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This may well be the "Biggest of the Tigers " he and his friends encounter in the Forest of Wild Beasts in the Quadling Country [3] In this forest, all of the lions and many of the other animals have been eaten by a Giant Spider. The Lion finds the Giant Spider asleep and decapitates it. The Tiger and the other animals bow to him and ask him to be their king, and he promises to do so upon his return from accompanying Dorothy to Glinda.

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Glinda orders the Winged Monkeys to carry him back to the Forest once Dorothy has returned home. In the rest of Baum's Oz series, the Lion never again played a major role. In later books, The Cowardly Lion often accompanies Dorothy on her adventures. He is Princess Ozma 's chief guardian on state occasions, and he and the Hungry Tiger pull Ozma's chariot. In subsequent Oz books by Baum, the Lion was shown to have continued being courageous and loyal, although still considering himself a coward and regularly frightened, even by Aunt Em.

He befriended the Hungry Tiger in Ozma of Oz , if this was not the earlier Tiger which The Patchwork Girl of Oz implies that it is by calling both Lion and Tiger "largest of their kind" , and the two have become Ozma's personal guards. In Glinda of Oz he is on Ozma's board of advisers. Instead, they find a small child bigger than a baby and return it to its mother. In his titular novel by Ruth Plumly Thompson , Mustafa of Mudge, a wealthy sultan at the southern tip of the Munchkin Country , kidnaps the Cowardly Lion for his large collection of lions that he feels would be incomplete without Oz's most famous lion.

He was turned to stone by the giant Crunch, but rescued by American circus clown Notta Bit More and orphan Bobbie Downs, whom the clown prefers to call by the more optimistic-sounding Bob Up. For the most part in later Oz books, though, the Cowardly Lion is a presence rather than a major character. His other significant appearances include Ojo in Oz , where he is turned into a clock by Mooj and saved by Ozma and the Wizard. Neill played him primarily as a beast of burden in his three Oz books. In The Marvelous Land of Oz he receives a bare mention in the eleventh chapter.

In the classic movie The Wizard of Oz , the Cowardly Lion was a humanoid biped and played by Bert Lahr , a popular vaudeville and Broadway star, with many of Lahr's trademark mannerisms deliberately worked into the film. In this version, the liquid courage given to him by the Wizard is replaced with a medal marked " Courage ".

The movie was made by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer , which uses a lion as its mascot. In the movie, the Lion walks on his hind legs instead of all four, except when he is first seen bounding out of the forest to attack Dorothy's friends. After roaring fiercely at them on all fours, he does stand up on his hind legs. Screenwriter Noel Langley created this character for the film.

He then moves the hogs into the pig pen and pours feed into their trough. Homer clicks on the remote control and sends the family to the Stone Age where they sit in front of a fire, clicks it again to send them to the era of the Roman Empire where they watch a gladiator match, and clicks it a final time to return them to the present.

In a parody of the black-and-white photograph, Lunchtime Atop A Skyscraper , the family is dressed as construction workers of the early 20th century and are sitting on a girder watching TV. The couch is a novelty cardboard cut-out with holes where the family's heads would be. The family puts their heads through the holes and a photographer takes their picture. The living room is made of assorted candies and gingerbread. The Simpsons are gingerbread men and women who rush to the couch.

Homer leans over and bites the top of Bart's head. Spritz Goes to Washington ". A camera shutter flash is heard as a blank Polaroid photo floats to the couch and develops into a picture of The Simpsons. The couch is a street bench in Japan, and everyone is a famous anime character: Knives are hurled at the Simpsons' heads, but hit the wall. Homer tries to get a bowl of chips, but a knife aimed for the side of his head stops him.

The couch is replaced by a giant microwave. Someone puts a tray inside and presses a button. The Simpsons rise from the tray as it cooks. A woman throws some seeds into a plot of dirt where the couch usually is, and waters them; everybody sprouts up like plants. In a parody of the science short film, Powers of Ten , the Simpsons sit down on the couch as normal when suddenly, the camera pans out, revealing an overhead shot of the house, then of the neighborhood, and so on, zooming out further and further to show the United States, the Earth, the solar system, and Kang and Kodos standing next to their broken spaceship.

