The Lord Said, Take A Memo! So I Did

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It's an entirely different document that describes legal authorisation for the invasion of Iraq under standing UN resolutions. Journalists such as Fred Kaplan point out that the later section of the memo that discusses potential consequences of an invasion, including Saddam's use of WMD against Kuwait or Israel, directly contradicts interpretations of the memo as a "smoking gun" about WMD fabrication. The so-called Downing Street memo from July says intelligence and facts were being fixed around the policy of removing Saddam through military action. It is not clear whether this is a criticism of the assessment of his own head of foreign intelligence Dearlove or a criticism of a particular interpretation of Dearlove's phrase "fixed around".

The interpretation of the sentence: "But the intelligence and facts were being fixed around the policy. Robin Niblett , a member of the Center for Strategic and International Studies, a Washington think tank, has said it would be easy for Americans to misunderstand the reference to intelligence being "fixed around" Iraq policy. This view was seconded by Christopher Hitchens and Fred Kaplan. Others have suggested various British English usages of the phrase "were being fixed" for example as a colloquialism meaning "to agree upon," [69] which are distinct from the usage both American and British derived from criminal argot , meaning "fraudulently altered or changed.

Other commentaters have dismissed this, saying that context makes it clear that "being fixed around" used "fix" in the sense of "fraudulently arrange the result", [73] a common British usage sense 12 b of "fix" in the printed Concise Oxford English Dictionary, given as sense 7, "deviously influence the outcome of" in the Compact OED online version.

Fred Kaplan noted that "Either way—'fixed' or 'fixed around'—Bush and his aides had decided to let policy shape intelligence, not the other way around; they were explicitly politicising intelligence. When asked about the memo's implication that Iraq intelligence was being "fixed", White House spokesman Scott McClellan said, "The suggestion is just flat-out wrong. An Iraq "options paper", dated 8 March , stated: "Despite sanctions, Iraq continues to develop WMD" though it adds that intelligence on the matter is "poor".

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Main article: Iraq document leak 18 September Retrieved 6 July Washington Post. Retrieved 10 August The Sunday Times. Archived from the original on 23 July Retrieved 27 March Christian Science Monitor. Archived from the original on 10 March Retrieved 17 March Retrieved 4 November Retrieved 11 March Archived from the original on 7 January Home Page".

Memo to Atheists: Why I Choose God

Daily Kos. The Boston Globe. Retrieved 17 September The Raw Story. Archived from the original on 7 February The New York Times. Star Tribune. Archived from the original on 31 May Retrieved 19 March New York Times. Retrieved 29 March NBC News. San Francisco Chronicle. The Associated Press. Archived from the original on 15 September Department of State. Online NewsHour:. Archived from the original on 29 April Retrieved 6 March US Department of State.

The Guardian. The Daily Telegraph. Archived from the original on 17 June Retrieved 21 September Sunday Herald. Archived from the original on 13 February Los Angeles Times. Think Progress. Archived from the original on 18 July Retrieved 16 March Retrieved 8 June Retrieved 21 October Retrieved 21 March Archived from the original on 6 April Retrieved 22 September Retrieved 9 February Downing Street memo.

Letter from Congress regarding Downing Street memo. Hidden categories: Use British English from December All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from October Articles with unsourced statements from February Portal templates with redlinked portals Webarchive template wayback links Use dmy dates from December Namespaces Article Talk. I would too if I was as ignorant as you. Actually, there is such a think as intersex.

Intersex refers to a variety of genuine physical aberrations. Yes, I know. There are also about 85 genders now. BTW, you can have genetic issues or aberrations but your cells still scream what gender you are…. My main concern is how people treat me, and every other transperson. You took my respect wish and tossed it right out the window. Thank you for that, you bigoted jerk.

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Mentally ill male pervert. The truth is that if you were born male, then you will always be male, and can never become female. To think that you can is a delusion. Every cell nucleus in your body declares what your true sex is, and you cannot change it.

This is the story’s second occurrence:

Thank you for proving my point. Only what YOU are interested in. Not Truth, not God, not others. Only YOU. What a pathetic, selfish, arrogant, disobedient, and rebellious life to live. How said it is that you refuse to see that. It has nothing to do with selfishness. Besides, this is about my gender. Right from the start, my rather innocent comment about not calling transwomen men has done nothing but show me that no one here really cares about being even remotely respectful towards us at all.

