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Not available for relicensing until Schwartz: As far as I know, this typeface is the first Venetian Oldstyle ever drawn for newspaper text, and only Roger Black could come up with such a brilliant and bizarre idea. The italic particularly the alternate italic used in feature sections also borrows from Nebiolo Jenson Oldstyle, and there is a hint of ATF Jenson Oldstyle in places as well. An Egyptian on testosterone. Yet another very masculine slab serif family. Schwartz writes I showed them a range of slab serifs produced by French and German foundries around , and synthesized elements from several of them notably Beton, Peignot's Egyptienne Noir, Georg Trump's Schadow, and Scarab into a new typeface with a very large x-height, extremely short ascenders and descenders, and tight spacing.

Fritz , Font Bureau. Schwartz: "Fritz is based on various pieces of handlettering done in the early 20th century by Ozwald Cooper, a type designer and lettering artist best known for the ubiquitous Cooper Black. Galapagos Typefoundry's Maiandra and Robusto are based on the same pieces of lettering. Art Direction by Andy Cruz. Designed with Ken Barber. Jazzy letters based on an earlier design of Schwartz, called Atlas Pennsylvania , FontBureau. A monospaed family inspired by Pennsylvanian license plates.

Gold, Platinum and Diamond are the names of the s headline typefaces made jokingly for use with luxury items. The six-weight Luxury family at House Industries in , contains three serif text weights called Luxury Text, as well as three display typefaces, called Platinum art deco , Gold, and Diamond all caps with triangular serifs.

Los Feliz , Emigre. Based on handlettered signs found in LA. Released by FontHaus.

Robert Schumann | Credits | AllMusic

Free downloads of the pixel typefaces Newt Gothic, Tibula and Fibia here. It is a collection of alternates one can cycle throughthus a for of randomization. FF Oxide , a Bank Gothic style stencil family. FF Oxide Light is free! Graphik , a sans between geometric and grotesk made for thew Wallpaper mag. Kris sSwersby writes : In a sweltering typographic climate that favours organic look-at-me typefaces bursting with a thousand OpenType tricks, Graphik is a refreshing splash of cool rationality. Its serious, pared-back forms reference classic sans serifs but remain thoroughly modern and never get frigid.

There you will find one of the most beautiful, restrained sans serifs designed in a very long time. See also Graphik Wide In , he created a style revival of Helvetica called Neue Haas Grotesk Linotype , which offers alternates such as a straigt-legged R and a differently-seriffed a. It is based on the original drawings of Miedinger in Schwartz also made numerous custom fonts: Houston Schwartz: This typeface is the first Venetian Oldstyle ever drawn for newspaper text, and only Roger Black could come up with such a brilliant and bizarre idea.

Popular Eero ITC Officina Display The ITC conglomerate decided to release it in I revised parts of Ole's fonts, and worked with Richard Lipton to adapt the Light from a version of Officina Light that Cyrus Highsmith had drawn several years earlier for a custom client. I also added more arrows and bullets than anyone could possibly need, but they were fun to draw. Released by Agfa. Symantec Advised by Erik Spiekermann. Commissioned by MetaDesign for Symantec Corporation.

Harrison Based on the hand of George Harrison, was commissioned in by radical. Chalet Cyrillic , House Industries. Benton Modern Commissioned by Font Bureau for the Readability Series.

  • Schubiger, Jürg 1936-!
  • The private and Public life of jesus Christ 9;
  • Collected Utopian Tales / New and Revised Edition.

Caslon's Egyptian Commissioned by Red Herring. A complete set of matrices for captials exists in the archives of Stephenson Blake, and Miko McGinty revived these as a project in Tobias Frere-Jones's type design class at Yale. In , Cyrus Highsmith refined Miko's version, giving it a more complete character set for Red Herring magazine. In , they came back for a lowercase and 3 additional weights.

I looked at Clarendon and British vernacular lettering mainly from signs for inspiration, and came up with a lowercase that does not even pretend to be an accurate or failthful revival. David Yurman Based on a custom typeface by Fabien Baron. Commissioned by Lipman Advertising for David Yurman. Coop Black lowercase Interstate Monospaced Based on Interstate by Tobias Frere-Jones.

Commissioned by Citigroup. Vectora Thin Based on Vectora by Adrian Frutiger. Commissioned by O Magazine. Not available for licensing. LaDeeDa Informal lettering, art directed by Mia Hurley. Commissioned by gURL. Poynter Agate Display Based on Poynter Agate by David Berlow. Commissioned by the San Jose Mercury News classified section.