Soon, many stars fill the screen as they form into the Milky Way. Other galaxies form and turn into atoms, and the view zooms out to show simple molecular structures, more complex molecular structures, then DNA helices, which pan out into a blank yellow expanse, which reveals to be Homer's head and returns to the couch scene. The couch is in a clearing and mounted on a catapult. The Simpsons sit down and get launched over a mountain range.

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All of the family members sit down as normal. The Simpsons now look like Moe Szyslak. The family take their usual places on the couch. The couch rises into the air and is actually part of an anglerfish deep in the ocean. The family screams as the anglerfish swallows them whole. With no music playing, the Simpsons sit on the couch as normal. The living room is made of sand including the furnitures and fixtures.

The family, looking haggard and dehydrated, crawls in, but ends up lying on their backs in a desert when the sand house collapses.

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The family climbs on top of the other, forming a totem pole , with Homer at the bottom and Maggie on top. The family hops to the living room with the floor as a chessboard dressed as chess pieces: Homer is the king, Marge is the queen, Bart is a rook, Lisa is a knight, and Maggie is a pawn. The family, dressed as bruised and beaten hockey players Marge, Bart, and Lisa each have a missing tooth while Homer has a missing tooth and a black eye , skate around the couch as "Charge!

Homer is carrying the Stanley Cup with Maggie the only one who isn't hurt sitting in the bowl. The living room is dark, with many eyes present. The Simpsons sit down as normal. The Simpsons sit down on the couch. A roasting spit pierces through the couch and the floor below pulls back to reveal a fiery pit. The Simpsons are then spun around over the heat.

Marge's hair catches fire. Several toy forms of transportation come into the living room, only to change Transformers -style into the family. The couch scene is a near-complete jigsaw puzzle, with Homer's and Maggie's heads missing. Two hands with five fingers on each hand instead of four and colored in a realistic peach skin tone instead of The Simpsons cartoonishly bright yellow put the heads in place, then, noticing Homer and Maggie are switched, fixes them and says, "Woo-hoo!

A metal detector and a security guard are on the side of the couch. Marge, Lisa, Bart, and Maggie make it past the detector, but Homer sets it off. After three failed attempts, Homer is stripped down to his underwear and inspected by the guard with a handheld scanning wand. Filmed in claymation, the Simpsons are colored balls that roll to the couch.

A green ball rolls in along with them and forms into Gumby. The Simpsons sit down on the couch as normal. The family runs in to sit on the couch, but it turns into a monster and chases them out of the house. Everyone's couches come to life and start attacking and swallowing the people sitting on them. The purple-haired twins, Sherri and Terri, are swallowed by their beanbag chair, policemen Eddie and Lou are trapped in their squad car as a band of couches rock it back and forth, Professor Frink is attacked by a futuristic flying couch with laser weaponry, and Moe takes a swig of booze and blasts his attacking booths and barstools with his shotgun.

Meanwhile, Homer takes refuge in a store called "Couch World", and sits, sighing in relief—until the sentient couches in the store pile on top of him. The camera zooms out to reveal that the family and the living room are part of a zoo exhibit on Kang and Kodos's home planet, Rigel IV. The couch is replaced with a bird's nest and the family members take their usual places.

A large bird flies in and feeds Homer a worm. A pair of animated hands deals a wild royal flush the jack of diamonds [Bart], the queen of diamonds [Marge], the king of diamonds [Homer], the ace of diamonds [Lisa], and a joker [Maggie] onto the couch. A photographer comes in and snaps their family portrait, which sets off a slideshow of the family in normal , normal, yet weary-looking , Homer is dead, somber music plays, Marge is dressed in black, and the kids are in their church clothes , Marge is married to Lenny; the kids start to age , Marge is gone; the kids are still aging; Lenny and Carl are now caring for the kids , Marge returns and is now married to Jimbo Jones; the kids are still growing up , Jimbo Jones is gone; Homer is now a robot; Bart and Lisa are now teenagers while Maggie is now a young girl , and everyone in the Simpson family is a robot.