Your definition of serving yourself and seeking your own happiness and improving your own life is the epitome of selfishness. But thanks for showing how blind you are.

See the verse above. How am I being disrespectful and selfish for defending myself? Also, what does kowtow mean? Never heard that before. Nor does it require anyone else to do so. You are being disrespectful for demanding others buy into and accept your delusion and lies. And, in particular, for not respecting Christians for obeying and following their Lord with your demands.

Um, Royce… hate to break it to you but a burger is food. Anyone identifying as Trans is in fact a human being. It goes both ways. I can even paint my skin black and wear all the latest garb that is popular with the Blacks.

'the Lord Said, "take a Memo!" So I Did!' by Salvatrice M Her

Race is about skin color, society, or ethnicity. Only in your sinful, self-induced, god-complex delusion. Your openness to show your bigoted, hateful, biased, selfish attitude is appreciated. Not at all. Is that the best ya can do? Now run on back to your daddy and get yourself another little fiery dart to hurl and try again. But hey, thanks for showing what you have. No logic. No reason.

No science. No truth. No ability to stand on anything at all. As if your opinion mattered anything at all. The irony is that you and the Westboro folks will get to share the same Lake of Fire. Who knows, perhaps poetic justice will have you handcuffs together for a period of time to share further torment together. With good deeds and following His word and what not? Because Christianity is inevitably selfish in itself considering the only reason people follow it is for self-preservation. I am most certainly NOT trying to buy my way into Heaven.

NO Christian is following Christ out of self-preservation. There ya go. Fixed it for ya. God says so. Your lies are irrelevant. Your claims empty. No matter how deluded your god-complex continues to be. THAT actually got a really belly busting laugh outta me. And btw, see I told ya so. The mixed fabrics verse is to be found in the OT and applies to Jews not Christians. And here you claim to know about the Bible? But I do have a question for you. Being a female was your choice.

My question is, are you attracted sexually to males or females? If females, then how are you not a regular male? If males, then how are you not just a feminine type homosexual aka a queen? I would expect a true transgendered person to be asexual, with the female emotional state of desiring a man cancelling out the male sex urge that desires a woman. Basically a stalemate between the clashing emotional and physical desires resulting in an asexual person. Are you asexual?

If not then by what measure do you call yourself transgendered and why not simply a gay drag queen? I can be attracted to anyone of any gender. Why do you care, anyway? Just trying to understand it. Like for example your use of pansexual..?? So why pan-sexual, like after Peter Pan? Pansexuality just means I can be with anyone of any gender, binary or otherwise.

Bisexuality typically deals with just male and female. For example, I could be attracted to a nonbinary person who might express both male and female traits simultaneously without being just one. Currently, I have a boyfriend, but I could be with a girl or otherwise were the situation different.

Thank you for showing how much you mind your own business and respect other people. You obviously DO care or you would not have read the article nor bothered to comment here.

See a Problem?

Your actions betray your words. You ask for respect and I say good! I wholeheartedly agree. Just because you willfully choose to reject God and what His Word has said, so that you can be your own god and worship yourself, does not mean a Christian must capitulate to your sinful desires and aid in your confusion by agreeing to call you something that you are NOT.

You ARE a man. Whether you accept it or deny it does not change the truth of it. So STOP being disrespectful to Christians by asking them to be complicit in your sin and aiding you in your delusion. If you continue to reject God and practice your immorality, you will suffer the consequences for your choices. Except perhaps for giving you the Gospel. I responded to the article itself. Is it disrespectful to ask a Christian to disobey their Lord and to not speak the truth.

And nobody is misgendering you. Maybe not according to your own self-deluded imaginations but according to your comments you are. I was born intersex, the doctor thought what I had sufficed as a penis, and gave me an M on my birth certificate. He was wrong, though. It happens all the time. Yeah, right. Thank you for showing your delusion again. No different than those who think they are really a tiger or a unicorn or whatever.

Delusion and Denial are powerful forces. No Sir, you are NOT a girl. We got it,. I know the answer is no. But there ya go again. You god-complex on display. Most of my friends happen to be Christian. They actually accept me. As a girl. Because I am one. It means little. And again you publicly display your ignorance but in this case it is no surprise. Oh come now. Trying on your own now?

