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All of us know how actors are been followed and always kept in limelight. Right from the child artists to leading actors no one can escape from the media world. Frequent interviews, attending award shows, being brand ambassadors to doing promo for movies, actors are always kept in limelight. If you are someone who loves to be always kept busy or loves the feeling of being get noticed all the time, then surely acting is the best option you could do for yourself.

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Acting is probably an only profession where people reach the stardom in a night. If you have enough skills and luck and you are someone who wants to reach the top with single blockbuster then acting can be your choice. This is applicable to all age categories of actors, where as if something clicks out and a movie becomes a massive hit then for sure it makes the person become a star overnight.

Even though this might sound ridiculous this becomes realistic only with professions like acting career. Needless to explain, money is something which the world keeps running behind. That too in profession like acting, actors are paid huge amount once if they get a break through movie. There is no certain pay scale limit or any fixed standards of income to actors. Hence, as there is no boundary and if you are someone who is determined to earn money by show casing your acting skills than acting might be the right choice for you.

Good looks are must for acting career. It is not enough if we do not stress the word good looks. Yes, if you are someone who looks best and are passionate of looking good you can probably choose acting as your career. This profession demands a lot from physical appearance.

A well-maintained figure , even complexion and best of physical features are some of the most expected things by audience from an actor. Hence, if you have ticked the checklist what are you waiting for? Get right into the world of entertainment. In the media industry, traveling is something which all actors are bound to do every single day.

Traveling to various shooting spots is something which is very common in big screen as well as in television media. Not only traveling abroad, actors tend to travel a lot around the same country with different shooting spots. So, if you are someone who has lot of passion to travel , explore and adopt newer environments every single day, then acting is made for you. This might sound ridiculous, but it is somewhat true as acting is a good way of reaching people.

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There are many prominent examples like right from Arnold Schwarzenegger to George Murphy who entered politics by using acting profession as their channel to reach people. There are many reasons which stop a common man from choosing acting as their career. Here are the few most prominent reasons. Acting is a profession where you do not know how much time will it take to reach your destination. Time period is uncertain as well sometimes it takes months to get an opportunity or even years to prove yourself as an actor.

Hence, if you are a person who have personal commitments, and very less time in hand then certainly acting will not match your profile. Acting can make any pauper turn into a billionaire.

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But this cannot be the case for all who choose it as a profession. Some days you earn enough, sometimes there are even chances that you do not have any kind of income. Your income will certainly depend upon the production company you work for as well as your role in the film. Hence if you are someone who is not financially stable, then do not take risk of choosing it as your profession. There is always a misconception that acting is a job where you need to dress up well and stand in front of the camera rolling. It is certainly a very tough job where you would be exposed to heavy lights, dramatic costumes sometimes and expected to perform your best whatever your mood might be.

Humans are often affected by personal emotions and there are chances where you do not feel your best while you perform.

Top 13 Reasons to Become (Not to Become) an Actor

But this will not be accepted as once you are under the camera, you need to turn yourself into the person irrespective of your mood. Film and television: The actor performs in a filming studio for cameras. This field requires the use of more subtle body movements and facial expressions for the close-up angle of the camera. Radio production: The actor performs for a listening audience and uses voice modulation and intonation in order to create the desired expression. Education: Actors use their performing skills to convey important information to the audience in an effective way, in order to teach or instruct.

Industrial theatre: This form of theatre is unique to South Africa. The actor communicates in different environments factory floors, boardrooms, hills, beaches, next to campfires performing for diverse audiences. Acting techniques may also depend on the type of role an actor plays.

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Different skills are required for a comedian from those for serious dramatic roles. Versatility in other areas of dramatic performance, for instance dancing and singing skills, also increase employment opportunities. In order to find work, actors need to attend auditions where they demonstrate their acting ability. Actors are required to attend long rehearsals and memorise lines and cues. In addition, they may have to attend special classes in dancing or singing, for example if this is required for the part. The job may involve travel if performances go on tour or filmed productions are to be shot at different locations.

Many actors must rely on other jobs while waiting to get an acting part. In addition, check the minimum admission requirements for universities and colleges offering this programme. Universities also offer various postgraduate and diploma courses. Diploma: The N. Drama and the N. Drama degree and the BTech. Theatre Technology degree. The duration of each of these degrees is four years.

The initial diploma courses extend over three years. Postgraduate courses are also offered at the Tshwane University of Technology.

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All the above-mentioned courses incorporate practical acting and theatre productions as part of their training. Before admission to these courses, prospective students must first pass an audition. Strict evaluation is necessary since they are career-orientated courses, which train professional artists for a highly competitive industry. Disclaimer: Please see disclaimer. Sign in Register.

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Change Country. Toggle navigation. Actor Actors express ideas and create images using speech, make-up, costumes and gestures to portray characters in productions in theatre, film, radio, television, and other performing arts media. Programmes by Study Institutions. City Varsity.

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Durban University of Technology. South African School of Motion Picture. Tshwane University of Technology. University of Cape Town.