Looking Inwards: A Bipolar Journey

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My point? Not everything we feel or think is as it is. Bipolar effects our thinking and understanding. Many counselors today can help identify the lies we tell ourselves. How wonderful to have clinicians that can help. Another lesson is that bipolar can cause casualties of relationships that may be possible, and even good, when we are in a good place.

Thirdly, because of the false perceptions of bipolar world, it is dangerous to play the blame game. Fourthly, this is ultimately a message of hope. Awareness and development of medications have happened all through my life. Genetic research and new treatments will continue to improve, over your lifetime, too. Finally I have found hope in my spirituality. One of my favorite verses are Psalms Through it all God has been a refuge even when my life was falling apart.

He never left me and will never leave you. My Journey With Bipolar Two. Previous Next.

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Back Location. Manic Depression. Verified by Psychology Today. My experience includes treating mood and anxiety disorders, such as depression, bipolar disorder, social anxiety, generalized anxiety, panic disorder, OCD, and PTSD in adults and adolescents. I work with people to improve their self-esteem, self-confidence, handle anger issues and relationships.

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  • A therapist helps you look inward and solve your mental health problems..
  • My goal is to empower individuals to take control of their lives. I believe people have the ability to heal themselves and talking with someone can make a difference. Bipolar Disorder. View Email. Accessing that capacity is not always easy. Fear blocks our ability to think clearly and creatively and to act with confidence.

    When our fears are taken seriously and addressed completely with compassion and curiosity they relax and we are able to access the qualities within ourselves that give us the ability to face our challenges. People seek therapy for many reasons: adjustment to a new city or life situation, feeling overwhelmed or stuck, or problems with relationships.

    Some struggle with emotional turmoil and anguish from experiences survived in childhood or as an adult. Whatever your unique personal circumstance, I believe it is my duty to serve each client with respect and care. I provide clients with evidence-based treatment, tailored to the individual person. My approach to psychotherapy and counseling has always begun with establishing a trusting relationship. From this foundation I join the person wanting my assistance as we, together, journey on their path of creating a better life. I work mostly with young adults, but I see individuals of all ages.

    My therapeutic approach includes helping individuals reintegrate a fractured sense of self, resolve inner battles, and reclaim a sense of autonomy. Although I bring an inner healing perspective to counseling, my clients and I work together to determine the best approach to meet their diverse personalities and experiences.

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    I believe that counseling is a process for promotion of psychological and spiritual development. I also believe that the most difficult times in our lives offer the greatest opportunities for growth and development. As your counselor, I would listen to the story of your journey and use my training and experience to help you create your personal map to navigate your way to your goals. Noting reasons or circumstances surrounding particularly high or low moods may be helpful. Patients can bring these results to their doctor or therapist and discuss what is seen.

    Combining self-monitoring and professional opinion can help patients gain a deeper understanding of mood patterns and utilize self-monitoring tools effectively.

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    Another important step is becoming more aware of symptoms of a bipolar episode, be it manic, depressive or mixed. Symptoms can vary, but may include trouble sleeping or sleeping too much, an increase or decrease in appetite, elevated or irritable mood, feelings of guilt or low self-worth, feelings of inflated self-confidence, racing thoughts or inability to concentrate, among others. Wright told dailyRx that patients may want to ask trusted friends or family members for help thinking of early warning signs and symptoms.

    These second parties may be able to point out signs that the patient hasn't noticed. Again, it will be helpful for patients to also discuss these symptoms in depth with a mental health professional. Armed with advice and knowledge from their doctors, patients can better monitor themselves and understand their symptoms. Once bipolar patients recognize that a change has occurred, they must take action for their self-monitoring work to be of benefit. It can be very helpful for patients to develop an early intervention plan with the help of a doctor so that they can have specific steps to set into action.

    These plans may vary greatly from patient to patient, depending on their unique symptoms and issues.

    FreshHope - My Journey With Bipolar Two

    It is helpful to keep these plans in an easy-to-find place and fill them with plenty of details, so that they can be quickly accessed and utilized when necessary. When used alongside therapy, medication, or whichever treatment a doctor prescribes, self-monitoring can prove to be very beneficial to bipolar patients. Methods, moods, symptoms and early warning signs should all be discussed with a doctor, therapist or mental health professional. By making the effort to self-monitor, bipolar patients can play an active role in their treatment and potentially catch signs of a relapse before a mood episode strikes.

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