In a parody of the Bonanza opening, a map of frontier-era United States is burned out in the center, revealing The Simpsons on horseback. The Bonanza theme plays instead of the usual Simpsons music. Homer is added by a robotic arm and the conveyor belt continues moving. The living room is blocked by a laser security system. The Simpsons carefully slip through the beams and make it to the couch, but once the lasers vanish, Homer's head falls to the floor. The family played by live-action actors and actresses from the UK sit on the couch just as the animated Simpsons opening comes on.

The couch is replaced by four wooden chairs. When the music stops, everyone except for Homer grabs a seat. Homer groans in disappointment. Everyone but Homer sits on the couch. A vending machine filled with every castmember including The Simpson family from the show appears instead of the couch. Ralph Wiggum comes in, selects a Homer figurine, and bites the head off before leaving. The family sits down and gets moved across the floor in a car wash, where they get sprayed with water, squirted with hot wax, and scrubbed with brushes.

Marge's hair turns puffy, Maggie's pacifier turns up missing, and everyone looks sad as three men wipe them dry and one of them puts a new pacifier in Maggie's mouth. The Simpsons get dragged and dropped onto a desktop picture of the couch before getting dragged and dropped again in the recycle bin. The Simpsons's eyes are visible in the dark. When the lights come up, the Simpsons are revealed to have the bodies of cockroaches.

The Simpson roaches scatter with Maggie hiding behind the couch.

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A pair of cartoon hands cuts a piece of paper into the shape of Homer. The hands then pull out the paper to reveal a chain shaped like the rest of the Simpsons family members. Homer can be heard yelling, "Whoo-hoo! The family in Christmas attire sits on the couch, and the camera pulls out to reveal they are reflected in decoration which is on a Christmas tree, and Santa's Little Helper and Snowball II rest nearby.

All of the Simpsons are infants who crawl to the couch while "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" plays in the background. When they reach the couch, everyone reverts to their normal ages save Maggie, who is already a baby. The Simpsons are stand-up paper dolls in their underwear; a pair of hands puts clothes on them, after which they smile and sit on the couch. Getting out of the ocean, Homer evolves into a prehistoric lizard that extends his tongue to snack on an insect that resembles his power plant coworker, Lenny.

Homer then evolves into a slightly larger lizard with a scale on his back that sees a pterodactyl resembling Principal Skinner's mother, Agnes, flying overhead. Homer then evolves into a rat that gets chased by a Tyrannosaurus Rex resembling Bart, who then gets into a battle with a stegosaurus resembling Lisa. Homer hides in a hole just before a large asteroid crashes on Earth, wiping out all dinosaur life.

Homer comes out of the hole, passing the skeletal remains of T-Rex Bart, before changing into a sloth, then a monkey as he approaches a jungle, becoming more apelike as he swings through the trees. Leaving the jungle, a brief Ice Age occurs as he evolves from a Neanderthal, to a Cro-Magnon, to an upright walking caveman. Caveman Homer passes by Moe who is also a caveman , the latter of which devolves into a rat creature. As Homer continues walking, he evolves into men from different historical eras a nomad from the Middle Ages, a Spanish explorer, a Pilgrim, and a Victorian-era intellectual until he finally enters the present day, evolves into his modern self, and comes home, stepping over Santa's Little Helper as he goes inside the house.

With the rest of the family sitting on the sofa, Marge asks, "What took you so long? Similar to the couch gag from the season five's " Rosebud ", the Simpsons sit on the couch as normal. Then a second Simpson family crams themselves on the couch. Soon more and more Simpson clones overrun the house, spilling out of the chimney and upstairs windows. To coincide with the opening sequence depicting a destroyed Springfield from The Simpsons Movie being rebuilt , the Simpsons run to their near-dilapidated house and find Plopper the pig on the couch. Homer cuddles it and says, "My summer love!

