interest since our move is scheduled for June We are excited to be following your blog because we will be doing the same in about a year from now.

Looking forward to more of your posts. Glad you found us. Lots of informative stuff in there. If you have any questions as you prepare, feel free to ask us in our Forum. I have been researching like crazy, and this is the most real-life, helpful, and inspiring blog I have found yet!! Hi Shannon, Awesome about your upcoming marriage and plans to move abroad!

That always made me feel better when I had my doubts about our plan. It is possible though so keep paying off that debt, get saving, and keep dreaming! Would love to hear how it all works out for you. Your email address will not be published. Subscribe to receive our newest posts by email! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. It all started about 10 years ago with an amazing two-week vacation. Read More. How did this crazy idea come about? Is this really the right thing to do? Kelley Green on April 23, at pm.

So excited for the two of you! Follow your hearts and enjoy the journey! Xo Reply. You guys rock. Pie Cat on April 24, at am. So inspiring to see you make your dream happen! Thanks guys, we really appreciate all the support!

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Francisco Chico on September 11, at am. Jenn and Matt on September 14, at pm. Ree on May 24, at pm. Jenn and Matt on June 2, at am. Todd on April 29, at pm. You are right do it while your young follow your dreams. Patrick on April 30, at pm. Thanks Reply. Lauren Kahn on May 13, at pm. Best of luck to the two of you! Thanks Lauren. Looking forward to meeting you in CR! Debbie on May 13, at pm. What an incredible step to take! Looking forward to following your journey!

Thanks Debbie. Trevor Chilton on May 19, at pm. Arin Sime on May 24, at am. You are living the dream! Helen Dunn Frame on May 25, at pm. Loise on May 30, at am. Costa Rica vacation on June 13, at pm. Mel Stevenson on July 16, at pm. Kathy on July 18, at pm. Kathy on July 23, at pm. Thanks for the reply. This book was written to help Baby Boomers decide if it is feasible to retire in Costa Rica.

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