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Enclosed in it is 5, in cash and a letter from Andy which he wrote after escaping. The letter states that Andy is doing fine in 'the town he mentioned',about to start his own resort and needs a man like Red. The letter also states that 'Hope is a good thing and no good thing ever dies. He then carves his name in the house he lives in,right next to Brooks's name which he carved just before committing suicide. Red then travels to Zihuatenjo and reunites with Andy.

Red is a cynical and pessimistic man. He presumably has had a rough childhood.

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He explains that he was full of hatred and impulsive rage when he committed his crime. Red is remorseful and extremely guilty about his crime. He however has a calm, talkative disposition. Due to this Red is able to mingle with other prisoners and be a popular man in Shawshank. Red has accepted that he is a criminal and he has no hope for a better life. He sees no future and no positivity. Red also says that since he has been in jail most of his life, he won't be able to make it on the outside.

It is Red who believes in the theory of institution life,in which according to him,prisoners get used to jail and slowly depend on it and soon the jail is their only world. Their life outside is destroyed. However upon meeting Andy,Red's personality begins to change. Due to Andy's influence, Red starts playing the harmonica as he did in his youth.

He also gets good at playing chess. Red is closer to Andy than anyone else and they are very close friends. Red says that Andy made the prisoners feel free,and he himself felt a sense of freedom he never had before in jail. In the novel,Red says that Andy was the only prisoner who could make him forget that he was in for life.

At first Red dismisses the concept of hope.

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According to Red,hope is useless and it can drive a man insane. However he sees the positive effect Andy has on other prisoners as time goes by including himself. As time passes Red grows less pessimistic.

The Gospel Project: Bible Studies for Preschool, Kids, Students and Adults

However when Andy tells him of his dream to live in Zihuatenjo,Red is very pessimistic and tells him to stop dreaming. The night Andy escapes,Red is expecting the worst to happen. However Andy actually escapes. He realizes that Andy made the best possible use of his time and skills and he also realises that hope is the spirit that made him do it. After this,Red begins to hope too and develops an optimist attitude.

Red says that 'Rehabilitated' is a made up word that does not mean anything.

The Gospel Project: Bible Studies for Preschool, Kids, Students and Adults

However with Andy,Red embraces his guilt and atones for it,and achieves redemption. Hence he fails. In the last hearing he tells what he really thinks of rehabilitation as a concept and admits his guilt, saying that he regrets it.

In the novel too, Red says that given the chance he will not do it again. He says that he has enough killings on his mind to last a lifetime. Hence he achieves redemption and undergoes a change of personality due to Andy. In the end he is happy and tries to adapt to the outside world.

Hope is a dangerous thing. Hope can drive a man insane. It has no use on the inside. And you better get used to that. He is just institutionalised. The man's been here 50 years. This is all he knows. In here he is an important man,an educated man. Outside he is nothing. Just a used up com with arthritis in both hands.

Probably couldn't get a library card if he tried. You believe whatever you want to,but I am telling you these walls are funny. First you hate them,then you get used to 'em. Enough time passes it gets so you depend on them. That's institutionalised. I have been in here most of my life. This rebellion results in physical and spiritual death.

Redemption: Thankfully the loving Creator who rightly shows Himself to be wrathful toward our sin is determined to turn evil and suffering we have caused into good that will be to His ultimate glory. So the next movement shows God implementing a master plan for redeeming His world and rescuing fallen sinners. The grand narrative of Scripture climaxes with the death and resurrection of Jesus. Restoration: The story doesn't end with redemption. God has promised to renew the whole world, and the Bible gives us a peak into this glorious future.

The restoration of all things will take place in two ways. Christ will return to judge sin and evil, and He will usher in righteousness and peace. God will purge this world of evil once and for all. But while I can say that, it never hurts to show it as well. So last week, I took to Twitter to seek out imagery that would capture this big story.

By the end of the week, I decided to use a graphic from Jeff Seevers , who does a great job as a designer.

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But, I am still kicking around the idea of what best way to represent the theme. For example, Jeff also sent one which included a golden calf as part of the fall:. There were some others submitted as well click the image to enlarge. I like several of them and am mulling them over-- and I want to invite you to do the same. It is a bit more artistic:. From Peine Ridge Church just outside of St. Written primarily for 9—14 year olds with a modern, relaxed and enthusiastic style.

Rescue and Redeem

Many adults also enjoy these as a good read. This is history without the wooliness—and with all the wonder. Add to Wishlist. Please Wait Add To Lists. Item is successfully added in the wishlist s. Related Resources. Publisher's Description Let history come to life—just the way it should do.