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Nice, you have some insider knowledge! Cool, CK! But I was hoping for a pic of you tossing a UFO-sized pie overhead to stretch the dough… Maybe next time! This is your pizza on CK. Any questions?

Pizza Recipe Secrets From Inside The Pizzeria

But until then, your pizza looks delicious. I have trouble rolling dough, let alone stretching it by hand. This will have to be his baby!

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We love pizza and will have to try your process. Have you ever tried freezing the dough? If so, at what point in the process do you freeze and any tips for unfreezing? It only takes 20 minutes to make the dough, and it only takes a few minutes to make a pie after the stone is heated up. The dough is good in the fridge for over a week. If I were to attempt freezing, I probably would freeze a partially baked pie rather than the dough.

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  • 1. The crust.
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I used to make pizza all the time, and then we started having kids. I am not even pregnant, and I was just thinking the same thing! Oh my. That looks amazing. Thanks for sharing your recipe. I used to make my own pizza, but have gotten out of the habit. You just convinced me I need to do it again.

I just ate dinner but my mouth is watering. Your pizza looks absolutely delicious. I absolutely love pizza but have never tried to make pizza from scratch. You have definitely inspired me to try and the recipe you provided looks compelling. This sounds amazing! Thanks for the tips. Like previous posters, I just ate dinner but could probably make room for a slice or two right now.

I just use a bread machine to make the dough. How long do you preheat the oven? What temp do you use? I usually go with The a nice long cold rise will make a huge difference in your crust. You can probably still use the bread machine to do the mixing and kneading. Then, when the bread machine is done, just ball up the dough and let it cold rise in the fridge. Damn you, Mr. I even admit to buying pre-made crusts sometimes fail. Definitely going to have to try this next time to step up our game! I think we are all guilty of trying the pre-made crusts.

Making your own will definitely up your pizza game. Good luck! This will make enough to cover your pizzas in sauce like a pro. If you really, really want extra sauce on your pizzas, though, double the recipe. Reserve accumulated juice for another use.

2. The sauce

Add remaining ingredients to the tomatoes and transfer to a blender. Blend until mostly smooth. Pizza dough iStock. Try to shape or guide with a heavy hand, and it will resist and snap back. Go with it.

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If you need to, wet rather than flour your hands to keep the dough from adhering. Remember, hydration is the key to a chewy pizza crust, and flour is thirsty and greedy. Basically, you want to gently stretch by letting gravity pull it as you move it around with your hands rather than pulling or stretching.

Making pizza iStock. Even though you drained the tomatoes, it will make your pizza too wet, and no one wants a soggy pizza. This applies to cheese, too: Choose a lower-moisture mozzarella, because a wet, succulent one for caprese will swamp up your pizza. This can prevent your cheese from melting properly.


Balance and restraint. Making a gourmet pizza is all about balance and restraint. If you study the famous old-school pizzas of New York, you can see patches of dough beneath the sauce and the cheese. Cooking pizza iStock.

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  • If I can make the best pizza dough of my life, you can too.
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  • Pizza Recipe: Secrets From Inside The Pizzeria.

Get the best for less! This one will surprise you. Includes 1 hour video demonstration and 50 page instructional ebook accessible with computer.

THIS GAME HAS A DARK SECRET... -- Fredbear's Pizzeria Management

Product Details About the Author. There were no how-to books then. I set out to teach myself. Serendipity intervened when I was invited to work for one of the nation s largest pizza chains. As Director of Product Research and Development, I gained access to the inner sanctum of flour millers, cheese makers, equipment providers, spice blenders, tomato sauce canners and pepperoni suppliers where I learned from their most knowledgeable scientists.

I understood there were limitations on just how good a commercial pizza can be, for business is driven by the bottom line. So I took many ideas home with me, and the results were a New York Style Pizza that surpassed even the best pizzerias - produced in my own kitchen. My guests always want to know how they can make pizza at home. Teaching the science of pizza making is easy. Teaching the art of pizza making is harder.

I worked for several years to develop a cohesive approach of video demonstration and eBook instructions to enable even the first time pizza maker to understand the techniques, formulas, ingredients, and equipment to produce great pizzeria style pizzas at home.

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