Tornado Slim and the Magic Cowboy Hat

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Step 3: Have your child or help your little one cut the star out. Step 4: Have your child decorate the star using markers. Step 5: Have your child apply white glue and then sprinkle gold glitter over the white glue. Step 7: Once it is dry you can attach a pin. You could also use a regular large safety pin by gluing or taping an extra piece of construction paper cut into a small strip onto the back only glue or tape the two ends. Loop the safety pin through the strip of paper.

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Step 8: Let your little cowboy wear the pin. Materials: Water colour paints, white paper, black paper, green paper, black marker, paint brushes and a jar of water, old newspapers or plastic to protect your work space, art smock or old clothes, glue stick, child safe scissors.


Step 1: Talk to your child about the colours of a sunset. Then have your child use sunset colours to paint a piece of white paper. Step 2: Let the page dry. Step 3: Meanwhile, have your child cut out some hills on a piece of black paper that fits over the white paper you may have to trim so it will fit.

Step 4: Have your child draw a picture of a cactus or two on green paper you may have to draw for younger kids. Step 5: Have your child glue the black hills onto the bottom of the painted paper. Step 6: Now have your child glue the cactus onto the hill. Step 1: You can show your child pictures of black spotted cows before you begin this craft. Then have your child draw splotches onto the white paper using the black marker. Encourage creativity! Step 2: Have your child paint in the splotches using black paint.

Step 3: Have your child draw a horse shoe on the grey paper you could show a picture to help them do this or draw it yourself. I found that by folding the paper in half and drawing one half I could create a symmetrical horseshoe by cutting the folded paper together. This appealed very much to my perfectionist Eldest Son. Step 4: Have your child decorate the horseshoe using paints, markers, stickers, etc.

Step 5: Let the horseshoe and cow pattern dry and then glue the horseshoe to the other sheet. NOTE: Livestock branding is used to identify cattle. Step 1: Brainstorm together as a family to create your own symbol to represent your family. If you owned cattle this symbol would be your brand to mark which cows were yours! Step 2: Cut out foam stickers to create your symbol. Stick these stickers to the top of your jar or bottle lid.

Step 3: Next, have your children draw a picture of a cow to brand. My Youngest wanted to draw so he used a pencil and pencil crayons for his cow. My Eldest decided to make a collage picture. Step 4: Dip your paint brush in red paint and paint the symbols on your jar lid. Step 5: Carefully press the jar lid, symbols facing down, onto the picture of the cow in order to brand it!

Cowboy Egg Pop-eye :. Whatever, you may call it, this is a great egg breakfast for your kids! Step 1: Put a frying pan onto your stove top on medium heat. Step 2: Use the small cup as a cookie cut out and firmly press it onto the centre of your bread slice and then twist. This will cut out a circle of bread from the slice.

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Keep both pieces. If your stove top is hot you may want to lower the heat. Step 5: Keep checking on the frying piece of circle bread the smaller piece and once it is getting toasted flip to start to toast the other side. Remove the smaller circle toast as well. Step 7: Cut the circle toast in half to create the top of the hat and then cut the other half into two strips that will be the bottom of the hat. Place the toast pieces over the egg portion to create the hat of the cowboy.

Step 8: Fish out two large pieces of relish to make two green eyes on the cowboy. You could use other vegetables or even olives for this as well. Place the relish eyes on the egg to make a face. Step 9: Cut a piece of cheddar cheese into a nose and place on the egg. Step present the cowboy to your little cowpoke for a healthy start to the day!

English Muffin Cowboy :. Step 1: Spread peanut butter or other topping onto your newly toasted and split English Muffin. Cut one half of that half into two strips to be the bottom of the hat. Step 4: Use the Cheerios as eyes, the cashew as a nose, and a slice of apple as the smile. Serve some refreshing lemonade preferably homemade on the side.

You could also roast some hot dogs over an open fire. Soup and Corn bread muffins would be another good cowboy lunch, as would canned beans and biscuits. Chili and corn bread would work well for this Theme Day as chili was often served on chuck wagons. Wagon wheel pasta would be another option for a Cowboy Theme Day.

Anything barbecued could also work for an open fire tasting dinner. Serve with Root Beer for a special treat.

Sheriff Star Cookies : Make your favourite sugar cookies using a star cookie cutter. Paint with yellow tinted icing and add little candy balls at the tips of each point. You can do this activity while you are reading nonfiction books about cowboys. Rocking Horse : If you have a rocking horse or other horse toy this would b the prefect day to play with them. Lasso Practice:. Use a skipping rope or piece of actual rope and try to loop simple objects like a chair or a toy. Water Gun Target Practice :. This activity works best in warmer weather as it is an outdoor one.

Make a simple target by drawing with chalk on a fence and then have your little cow pokes try to hit the target. I suppose if the weather is colder you could have your kids play in the bathtub! Panning or Digging for Gold :. Cowboys in the Klondike used to pan for gold.

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Fill up a bucket with sand and hide some pennies it. Horseshoe s:. Free delivery worldwide. Bestselling Series. Harry Potter. Popular Features. New Releases. Tornado Slim and the Magic Cowboy Hat. Description Tornado Slim is just your regular cowboy The coyote gives Slim his special hat and asks him to deliver a letter to the sheriff of Fire Gulch City.

Slim has never been to Fire Gulch City, but he figures he can handle it.

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As Slim travels from town to town, disaster seems to follow. Pretty soon Slim learns that his new hat is NOT your average cowboy hat. Will Slim ever make it to Fire Gulch City? And what did the wily coyote put down in that letter, anyway?