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Being truthful to the point others can trust and respect you See also truthfulness, lying. Showing respect and proper attitude for someone in an important position See also respect. Having confidence that you will receive the blessings God has promised See also doubt, faith. Being humble in spirit, not proud, not pretending to be important See also meekness, pride. Teen group building exercises, relationship boosters, and fun ways to "break the ice. God made each of us unique and with a special purpose.

See also peer pressure, worthiness.

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Having a reputation for doing what is right See also character, honesty, responsibility. Judgment of God. God's present reign and when Jesus will rule as King over all humanity See also Heaven. Thinking or acting is a way that would please God See also holiness, Godliness, Virtues.

Being a good neighbor and friend, kind to one another; "Good Samaritan" See also friendship. Obstructions, walls, or hurdles that stands in the way of progress and must be removed. A gift or sacrifice; spiritual gift of giving See also giving, sharing, sacrifice, tithing. Serving in unexpected ways to provide for another person or community in need. See also serving, evangelism.

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Treating someone cruelly or unjustly because they are different, discrimination, favoritism See also Persecution. Coming back to life after being dead, as Jesus did after dying on the cross See also crucifixion. Return of Jesus. When Christ will come again to take the church to heaven See also perseverance, stand firm. Any transgression of God's Will or violation of His laws in thought, action, or neglect See also evil, iniquity. Spiritual Gifts. Spiritual Growth. Surrendering power and control to someone else, being submissive, submitting See also humility, leadership.

Working together with others to accomplish a greater good, partnership See also fellowship. Your story of how you came to know Jesus, or how your life has changed because of Him to be shared with others. Tests to determine a person's abilities See also hardships and difficulties, suffering. Thousands view his weekly television program, Wisdom Keys with Mike Murdock. He is the founder of The Wisdom Center.


Average Review. Write a Review. Related Searches. A wealth of encouragement for women facing the A wealth of encouragement for women facing the challenges of life such as More than Scriptures on subjects with encouraging Wisdom Keys. Order it Today.

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View Product. Such As The Blessing Bible. Blessing Scriptures are chronologically sequenced from Genesis through the Revelation To create your awareness of the nature of your Heavenly Father to bless, benefit and reward every Our Heritage and Faith Holy Bible for African-American Teens is the perfect resource to help teens learn more about their faith in a relevant Focusing on the traditions of the African-American church, the pages of READ it.

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LIVE it. Have you wanted to read through the Bible but struggle to find Have you wanted to read through the Bible but struggle to find the time or connect it to your life?

This easy-to-use daily reading Bible is a convenient and inspirational way to grow your understanding, deepen your faith, Over Wisdom Keys included. You will learn about The Assignment that God has given you as a man to reveal the Fatherhood

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