The 10 Emotions of Power: How to Make Your Emotions Work for You

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Or we get fixated on just one aspect of our feelings, dwelling on one memory or event. He asked questions that forced me to look at all facets of my rut all in one long and uncomfortable conversation. She says the only real way to clean is "all in one go" rather than chipping away at the mess little by little. Say "thank you" to your pain for trying so hard to protect you. Just think about the danger of congenital insensitivity to pain —a condition in which people do not feel physical pain.

Emotional pain is contextual. We all have different protective thresholds. Meditative slow breathing while applying non judgmental assertions or reasons to be happy is a good starting point. Your comment over this Issue is Quite Hard to Understand for me!!!

Wishing to get in touch with you soon!!! I would like to ask you something that Why Is this always hard to me to open up myself and to express myself??? Unplanned moments make us feel happier and more in control, research finds. If you answered "How are you?

Back Psychology Today. Back Find a Therapist. Back Get Help. Back Magazine. Subscribe Issue Archive. Back Today. In my experience, this is a far-underused approach. So when things get heated , you may need to excuse yourself for a moment — get a cup of coffee or a glass of water, go to the bathroom, or take a brief stroll around the office. Your counterpart is likely to express anger or frustration too.

While you may want to give them the above advice, no one wants to be told they need to breathe more deeply or take a break. So you may be in a situation where you just need to let the other person vent. Conflicts with coworkers can be tough. Hopefully, these five tactics will help you move from angry and upset to cool as a cucumber.

She writes and speaks about workplace dynamics.

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Follow her on Twitter at amyegallo. Amy Gallo. Partner Center. Cross your arms over your chest and place your hands on your upper arms, squeezing yourself securely.

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I am kind. Practice meditation. Meditation is a great way to relieve anxiety and depression, while improving your ability to deal with stress. Regular mindfulness meditation can also help you regulate your emotions. You can take a class, use an online guided meditation, or learn to do mindfulness meditation on your own. Take deep, cleansing breaths and focus on a single element of your breathing, like the sound or the expansion of your lungs as you fill them with air.

Notice what your other senses are experiencing. Try not to judge or focus too much on any one sensation. Practice repeating self-affirming mantras to yourself. The core principle of mindfulness is accepting the experience of the present moment without resistance or judgment. My thoughts and feelings are not facts. I do not have to act on my emotions. Emotions come and go, and I have been able to get through this in the past.

Method 6. Face the roots of your emotional turmoil so you can move past it. If you experience chronic lack of emotional control, try looking deeper into your personal history to find its origins. Knowing where your emotional turmoil comes from can help you figure out how to accept it and heal from it. Did your parents show or hide their emotions? What emotion is most uncomfortable for you, and how did your family handle it? What emotions did you feel, and how did you react to them? Challenge beliefs and patterns based in fear or irrationality. Figuring out where your emotional turmoil stems from gives you the power to confront and overcome the beliefs that are causing it.

Take a step back from the situation and objectively identify negative beliefs, like fear or inadequacy. What is causing those toxic feelings? What can you do to confront and overcome them?

6 Ways to Gain Control of Your Emotions - wikiHow

Challenge this way of thinking by stopping yourself at each step and examining the evidence for your conclusions. No matter what other complex negative emotions you uncover, you can challenge almost all of them by asking yourself what the unbiased truth is and showing yourself compassion. Start a journal to practice self-reflection. Journaling about your emotions can help you learn to identify your feelings. It will also help you learn to recognize what may trigger certain emotions and will help you recognize helpful and unhelpful ways of dealing with them.

Ask yourself questions in your journal entries, such as: How am I feeling right now? Do I think anything happened to provoke this response? What do I need when I feel this way? Have I felt this way before?

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Reframe negative thoughts into positive ones. Learning to become more positive in your outlook takes time and practice, but it can also enhance your resilience to uncertain or upsetting emotions and experiences. At the end of each day, write down 1 or 2 positive things that happened, even if it was just a good song that you heard on the radio or a funny joke. Seek professional help. Sometimes, you can try your best to control your emotions and still feel overwhelmed by them.

Working with a licensed mental health professional can help you discover unhelpful emotional responses, and learn new, healthy ways to process your feelings. Difficulty regulating your emotions can sometimes be an indicator of a more serious problem, such as past abuse or trauma, or it can be the sign of a disorder such as depression.

Here are 10 strategies to manage negative emotions at work

On occasion, I feel pressure on my heart, and then I feel mentally and emotionally hurt. Sometimes I break down and start to cry. How can I stop this? Visit a doctor, therapist, or counselor and talk it over. When you start to cry, don't try to stop it, just let it happen on its own. This may just he a normal processing of emotions you're going through, but it might also be something unresolved, so it's best to talk to a professional.

Yes No. Not Helpful 0 Helpful If you practice up minutes a day, after a few weeks you'll see improvements in your emotional control. Not Helpful 2 Helpful Love cannot be forced; it is very hard, but the most reasonable choice is to forget that person and search for love somewhere else. Not Helpful 13 Helpful Before accepting your emotions and trying to manage them, accept that you bottle them up instead of dealing with them. Once you are comfortable with that, start identify instances in which you bottle up your emotions, ask yourself what you feel, what situation causes it, and try to gain the right perspective of the situation, until you reach a point you can effectively manage the emotion.

Not Helpful 3 Helpful How can I keep myself from becoming involved in somebody else's argument? Politely listen to what they have to say, tell them you understand what they're saying, as there are always two sides to every story, but you don't see how what benefit can come by your involvement.

What if just logically realizing I'm being illogical shouldn't feel this way doesn't make the emotions I'm being overwhelmed by any easier to deal with? Treating your emotions as illogical or wrong wouldn't make them easier to deal with. Not accepting your emotions might make you more overwhelmed instead. Accepting these emotions is the first step to dealing with them and gaining control over them. Not Helpful 10 Helpful Keep calm and take a deep breath before responding. Snapping at work, especially towards your boss, could result in some kind of punishment, so try to react without flying off the handle.

Medications for emotional control can be helpful if prescribed and regulated by a doctor or other trained professional at all times. There are alternatives to this, however, such as the techniques above of herbal remedies. Not Helpful 12 Helpful Whenever I feel in trouble or uncomfortable because a superior is telling me I did something wrong or that I was not being appropriate or I broke a rule, I start crying. How do I stop this? Try to breathe. Also, pinch your body to divert the attention from the person. It might takes weeks and weeks to finally get used to this, but this is because you are more emotional than others.

Not Helpful 0 Helpful 4. It's alright try to explain things to them slowly, and don't hesitate to tell the truth. They'll believe you eventually, and if that doesn't happen, try to find other ways of approaching the issue. Unanswered Questions. Any slightly negative emotion makes me cry a lot, and I hate crying.

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And when I try to talk about my feelings I cry so much I can't speak. How can I fix this? Answer this question Flag as Flag as What can I do if when I break down every time there is a vocal examination? How do I gain control of my emotions if I am in a situation where I can't do the exercises in the article?

6 Steps to Controlling Your Emotions

How do I express my feelings to others? Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Already answered Not a question Bad question Other. By using this service, some information may be shared with YouTube. Warnings It is important to control your emotions, but suppressing them or denying that they exist is entirely different. Suppressing your emotions can cause physical disorders and more emotional symptoms.

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