Commissioned by Michael Grossman for Harper's Bazaar. Art directed by Erik Spiekermann and Stephanie Kurz. Stencil typeface for Double A Clothing. Bureau Grotesque Mostly unreleased. Some styles commissioned by Entertainment Weekly. Guardian Egyptian Zizou or Clouseau A reworking from memory of Antique Olive , Roger Excoffon. This was published at the end of as Duplicate , with Miguel Reyes.

In three styles, Slab, Sans and Ionic. Commercial Type writes: Christian Schwartz wanted to see what the result would be if he tried to draw Antique Olive from memory. He was curious whether this could be a route to something that felt contemporary and original, or if the result would be a pale imitation of the original. Most of all, he wanted to see what he would remember correctly and what he would get wrong, and what relationship this would create between the inspiration and the result.

Though it shares some structural similarities with Antique Olive and a handful of details, like the shape of the lowercase a, Duplicate Sans is not a revival, but rather a thoroughly contemporary homage to Excoffon. Duplicate Sans was finally finished at the request of Florian Bachleda for his redesign of Fast Company. Bachleda wanted a slab companion for the sans, so Schwartz decided to take the most direct route: he simply added slabs to the sans in a straightforward manner, doing as little as he could to alter the proportions, contrast, and stylistic details in the process.

The bracketed serifs and ball terminals that define the Clarendon genre also known as Ionic first emerged in Britain in the middle of the 19th century. While combining these structures with a contemporary interpretation of a midth century French sans serif seems counterintutive, the final result feels suprisingly natural.

The romans are a collaboration between Christian Schwartz and Miguel Reyes, but the italic is fully Reyes's creation, departing from the sloped romans seen in Duplicate Sans and Slab with a true cursive. Because the Ionic genre has ll ong been a common choice for text in newspapers, Duplicate Ionic is a natural choice for long texts. Duplicate Ionic won an award at TDC The name was already in use by Riccardo de Franceschi since , Laura Eames since and Keith Tricker since earlier in , so there may be some emails flowing between these type designers.

They write: The primary inspiration for Gravitas was Augustea Nova, Aldo Novarese's quirky and spiky Latin interpretation of the Roman inscriptional caps for the Nebiolo Type Foundry, released in a single weight in the s. It's fairly common to see Augustea Open these days, but his lowercase apparently didn't survive the transition to phototype.

Many designers have tackled the problem of matching a lowercase to the classical Roman capitals, with decidedly mixed results. The Bold Italic was drawn by Jesse Vega. Early in , Christian Schwartz, Paul Barnes and Miguel Reyes joined forces to create the manly didone typeface family Caponi, which is based on the early work of Bodoni, who was at that time greatly influenced by the roccoco style of Pierre Simon Fournier.

It is named after Amid Capeci, who commissioned it in for his twentieth anniversary revamp of Entertainment Weekly. Caponi comes in Display, Slab and Text subfamilies. It extends and modifies W. Dwiggins's Electra Tanja A dot matrix typeface designed by Christian Schwartz and Paul Barnes and based on the monolinear Marian , Tanja began life as the proposed logo for a German publisher. This large typeface family comes in four optical sizes, and was originally developed for Chris Dixon's refresh of Vanity Fair. MoMA Sans For the Museum of Modern Arts. Home page Creator of various display typefaces including the kitchen tile typeface Voltrona , a kitchen tile typeface , Hate , the kitchen tile typeface Metgeo , the monoline sans typeface Duplica , the piano key typeface Lucreow Lucreow is a permutation of Crouwel , Caladan , fat blackletter , Hague , angular , the Bauhaus-style typeface Joi , the blackletter typeface Caladan , Rid-G , experimental , Sugar , Cumo , a happy children's book typeface , Domm , stencil face , Zukunft , Iron , an old film typeface , Freight , stencil face , Noir , Shamrock , octagonal athletic shirt typeface , Unison , sans , Basic , Sexy , hairline , Gitter , rounded , Modo , monoline techno face , and SF Mono Churchward Type [Joseph Churchward].

Joseph Churchward b. Apia, Samoa, grew up in Samoa, and moved to New Zealand, where he founded a design studio in Wellington. He lived in Hataitai. He died in [Obituary by Jack Yan]. His early type designs were released as photolettering through Berthold. In , in partnership with Chank , his fonts are finally being converted to the standard electronic formats.

In , he won a Silver Prize at the Morisawa Awards competition. Within six months he had generated enough work to move from his job as Senior Artist into setting up Churchward International Typefaces, which became one of the largest typesetting companies in New Zealand. In Joseph was asked to submit alphabet designs to Berthold Fototypes and saw immediate success.

