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The standards require drivers to get a Commercial Driver License CDL to operate any of the following commercial motor vehicles: A vehicle with a gross vehicle weight rating GVWR in excess of 26, pounds. A vehicle designed to transport 16 or more passengers, including the driver. Any size vehicle which transports hazardous materials which requires a Hazmat placard. Location Address Concord 23 Hazen Drive.

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The current driver accreditation application fee see Fees and charges. Please note , this fee is non-refundable, even if your application is refused or withdrawn. You are eligible to apply for mutual recognition if you are currently an accredited commercial passenger vehicle driver from another state or territory in Australia or New Zealand.

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  7. If you hold driver accreditation, you can apply for a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle WAV endorsement to be added to your driver accreditation. This allows you to drive WAVs as well as standard vehicles. Skip to content Skip to navigation. Applying for driver accreditation Information on this page What is driver accreditation?

    Current processing times Do you need driver accreditation? Are you eligible for driver accreditation Applying online for driver accreditation How much does it cost to apply for driver accreditation?

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    For us to be satisfied that a driver is suitable to be granted accreditation, the following checks will be undertaken: driver history medical history criminal history Any of the above checks may result in additional delays to the application assessment process. Driver accreditation remains in effect until it is cancelled by us or surrendered. It is illegal to offer a CPV service without driver accreditation. Do you need driver accreditation?

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    Current processing times Our current application processing time is on average 5 weeks. The form submitted must be notarized and the identity of the person notifying the division shall not be disclosed by the division. Click here for the Unsafe Driver Review form. Driver License Menu.

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