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Jimmy is a mindset expert and neuro linguistic practiconer that focuses on confidence building, habits, and fitness. He has helped thousands with in his community and globally from stage and in person!

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Hear about the devastating path that led him down and how he was able to change everything about himself. He is sharing his remarkable story to help others get through their own adversities.

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This E-Book will teach you a step-by-step process about how you can create similar results in your life. Jimmy is a recovering addict who grew up in a Wolf of Wall Street Environment. He watched his father make millions all while partying with drugs and alcohol on a daily basis. In he graduated from FSU expecting to take over the family business.

Shortly afterwards, one of the largest rescission's in the United States hit and his family lost everything Jimmy wants to guide you through the same transformation process to create a massive change in your life and access your full potential!

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There is a ton of fluff in today's speaking industry. A lot of speakers have not personally done what they talk about.

12:00 PM - 10:00 PM

Jimmy has been in the trenches and emerged a better man. He knows what it takes first hand to create true change and improve lives.

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  8. Schedule your minute Discovery Session with Jimmy. Change is just one click away, get started today! Jimmy has been to the darkest of dark places and has emerged a better man. He knows what it takes first hand to create true change and will teach your team or students the blueprint on how to improve their lives, one step at a time! Jimmy's mission is to share his story to help others get through theirs. He educates about the skills and mindset your people will need to be successful by sharing how he overcame drug addiction to become a TEDx Speaker, Fitness Influencer and Successful Entrepreneur.

    His story shows the world that anything is possible if you learn how to overcome adversity and Master Your Mindset.

    Download your FREE Mindset Mastery E-book!

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    Book jimmy now. His story is very profound and one that all of us need to hear to remind us of our choices in life and how to overcome obstacles. They knew they would never see each other again. A strong handshake and tight hug was followed by warm words of love and tear filled eyes.

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    Then Jimmy went to the airport to see Cisco off to California, where he wanted to die. Embracing each other at the gangway Jimmy writes, "my beautiful Cisco said 'Good bye, my brother'. A few years later, when my father was fading away, Jimmy went to the hospital to say his farewells.

    He blinked his eyes once. Jimmy cried easily, and often did when he shared these stories with me and just about anyone else who would listen.

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    He was not a private man, but rather someone who felt that his story was a piece of American street life - a life to be seen, heard and always remembered. His stories were public record. And he was the premier documentarian, being one of the great storytellers of all time. One of the funniest memories I have is of Jimmy jumping up on a stage uninvited during a press conference for a Woody Guthrie concert at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland in It's the kind of get-down-and-dirty book where you laugh, cry, and cuss along with these misbegotten sailors in their rollicking, wartime adventures.

    It's a side of Woody that no one else could possibly know, and no one else could possibly write. He wasn't doing well at all I started singing "Hard Traveling" I hadn't sung more than a verse and a half when he popped right up and said, clearer than he had spoken all day, "Am I confused? I remember us singing it: and he started singing "Hard Traveling" fast, rhythmically, tapping his hand against his leg I asked him if he wanted some beer I returned with his small and light glass which I'd poured some beer into, while I took the bottle. We toasted "to traveling" I gave him the bottle, and helped it to his lips.

    He drank. Then he ordered me out of the room, as his eyes went elsewhere. Ordered me to be quiet, and leave him alone. Leave me".

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    I knew that Jim was drinking with Woody and Cisco. I felt it in a strange and miraculous and incredulous way. He wouldn't admit it, when I questioned him, but then again he kept hopping from one plane to another. So, okay Jimmy. Now it's your turn to take to the skies. But let me tell you — if you'll let me get a word in edgewise! And you can believe that whenever I think of one of you, I'll think of all three Woody, Cisco and you, baby. Longhi; V.

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