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  1. JCL EXEC Statement!
  2. The Syntax of the EXEC statement.
  3. COND in JCL — COND=ONLY, COND=EVEN, COND=ODD — TutorialBrain.
  5. COND parameter type - IBM-JCL;

COUNT 5. As specified in the note, the key in the above example ends with X'5C', so it will acts as generic key. Sequential data set can be allocated in up to 16 extents normally one primary and up to 15 secondary.

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When Operating System can't find space for primary allocation, job gets cancelled with JCL error before attempting to execute it. If primary allocation request is satisfied, job starts running, allocating secondary extents when and if necessary. If an attempt to allocate secondary extent fails, job abends with B There is a popular belief that increasing primary space solves B37 abend problem.

B37 abend is caused by the failure of secondary space allocation and this is what should be addressed when fixing a B37 problem. Thus, when system can't find secondary extent on the first volume i. Normally specifying 2 or 3 UNITs will work, but it might make sense to specify more, depending on the number of generally available DASD units and predicted deviations in the data set size. Provided that there are enough DASD units for secondary space allocation, it is important also to maintain some sort of a reasonable balance between primary and secondary space requests.

Let it be CYLs, for example. Request to release unused space when the output data set gets closed is a good practice improving the overall system performance. Provided, of course, that the sufficient number of DASD units was defined. For most practical situations a typical one is space request for sort work files this will be a reasonable balance between primary and secondary space.

The Answer is Yes! I have a JCL with 10 steps. For reasons known only to me, I want to execute step 5 only.

Job Control Language

How can I do it? We have to insert null statement after step05 to prevent the execution of subsequent steps. And that is.

Do check it out. A typical tape reel might contain MB whereas tape cartridges can contain as much as 10GB.

JCL Basics Tutorial JobCard 1

Back when punched cards were used, a null coded on distinctive colored cards was used to help operators separate card decks. Now which specification gives maximum time for a JOB?


If the program module is not present in the user library, then SYS1. What will happen if the system cannot find the program module you ask it to execute? You will get and S abend. However, as of now, just to understand what a procedure is — a procedure is similar to JCL but without a job card.

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So, it is totally up to you whether to execute a procedure with or without the keyword PROC. There are 2 techniques to test the success or failure of job steps and determine whether to continue execution based on the outcome of the tests:. Whenever a job is executed, every step in that job returns a status code often termed as return code. Depending on the return code of the JCL step, subsequent job step execution can be controlled accordingly. Source: IBM. Most batch systems automatically cancel a program caught in an endless loop after a reasonable time has passed.

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