The Ministry of Magic

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Ministry of Magic

Accidental Magic Reversal Squad. Extraordinary General Meeting. International Magical Governments. International Ban on Duelling.

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Ministry Rules and Regulations. Tough on Muggles. Ministry Car. Ministry Hearing Summons. Ministry Imposes Restrictions. Ministry Lifts.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 - Breaking into the Ministry (Part 1 of 3)

Ministry of Magic licenses. Ministry regulations. Ministry Time-Turner. History of the Ministry. View 0 thoughts swirling around the pensieve. Add your own. As the highest court of law in the British wizarding community, the Wizengamot has executive powers to remove and appoint Ministers of Magic, as in the cases of Fudge and Scrimgeour, respectively. This would suggest that the Wizengamot exists as a system of checks and balances to regulate the amount of power that the Minister of Magic holds. However, Fudge is shown to subvert the authority of the Wizengamot.

Furthermore, the fact that Dumbledore held that particular position implies that the Wizengamot does not actually have as much power as we are led to believe.

British Ministry of Magic

The Ministry of Magic also seems to lack legislative bodies as far as we can observe from the novels. It appears that the heads of Ministry departments have substantial power to pass laws related to their departments. Ultimately, the themes of Harry Potter are increasingly relevant given the current political landscape. Tickets to MuggleNet Live!

Tags: Harry Potter J. Rowling Ministry of Magic Politics. We are told that the Atrium is lined with fireplaces, so we must also assume that there are multiple connections to the Floo network ; however, we do not see anyone traveling to the Ministry with Floo powder, though we are led to believe that the toilets deposit one in one of the fireplaces. It is difficult to imagine either Cornelius Fudge or Pius Thicknesse using a public lavatory to go to work, so we suppose that they, at least, are able to use the Floo network to reach the Ministry directly.

We see the inside of the Ministry on three occasions; however, as is to be expected with such a large organization, we actually see very little of the workings of the place.

Love, Not Fear: The Ministry of Magic as an Allegory for Discriminative Politics

He accompanies Mr. Weasley to his work, entering through the Visitor's Entrance, and passes through the Auror offices on his way to Mr. Weasley's office. Finding that the hearing has moved, Mr. Weasley takes Harry down to the courtrooms on the level below the Atrium.

Later in that same book , Harry comes to believe that Sirius Black is being tortured by Voldemort in the Department of Mysteries in the basement of the Ministry, and, along with five other students, flies to London to rescue him. It turns out to be a trap set by Voldemort, and a battle ensues , in the course of which the Atrium's Fountain of Magical Brethren is destroyed.

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They have learned that Dolores Umbridge , a Ministry functionary, currently has the locket, and hope to find some clue as to where it could be. In the course of this visit, we see the floor of the Ministry which is used by the Minister and his close staff, the Atrium, and the courtrooms.

Ministry of Magic Headquarters

One of the areas we visit seems to be a flourishing propaganda production group. In the course of this visit, Harry does manage to recover the locket. We should note that Level 1 of the Ministry is the top floor, with the Atrium and main entrance being located seven floors below it. Part of the discussion of the Ministry premises revolves around the problem of keeping such a large organization hidden from the Muggles, it being simpler to hide than to explain the presence of a multi-story building, apparently Government-owned, but with no apparent purpose.

We learn that the Ministry is entirely located underground, and that one of the issues facing the Ministry maintenance wizards is the underground environment. admin