The living room is made of Lego bricks and the family members are built one by one out of them. Homer can be heard shouting, "Woo-hoo! The family sits down as normal, except Maggie is missing. Homer looks to the empty space where Maggie is, then gets lifted by a giant Maggie as the camera pulls out to reveal the living room being part of a dollhouse and the family as the dolls that live within. Maggie puts the miniature Homer in her mouth and sucks it like a pacifier.

The family already seated on the couch appears on the cover of Modern Couch Gag magazine. A pair of cartoon hands opens up a book called "The Simpsons" and reveals a pop-up centerfold of the family sitting on the couch. A magician walks into the living room and uses his cape to make the couch and family members appear. A medieval tapestry based on the famous Bayeux Tapestry shows Ned Flanders and his family stealing the Simpsons's couch. The Simpsons then sail over to the Flanders' castle, fight them for the couch, and return with the couch and Ned Flanders' chopped corpse.

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The Simpsons are sitting perfectly still on the couch. The camera pans out again to reveal that the couch scene is a painting at a museum. A mobile is above the couch. The Simpsons run in and hook themselves onto it. Homer's weight tips the mobile. Two hands add pegs to a Lite-Brite picture of the family on the couch. The picture lights up and Maggie sucks on her pacifier. There are five dots on the couch. Professor Frink comes in with an eye dropper and squeezes water on all of the dots, which sprout into sponge doll versions of The Simpsons, except Homer isn't full grown.

Professor Frink walks off and comes back with a bucket of water. He splashes it on Homer and Homer sprouts to his normal height. Coyote drawn Simpsons-style paints the couch on the wall of the living room and sneaks off. The Simpsons run in and smack face-first into the wall. Maggie runs in and does the Roadrunner's trademark "Meep, meep!

The rest of the Simpsons peel themselves off the wall and sit on the painted couch, but Homer falls through, leaving a hole in the wall. Light flute music plays as a paintbrush dabs at the empty couch, making Homer, Bart, Lisa, Marge, and Maggie appear one by one. The Simpsons sit on the couch and are suddenly encased in a block of carbonite. Boba Fett of Star Wars fame appears and carries off the family. The Simpsons rush in and find themselves in a national park viewing area overlooking a Mount Rushmore -esque mountain carving of the family sitting on the couch.

Bart can be heard yelling, "Ay, caramba! In a reverse parody of The Wizard of Oz , The Simpsons in their colorful world are sucked up by a tornado and put on a farmland shown in black and white. Instead of a couch, there are five cuckoo clocks on the wall. Wooden cuckoo clock statues of The Simpsons pop out one by one. Instead of the living room, the Simpsons dressed in togas are in the ancient city of Pompeii and race to sit on a bench.

Suddenly, Mount Vesuvius in the distance erupts and covers the family in ash. Similar to the couch gag in the season 9 episode, " Trash of the Titans ," The Simpsons run in and find Bart writing on the blackboard as punishment. Unlike the couch gag on "Trash of the Titans," the Simpsons are in their own living room, the blackboard is on wheels instead of on the wall, and Bart is writing "I will not bring the chalkboard home" instead of "I will not mess with the opening credits".

The living room is encased inside of a plastic toy box labeled "The Simpsons Couch Gag ".

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  5. The Simpsons rush to the couch and sit down. He looks at the audience and comments, "Worst The family rush into the living room to discover that the couch is missing. Through the window, Homer spots the couch escaping down the road, and the family gives chase. The Simpsons follow the couch to various destinations throughout the world, such as the streets of San Francisco , the water canals of Venice and inside a palace room in India before finally catching up with it in outer space. Homer directs the couch towards Earth, and the family dressed as astronauts like in the couch gag to " The Principal and the Pauper " crashes through the ceiling into the living room.