Your daddy not helping ya anymore because the little fiery darts just keep getting snuffed out? Thanks for showing once again that all you got is name-calling. And thank you for once again showing that Giant Sequoia Tree in your eye socket as well as your faux omniscience. A son of disobedience, child of wrath, and spiritually-dead disobedient, rebellious fool. Yes sir I have at times used that word and spoken of your perversion.

Son of Satan? So again, no hypocrite. Just the pure truth. Thank you sir. Gotta love it!! Just trying to be polite and respectful. No true Christian ever would. Ya might as well get used to it. According to you, Sir. Oh I have. Too bad you have NOT. Glad to see you admit how powerful your Delusion and Denial are though.

Because the whole basis of Christianity is based on logic and reason. Totally not full of delusional b. No dimwit. Try slowing down and reading a bit ore carefully. Or maybe just go back to school and study English some more. You wear mixed material clothing, yes?

Oh, darn. What about bacon, bud? Or pork? Never masturbated I hope. Or got remarried? Or watched indecent things online? Or gossiped? Yeah, hate to break it to you but those are against your religion too. And I could keep on going. Why do you, like so many other spiritually-dead Unbeliever, persist is publicly and apparently proudly persist in showing your ignorance? But hey, thanks for showing your ignorance once again. Anyone with a willingness to actually study the Word can see your lies for what they are and that only brings them closer to God.

Thanks for your work for God and the Kingdom!! Oh, and btw, that is evidence once again that God uses even the ungodly to accomplish His purposes. Just as He said in His Word!! Why you have a whole forest sticking outta your eye socket. Appreciate you showing us how blind you really are. Do not be deceived; neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor homosexuals, 10 nor thieves, nor the covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor swindlers, will inherit the kingdom of God.

My ignorance? Yes, your ignorance. And thanks for showing it again. Your is, well, your god — YOU. Wanna see my shocked face? The only God gay people like is the one they create….. God became flesh and was the Word. If that was entirely the case. They still have religious beliefs.

Reading all the Christian banter here is painful. Mental illness? That is so rich coming from you people. The lack of general knowledge and common sense from all of you Jesus fanatics is completely unreal. You all believe in a guy in the sky that no one has ever seen; and believe in a book that was written by a bunch of biased men thousands of years ago that thought the earth was flat. Not because it was REAL. Sad it took an athiest to remind you people of that fact. Just food for thought. More crimes heinous, perverse, cruel have been committed by Christians than all the Trans individuals put together a hundred fold.

Imagine that. Yet this GIRL asks for respect and you shoot her down for it? I can call you crazy even though you identify as Christian, yes? And a woman. Whatever fake facade it is you people walk around with, I pity you. That was a great way to show yourself, your true colors, and your heart from the beginning. Next time before opening your mouth to spew your regurgitated gruel you might actually try doing a little study of the historical facts. Best to not speak on something you know nothing about. Opening your mouth to do so only reveals your ignorance.

Given that trans people only make up approx. Again, thank you for discrediting yourself and publicly showing your utter ignorance. Nobody with a functioning brain that has the ability to read and reason believes that Jesus never existed. Since when does defense constitute bigotry and bias? How very Christian of you to consider defending a friend biased bigotry. Including this one. And as far as the Christian ignorance goes, I can tell you cherrypick. Or are just that ignorant.

Because everything I said about your religion was true. That means we are all the product of incest. This is science. No sir. Never said any such thing,. Have NO idea where you got that from. Have you thought about seeking some professional help? There is absolutely NO mention of me saying anything about Noah or his sons. So what if we are all the product of incest? Ah yes, we know VERY well your morality and standards. Is it any wonder you celebrate the abomination of those who love their sin and seek to pervert Society by normalizing it?

No doubt the two of you herald, celebrate and applaud the other mentally disturbed like Parrotman and Tigerman and those who are poking their eyes out because they just KNOW they were supposed to be blind. No sir, the ONLY thing that hurts is knowing there are actually folks like you who love your sin so much that you reject the love of God and the sacrifice He has provided thru Jesus Christ for you so that you would no longer have to be a slave to your sin and could be free from it.

The truth is one cannot demonstrate the love of Christ by giving one hope in their false beliefs. What, exactly would you consider fair and respectful treatment? I am interested in what actual trans people think about things like this. I saw in another comment that you grew up in the church and ultimately rejected Christianity. May I ask for some of the reasons you did? This is obviously personal information, so if you do not feel comfortable telling me that is fine. There seems to be a lot of insults and accusations being hurled around, which in my opinion, is not very productive discussion.

