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Compartir en Facebook Compartir en Twitter. How could I be afraid to lose myself When I haven't found myself This sickness is beyond my art Nothing real surrounds me Why the fuck something they don't get stronger than my word?

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Let's be fucking free Let's be be fucking now No worries, no problems No fucking fakes We don't give a fuck about you And your fucking needs But at the end of the day I see nothing real Every system is fake I'm so false I'm not real I don't believe I don't sin x2 One fuckin' want, one fuckin' need to be free I know God's in the heavens 'cause it's hell on Planet fuckin' Earth Everything's fake We are all something false We are not real We will all be something we hate Fucking hate x2 Fucking fake x2.

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In February, Zachary Greenberg, a left-wing militant was caught on video assaulting Hayden Williams, a conservative activist, for doing nothing more than handing out flyers on a college campus in Berkeley. Trump supporters have been violently attacked, his rallies plagued with coordinated violent attacks by leftist thugs, and innocent Americans publicly assaulted for attending such events.

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College campuses, once supposed havens for the open exchange of ideas, have seen riot after riot nearly every single time a conservative, such as Ben Shapiro or Ann Coulter, is invited to speak. Rather than attempt to debate or persuade, the new Progressive Left has resorted to nothing short of Nazi Brown Shirt tactics to stifle any and all opinions they disagree with. At Middlebury College in Vermont, a liberal professor was viciously assaulted for merely escorting a conservative commentator on campus.

These leftists cannot debate, so they attack to further their political agenda. There exists no room for debate.

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These are acts of domestic terrorism, by definition. Unfortunately, these criminal acts are not shouted down by the leaders of the Left. They are rarely, if ever, even condemned. Rather, they are proudly and loudly encouraged.

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  • She is one of the many Democratic members of Congress that openly blamed President Trump for the attack on Jussie Smollett, an attack that was clearly a hoax from its very announcement. When Republican Trump won the election in there were nationwide riots carried out by leftists.

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    Where were the conservative riots in and when Barack Obama won? When George W.

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    Bush won in and there were nationwide leftist riots. Where were the conservative riots in and when Democrat Bill Clinton won?

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    These are not acts of civil discourse. They are blatant attempts to destroy America from within. The recent round of Democratic debates showed candidates each vying to be the most antithetical to American idealism and freedoms.

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