He later went on to sign distribution agreements with D. V and Zipatone. He self-published a handful of original fonts in becoming the first and only company in New Zealand to publish original photo-lettering. Churchward International Typefaces was forced to close in June but Churchward Type lives on with a fresh set of independent releases. David Buck has taken on the role of digitisation. Joseph continues to draw alphabets and now has a stockpile of over unique alphabets to his name.

See also Churchward Roundsquare , which reminds me of Apostrophe's Toolego. At Berthold, he published Churchward 69 , a fat face , Blackbeauty ; this psychedelic type inspired Nick Curtis's font, Strollin NF , and Churchward 70 , a Bauhaus-style sans family. Churchward Tua A Western typeface published posthumously. Churchward Isabella A geometric sans. Churchward 69 , BluHead Studio. Churchward 69 is a ten-weight typeface family originally designed during the late 's, but published in by BluHead Studio.

View Joseph Churchward's typefaces. Australian creator of Syncron , a techno font and Bauhaus , geometric. Clotilde Olyff. Belgian designer b. Her fonts are experimental and geometric in nature. She is most famous for her avant-garde geometric fonts Alpha Bloc and Alpha Geometrique published by Font Bureau. Alpha Geometrique Compact , for example, is a Bauhaus style stencil face. View Clotilde Olyff's typefaces. Free fonts by Swedish designer Martin Fredrikson Core b.

MyFonts link for the Martin Lexelius typefoundry. MyFonts link for Cre. Cosimo Lorenzo Pancini. Born in Firenze in He co-designed some typefaces there such as Arsenale White Targa Monospace is a sans inspired by Italian vehicle registration plates. It has an handmade version Targa Hand that can be used for comic book lettering.

The handwriting of Lord Byron led Pancini to develop the brush script typeface Byron , Zetafonts. MyFonts credits him with the rounded avant garde sans family Antipasto , but elswhere we read that this typeface is made by Matteo di Iorio, so there is some confusion. It was extended in by Pancini as Antipasto Pro. He also designed the calm bold geometric rounded sans typeface Cocogoose ; replaced by Cocogoose Pro in and the stylish deco font Offensive Behaviour.

Cocogoose Letterpress is free. Cocogoose is part of the Coco Gothic family, a collection of twelve typefaces each inspired by the fashion mood of every decade of last century, named after fashion icon Coco Chanel. Cocogoose is Coco Gothic for the s. In , Pancini published the grand family Coco Gothic. It comes with substyles that recreate many moods, including art nouveau and arts and crafts Cocotte , Italian propaganda style and Italian deco Cocosignum , hipster style CocoBikeR , or Bauhaus Cocomat. Still in , Cosimo and Zetafonts published the connected creamy baseball script Bulletto, the grungy handvetica Neue, and the calligraphic wedding typeface Hello Script.

The Zetafonts team extended the original design to six styles and multilingual coverage. The ExtraBold is free. Still in , Pancini designed Calligraphunk, an experimental typeface that mimicks polyrythmic calligraphy, by alternating two sets of lowercase letters to emulate handwriting. This humanist sans-serif typeface is part of the Beatrix family Beatrix Nova, etc. Its capitals are directly derived from the stone carvings in Florence's Santa Croce Cathedral. Beatrix keeps a subtle lapidary swelling at the terminals suggesting a glyphic serif, similar to Hermann Zapf's treatment in Optima.

Amazing Grotesk is based on a logo designed by Francesco Canovaro. Hello Script and Hello Sans can be used for layering and coloring. The Christmas-themed version is Hello Christmas. Pancini designed the strong typeface family Body Grotesque and Body Text in , together with Andrea Tartarelli. It was conceived as a contemporary alternative to modernist super-families like Univers or Helvetica.

In , Cosimo Lorenzo Pancini and Andrea Tartarelli co-designed the sans typeface family Kabrio , which gives users four different corner treatment options. Anaphora It features a wedge serif design with nine weights from thin to heavy. Its wide counters and low x-height make it pleasant and readable at text sizes while the uncommon shapes make it strong and recognizable when used in display size. Anaphora covers Latin, Greek and Cyrillic. Canovaro's Arista served as a basis for the style monolinear rounded sans typeface family Aristotelica by Cosimo Lorenzo Pancini and Andrea Tartarelli.

Codec by Cosimo Lorenzo Pancini, Francesco Canovaro and Andrea Tartarelli is a geometric sans typeface family in which all terminal cuts are horiontal or vertical. His Double Bass is a jazzy 4-style typeface family that pays tribute to Saul Bass's iconic hand lettering for Otto Preminger's The Man with the Golden Arm film title sequence and other movies, Bass's vibrating, almost brutal cut-out aestethics, and the cartoonish lettering and jazzy graphics of the fifties. In , he published the sharp wedge serif typeface Blacker to pay homage to the s. Still in , he designed the swooping polyrhythmic calligraphic typeface Calligraphunk.

