How to Paint Your Own Buddha!

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Dates, of course, will depend on availability, so, rather than give any fixed times, I will try and fit in with your plans, or give alternatives.

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Just email me at linda. Payment will be per day, so you are welcome to stay as long as you wish. The prices are very flexible, as every experience is different and the prices below are a guide. You can see the charges at the foot of the page. This is your choice entirely, and we can easily organise and personalise your retreat.

Paint Your Own Buddha

The different experiences , which are totally original, flexible and very adaptable to your style,needs and level will include…. I am an enthusiastic travel journaller, and have many journals from my world travels…. I absolutely love these wonderful records of my trips…filled with sketches and paintings, photos, colours, memories of people and places.

I relive my holidays every time I browse through them.

Buddha Painting

Exploring ways to move the depth and impact of your art to a new level. Inspiration through your own experiences, art and poetry. Especially for those who find it hard to generate new ideas, or feel blocked. Depending on dates, you may choose to stay at Pink Lily Boim , which is the two-bedroomed self-catering accommodation above the studio.

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If not, I recommend the Penafiel Park Hotel and Spa, a short distance from the studio transport can easily be arranged to and from. Please do not book direct or via a booking site, as we have a special arrangement with the hotel for a discounted price, and I will simply add this to the initial workshop fee. I will meet you at the airport Porto airport on arrival, and take you back when you leave.

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  8. I am happy to give the occasional lift to the supermarket etc, but I advise car rental if you plan to include some independent sightseeing or touring. My version isn't quite as awesome as the real thing, but I can afford MY version!

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    I want spray paint to stick to spray paint, so I first coated the hard plastic with spray paint. Let it dry mins at least before moving on to the next step. This is also the step where I learned too late that I should have worn a rubber glove! Using the same spray paint, spray ONE side of the tissue paper lightly.

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    You use the spray paint as glue to stick the tissue paper to the hard plastic. I originally tried Mod Podge to stick the tissue paper to the plastic. The glue seemed to reactivate when I used the water to paint on the tissue paper.

    Painting of the Buddha Attaining Nirvana

    You can paint with water. Have fun! Very cool! Please post a picture of your own Buddha Board as the main image for the Instructable so that people can see what they're making :. Reply 6 years ago on Introduction. By Browncoat Follow. admin