Erinnerung, Op. 68, No. 28

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His connection to the future of music is especially evident in the music of Schumann. Music runs in the family: his mother and his sister Fanny are authentic musicians, and his great aunt, Sara Levi-Itzig, was a former pupil of Wilhelm Friedmann Bach — Every Sunday his parents organized musical get-togethers which were enjoyed by the most renowned intellectuals and artists in Berlin. Goethe received him several times and was generous with his time and attention. Finally, on the bidding of his father, Mendelssohn travelled to Paris, Italy and England to study with the great masters of each of these musical hubs to complete his education.

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The piano was his first instrument; he had complete technical mastery of the instrument at an age when others are merely embarking on their careers. Mendelssohn then invested all his energy into composition, conducting, and the foundation and operation of the Leipzig Conservatory and the Leipzig Gewandhaus Orchestra.

On the contrary, Mendelssohn turned his gifts towards song, chamber music, symphonic music, and choral music, with a hint of concentric circles around the piano, like Schumann. Mendelssohn maintained his contact with the piano throughout his career despite his great musical versatility.

Album For The Young, Op 68: No. 28 Erinnerung

I was looking for help planning the piece into sessions like Bernhard does for several other pieces on the forum. On that note, would it be possible to make a separate sub-thread child-board? It really helps beginners like me.

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Dear morton, No-one can give you a good estimation about how big the sections should be. This is different from individual to individual and depends on your already gathered technique, your memory and thousands of other things.

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Just sit at the piano and see for yourself how big these sections are for you. Maybe try 2 bars at first with overlapping one or two beats in the third bar - if haven't mastered them after the famous 20 minutes, try only one bar at a time.

If you can manage 2 bars easily then you can perhaps go for 3 or 4 bars at a time. See, someone just starting learning piano may have trouble with one-bar-sections, but a professional pianist may learn the whole piece in just one session. It entirely depends on yourself