In , Cosimo Lorenzo Pancini and Andrea Tartarelli designed Holden , a very Latin cursive sans typeface with pointed brush aesthetics and fluid rhythmic lines. In , Cosimo Lorenzo Pancini, Francesco Canovaro and Andrea Tartarelli published the monolinear geometric rounded corner amputated "e" sans typeface family Cocogoose Classic , the sans family Aquawax Pro , and the condensed rounded monoline techno sans typeface family Iconic.

Monterchi is a custom font for an identity project for a famous fresco in Monterchi, developed under the art directorship of Riccardo Falcinelli. Melbourne, Australia-based designer of Planometric , a perspective font influenced by Bauhaus. Daniel K. Nielsen Sheffield, UK designed his first font in Called Hydra Grotesque , it was inspired by Bauhaus and art deco styles. Its low x-height makes it stylishits rounded corners cry out "made after ".

During his graphic design studies, Valenciennes, France-based Dath Hugo created the round display typeface Slot , the austere typeface family Bauhaus , aand the experimental organic sans font Mobius David Kerkhoff [Hanoded]. Georgian graphic designer. Creator of the Kandinsky or Mondiaan-inspired typeface Perittography Denis Kegler. It existed through , and was re-established after World War II in The Werkbund became an important element in the development of modern architecture and industrial design, particularly in the later creation of the Bauhaus school of design.

Its initial purpose was to establish a partnership of product manufacturers with design professionals to improve the competitiveness of German companies in global markets. The Werkbund was less an artistic movement than a state-sponsored effort to integrate traditional crafts and industrial mass-production techniques, to put Germany on a competitive footing with England and the United States. Dezcom Typefaces [Chris E. While at CMU, he studied with calligraphers Arnold Bank and Howard Glasser, who both brought out the love of historic letter-forms and learned to set hot metal type in the Laboratory Press established there by Jack Stauffacher.

His typefaces: Dez Petranian A warm text typeface designed for story-telling, and related to Souvenir. Des Squeeze Pro A great condensed display family with large x-height. The Pro version of Des Squeeze Dez Weimar Plakat This is a finished version of Weimar Plakat Pro Dez Yinznat Stencil A military stencil dedicated to the industrial past of Pittsburgh.

Dez Quo Vadis Titling Dez Boulder Discussions: Squeeze , Fat Squeeze. Leporello The semi-techno typeface Align Sans Now Since then, it has been nurtured, revised, and expanded to include 12 weights in both upright roman and true italics totaling 24 variations. Froggy Flickr page. In February , Dick Pape published a number of typefaces grouped together here. Local download page. The typefaces: Blok : A beautiful negative font originally designed by Jarrik Muller for Neo2 magazine in Bogart Heavy : An elegant fat round sans. Darabo : An avant-garde typeface. DarkHerald : A collection of caps based on Stylus fonts.

GridDrops : Black squares. IguanaMedium : A stiff thin slab serif. Kabel ABC : A paperclip font. Ducompex, Imp. MatchBoxes : match boxes from Finland and Portugal. Noel's Thes: "The" refers to the word "The". Pre-Roman Carolingian Caps. Steamboat Shaded : A Western shadow font. Dirk Uhlenbrock [Eyesaw was: Fontomas.

Driemeyer Design [Antje Driemeyer]. Antje specializes in type design, corporate design and editorial design. Creator of Halvan and Henny , hand-printed. In , Antje designed the remarkable rounded blueprint sans family Herrmann , which comes in ten styles. Near the end of , she published the avant garde architectural sans family Bauhans.

Hanami is a set of kaleidoscopic ornaments. Frieda is a thin calligraphic typeface. Edward Benguiat. Born in New York in , Ed grew up in Brooklyn. He was once a very prominent jazz percussionist playing in several big bands with Stan Kenton and Woody Herman, among others. He has created a large number of typefaces between and About his career, he once said: I'm really a musician, a jazz percussionist. One day I went to the musician's union to pay dues and I saw all these old people who were playing bar mitzvahs and Greek weddings.

It occurred to me that one day that's going to be me, so I decided to become an illustrator. He designed more than typefaces for PhotoLettering. Ed is a popular keynote speaker at major type meetings, including, e. It should be beautiful. Screw readable. ITC Modern No. The Softmaker versions are called M Modern and Montpellier. Ed writes: It's a revival of the classic British Modern design.