    Homer pulls out a remote from underneath him and turns on the TV The Simpsons travel through a chain of past iconic American sitcoms: Frasier Crane until they finally reach their own sitcom and sit on the couch, sighing in relief. The Simpsons come in and find their couch beaten and torn. Funeral music plays as they bury the couch in the backyard. The Simpsons then visit a ranch to pick out a new couch. The Simpsons sit on a black and white spotted couch, which throws Homer off it.

    The scene then cuts to The Simpsons in their living room, sitting on their new couch. Homer is in a body cast and turns on the wall-mounted flatscreen TV. The couch is strung up like a pinata. A blindfolded Ralph Wiggum comes in, swinging a stick and hits the couch, making the Simpsons spill out on the floor. The Simpsons are dog show participants being led on leashes by men in fancy suits.

    A judge awards Bart the blue ribbon, and Homer attacks Bart. The Simpsons are a meal at a fancy restaurant Homer is a garden salad, Lisa's face appears in a bowl of soup, Marge is a plate of spaghetti and meatballs, Bart is a T-Bone steak, and Maggie is the mint that comes with the restaurant bill , which The Comic Book Guy eats.

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    After he wipes his mouth with a napkin, a stain appears that resembles The Simpsons sitting on the couch. The screen is white. A cartoon left hand flips an animation cel that has eyes on it, flips another that has Homer's skeleton sitting cross-legged, flips another that has Homer's stomach and a can of Duff beer on the lap, flips another that has Homer naked, another where the rest of the family are fully clothed and sitting in mid-air, and another where The Simpsons are in their living room and sitting on the couch.

    Marge notices Homer is still naked and pulls down an animation cel that has Homer's clothes. The living room is covered in thick, jungle plants. The Simpsons slash their way through in order to reach the couch, and find an ape version of the Simpson family already seated. The ape-Simpsons hoot and screech, scaring off the human Simpsons.

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    There's an Olympic-sized pool leading to the couch. The Simpsons take their places on the marks and swim to the couch once a starter pistol goes off. Marge is first, Lisa's second, Bart is third, and Maggie is last. The family looks around, wondering where Homer is. Cut to a shot of an unconscious Homer floating facedown in the pool.

    The living room is the seating area in the Colosseum during the era of the Roman Empire. The Simpsons dressed in togas rush to an empty space to sit down. The sounds of a gladiator match can be heard offscreen. The audience cheers as the head of a gladiator flies into the audience. A large marble rock is in the living room where the couch should be. A stereotypical French sculptor quickly chisels out a statue of The Simpsons sitting on the couch. The sculptor then turns the statue of the Simpsons into a statue of a Civil War soldier on a horse. Similar to the couch gag from the season 11's " Missionary Impossible ", the Simpsons are at an underground train station where a train pulls in and opens its doors, revealing the living room, complete with couch.

    The Simpsons get in and sigh as the door closes and the train pulls off. The Simpsons, wearing white cowboy hats, exchange gunfire around the couch. Maggie comes out from behind the sailboat picture on the wall and blasts the room with a machine gun. The living room is a clearing during the Stone Age and the couch is a log floating on a tarpit. The Simpsons dressed as cavemen and cavewomen rush to the log and sit down, only to sink into the tar.

    Cut to the modern day where The Simpsons are well-preserved skeletons on display at a museum. Instead of the couch, The Simpsons dressed as Victorian-era Christmas carollers appear next to a Christmas tree and sing a parody of "The 12 Days of Christmas," featuring twelve Grampas grumbling as they stand in a customer return line , eleven Barneys belching as they lie drunk in the snow , ten Lennys leaping over a fence , nine Carls dancing in a ballroom , eight Moes a-milking, seven Selmas smoking, six Flanders praying, five golden Frinks Professor Frink's heads are on five gold coins , four crawling nerds Database, Wendell, Martin, and Milhouse crawling from Nelson Muntz , three-eyed fish Blinky from " Two Cars in Every Garage and Three Eyes on Every Fish " , two special Ralphs, and as the Simpsons walk to the couch , a Maggie in a Snuggly.