To answer your questions, first, simply not misgendering is constantly is a start. And to the second question, I just lost interest. I grew up dutch reformed and my family at the time was highly restrictive. I was lied to in many occasions about sex, gender, history, science, and even what Christianity was to the world. They taught me to fear nonbelievers and how oppressed we were. Eventually, I went to a more open school when we moved from Johannesburg to Durban.

I gave it up not long after. And no, my atheism has nothing to do with me being trans. Unfortunately, this seems to be a rather common occurrence among comment threads. I try to make it a tendency to treat all other people with respect, however, being the sinner I am, sometimes I fail to do so. I have pity on trans people, and other people who suffer with gender issues, as that must be a terrible thing to deal with. However, I do find it hard to call people something I do not believe they really are, but at the same time I do not want to go around hurting those people.

I would prefer to approach them with compassion and love, not name calling. Just so you know, I am not saying atheists are immoral or anything. I asked because it seems to me that there are a lot of atheists out there that went to church when they were young, rejected Christianity when they became older, and then became very hostile to any type of religion, especially Christianity. Love the pic! Boy howdy does it speak! When was the last time you heard any Psychologist or Psychiatrist even remotely suggest that demonic possession may be at hand?

Why not? Are we to believe that it no longer exists? Royce , wanted to say well done , been reading your postings and am quite impressed. Keep up the good work. Thank you, Brother. Just trying to let my light shine and be salt where I can be. May God get the glory and may Satan be put to shame. You do the same. The only way to make the Darkness disappear is to continue to shine light upon it. Psychiatry is science. It deals with scientific explanations for things, not woo or superstition. A wise man once said it is better to keep your mouth shut and not show your ignorance than open it and remove all doubt.

You should work on your wisdom a bit. Nice rebuttal of poor article written by someone who seems to have little understanding of Christian doctrine. Just give up, the Bible is against everything liberals want. See the last 2 sentences in my reply. Then trust the Bible or your Science and live in Eternity with the consequences of your choice. John just sees what he wants to see. One could say the same about fundamental biblical literalists forcing their meanings on scriptures.

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That accusation goes both ways. Gagnon says that Jesus. That there are born such ; much like the man born blind. Who sinned that the man was born blind, Jesus was asked. Jesus replied no one. For some it is their reality, no sin , no judgement, just acceptance and a desire to help. And so Jesus did and so must we. Help treat a medical situation and improve a life. Transitioning for a gender dysphoric person is a just treatment not a sin.

This is akin to calling regurgitation treatment for a bulimic. There are treatments. Pharmacological and psychological, that work. Denial of our baser urges is part and parcel of following Christ. This is the best reason you have for denying transitioning as treatment?

Google the most recent studies. As you will find gender dysphoria is complex and needs continuing study. Much like autism , you would not deny current and further treatments as they come to light. I deny you your right to use your interpretation of the Bible or what it means to follow Christ , according to you, to address such an issue of the Christian gender dysphoric. Gagnon thinks otherwise, and has a professional degree relating to biblical exegesis.

Hey, I. My qualifications are such ; it used to be said epileptic people had a demon. Also people with diminished mental capacities were referred to as retarded. Today however epilepsy is treated with drugs and the term retarded is not accepted. Autism is a condition that has been more understood with constantly improving treatments. So then , how is the condition of gender dysphoria any different and how is transitioning also any different? Is it not ridiculous that those with degrees in theology venture into medical fields with such certainty?

Next time you experience a medical situation maybe you should not go to the hospital emergency but go see your pastor. You did not answer my question. You make a theological claim, not a medical one, yet you defend with medical arguments, a clear logical error. Transitioning is a treatment to a medical situation not a moral decision. So cannot be a sin. I will now ignore you. The national daily championing freedom, smaller government and human dignity. The Stream offers a rich and lively source for breaking news, Christian inspiration and conservative commentary while challenging the worst in the mainstream media.

The Stream. Make The Stream my Homepage. Robert Gagnon. The Stream encourages comments, whether in agreement with the article or not. However, comments that violate our commenting rules or terms of use will be removed. Any commenter who repeatedly violates these rules and terms of use will be blocked from commenting. You must log in to comment. Please flag any comments you see breaking the rules. More detail is available here.

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