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On weekends, you can run the full length of the railroad to Two Harbors , MN on this full day trip. Stop in town for lunch, touring, and then head back to Duluth in the late afternoon. Email Address. First Name. Check Train Schedules.

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Festival of Steam July 19 - July See More Special Events Here. All other construction was supported by the Navy's rail system. All this was temporary until when the Navy Yard was sufficiently developed to begin construction of the first permanent rail system connecting the shops and repair facilities to the piers and wharfs.

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Concurrent with the Navy Yard construction, a Naval Magazine was developed on Kuahua Island, within Pearl Harbor, which had its own independent rail system using a compressed air Porter locomotive and a few box and flat cars. In construction of a , ton coaling plant was started. The rail equipment of the coaling plant consisted of three Vulcan standard gauge locomotives, fifteen Oliver yd.

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  • This was the only standard gauge operation on Oahu. The order to Vulcan also included one 3-foot gauge locomotive for the Shipyard. Freight cars were supplied by Seattle Car and Foundry ca. Other manufactures may have supplied cars as well but there is as yet no documented information.

    By when construction of the Submarine Base was begun the Shipyard railroad was connected via a causeway to Kuahua Island.

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    Although construction continued at Pearl Harbor throughout the 20's and 30's not much changed with regard to the railroad. A little more track was added, another locomotive was acquired and it is assumed more freight equipment, As the Pearl Harbor complex continued to grow the Naval Magazine on Kuahua Island became both to small to service the fleet and a liability. Having such a large quantity of munitions so close to the repair and port facilities was not best practice. In the Navy moved the magazine to the landlocked Lualualei Valley and established an ammunition depot at West Loch, away from Pearl Harbor.

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    These two facilities were each provided with one ton Atlas diesel electric locomotive and a few box and flat cars from Kopple. The compressed air Porter was transferred to West Loch along with a few overhauled box and flat cars from Kuahua. In the mid 's the Army transferred a narrow gauge steam locomotive to the Navy Yard and in another that had been used by the 41st Coast Artillery Railway. The Yard also received a new ton Davenport Diesel Mechanical in The same applied to the Army facilities.

    That was the status quo until the morning of 7 December Following the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor both the Navy and the Army found their railroad resources woefully inadequate to prosecute a war.

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