    The Simpsons and Marge's sisters Patty and Selma gather around the dinner table for a Thanksgiving meal, but soon gather their plates and head for the couch where they watch a football game on TV. The living room furniture the couch cushions, the rug, the flat-screen TV, and the lamps are all dancing to disco music just as The Simpsons come in. Once Homer yells, "Hey! Homer is standing on a coiled platform, which launches him and the rest of the Simpson family through a pinball game called "Couch Gag Chaos. The couch is seen inside a human egg. Each family member is a sperm cell swimming towards and penetrating the egg to sit on the couch.

    The zygote then divides multiple times, forming a Mr. Homer runs to the couch first.

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    When Homer gets an incoming call from Mr. This is all well and good, but we here at All The Tropes think people should at least know what the line they're paraphrasing is meant to be. More often, Kirk said something along the lines of "Four to beam up," and he was talking to whoever happened to be at the Transporter console hardly ever Scotty, him being the chief engineer and all.

    One of the films got pretty close, but even then, it was phrased "Scotty, beam me up" or "Beam me up, Mr. Subtrope of Common Knowledge. If the misassociated line is eventually co-opted into the source as a sort of Shout-Out to the confusion, it becomes an Ascended Meme. If the line is correct but lack of context changes the meaning, or if the line is chopped up to change its meaning, it is a Quote Mine.

    If the quote becomes the only thing associated with a person, it's a case of Never Live It Down. This trope can be extended to Iconic Items the character never actually had, such as Holmes' deerstalker. For tropes actually about beaming characters up , see Teleporters and Transporters. Uncle Ben You know your father, God rest his soul Your father had a philosophy the he held to pretty strongly.

    And it's one that served him very, very well He believed that if there were things in this world that you had to offer, things that you did well -- better than anyone else Don't try to be something else. Don't try to be less. Great things are going to happen to you and your life Peter. Great things. And with that will come great responsibility. Do you understand? Rick: You know what I want to hear. Sam: [lying] No, I don't. Rick: You played it for her, you can play it for me! Sam: [lying] Well, I don't think I can remember Rick: If she can stand it, I can!

    Play it! Earlier in the film, Ilsa Rick's love interest also entreats him to "Play it, Sam. Darth Vader: Obi-Wan never told you what happened to your father. Luke: He told me enough! He told me you killed him! Darth Vader: No -- I am your father. Jane: pointing to herself Jane.

    Tarzan: he points at her Jane. Jane: And you? Tarzan: stabbing himself proudly in the chest Tarzan, Tarzan. Jane: emphasizing his correct response Tarzan. Tarzan: poking back and forth each time Jane. Sue: "He's got a knife! Bandit: We are federales. You know, the mounted police. Dobbs: If you're the police, where are your badges? Bandit: Badges? We ain't got no badges.

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    4. We don't need no badges! I don't have to show you any stinking badges! Sure he was great, but don't forget that Ginger Rogers did everything he did, backwards I'd like to share a revelation that I've had during my time here. It came to me when I tried to classify your species, and I found that you're not actually mammals. Every mammal on this planet instinctively develops a natural equilibrium with the surrounding environment, but you humans do not. You move into an area and you multiply and multiply until every natural existing resource is consumed, and the only way you can survive is to spread to another area.

      There is another organism on this planet that follows the same pattern. Do you know what it is? A virus. Human beings are a disease, a cancer of this planet. You're a plague and we are the cure. Jules: "What country you from?! Jules: 'What' ain't no country I ever heard of!

      They speak English in 'what'? Dire deeds awake, dark is it eastward. Let horse be bridled, horn be sounded! Forth Eorlingas! Out of doubt, out of dark to the day's rising I came singing in the sun, sword unsheathing. To hope's end I rode and to heart's breaking Now for wrath, now for ruin and a red nightfall! Arise, Riders of Theoden! Fell deeds awake: fire and slaughter! Spear shall be shaken, shield be splintered, A sword-day, a red day, ere the sun rises!