I tried to capture the dignity and grace of the original designs, but not make it look stuffy. Moderns were often numbered to distinguish different versions. Modern No. Ed writes: I was one of the design consultants for the Olympics in Barcelona, Spain. What could be more appropriate then to design a typeface for the event? The design of the ITC Barcelona font family, with its soft triangular serifs set the mood for the soft-spoken Catalan people. ITC Bauhaus The Softmaker versions are called R Sans and Dessau. The Infinitype version is Dessau. The Bitstream version is Geometric Comic book or art nouveau style typefaces.

Softmaker also has fonts called B Roman and B Sans that are identical. Benguiat Roman s. ITC Bookman Calendar s. ITC Caslon In , he added Benguiat Caslon Swash , and in , Caslon followed. ITC Century Handtooled ITC Cheltenham Handtooled ITC Edwardian Script ITC Garamond Handtooled. Michael Brady thinks it is very close to the Berthold original. Laurent s. Lubalin Graph , ITC. ITC Panache I was striving to create an easy to read, legible typeface. I know in my heart that I accomplished what I set out to do. Not only is it easy to read, it's also sophisticated.

Scorpio s. ITC Souvenir. On the other hand, look what happened after that. Souvenir these days would be downright dorky. Souvenir was done by Benguiat in at PhotoLettering. Morris Fuller Benton's original model was from It was described by Simon Loxley as follows: Souvenir is a typeface that is intractably rooted in style to a particular era, although one a half-century after its creation. It is a quintessential late s and s typeface, informal, with full rounded character shapes and rounded serifs, a laid-back Cheltenham.

ITC Tiffany , a fashion mag typeface family. PL Torino , Photo-Lettering , a blackboard bold didone-inspired typeface. Scorpio, Laurent and Charisma, all done in the s, are psychedlic types. Daylight Fonts link in Japanese. Catalog by Daylight, part I , part II. One more with Strivzer. In action. At the same meeting with Carole Wahler and with Roger Black. View Ed Benguiat's typefaces. Ed Benguiat's fonts. It is concerned with the compass and ruler design of a bauhaus style geometric sans typeface.

Student at HGB Leipzig in Designer of a poster sans typeface in as part of the Adobe Originals collection. This typeface revives an alphabet by Bauhaus designer Reinhold Rossig from and was influenced by the poster art of Hermann Werner Kubsch. Shreveport, LA-based designer of the typeface Gropius Bauhaus Emboss was founded in by Stephen Boss b. Emil Ruder.

Swiss typographer b. Basel, , and type guru in the 50s and 60s. Ein Gestaltungslehrbuch. The Road to Basel Helmut Schmid is an homage to Emil Ruder by Helmut Schmid, one of Ruder's students, who headed a group of other ex-students and organized their contributions. Karl Gerstner and Kurt Hauert also contributed.

Paul Shaw reviews this book and Ruder's contributions. Quotes from Shaw's piece: It is clear that those lucky enough to study under Ruder found him as exciting and demanding as they had expected. With a few exceptions these former students quickly and permanently fell under the sway of the charismatic and ambitious Ruder. Ruder promised a new functionalism derived from the Bauhaus.

His was a new approach to typography that went beyond the technical fundamentals of metal type composition to embrace modern art especially that of Paul Klee and Piet Mondrian. Ruder focused on the point, the line, the plane, and the way in which typography activated space. His article Die Flache the plane or the space , following lessons he had learned from The Book of Tea by Kakuzo Okakura and from modern art, stressed the activation and destruction of space as the goal of typography as well as of art and architecture.


Ruders typography is defined by asymmetry and an emphasis on counter, shape, and negative space. Harry Boller writes that Ruder and his students were Puritans on a mission, serious, humorless. We had been led to a morality, and strong convictions remain. Banality, lack of imagination, and swiping of ideas were all ridiculed, while sincerity of expression was encouraged. Gottschalk says that Ruder taught courtesy, ethics, and modesty as much as he taught typography. Article on Ruder by Shane Bzdok, Detroit-based designer, b. Her typeface Zeitgeist was inspired by Bauhaus artwork by German artist Marianne Brandt: simple geometric monoline glyphs, with a few curves thrown in for a minimal amount of warmth.

He also created the modernist furniture-themed font Mies van der Rohe , which is named after the famous German-American architecthis real name was vwho lived from until In , she created the colorful geometric alphabet Nagy to pay tribute to the work of Bauhaus artist Laszlo Moholy-Nagy. She also designed the geometric all caps typeface Newton's Cradle Eyesaw was: Fontomas. Dirk Uhlenbrock's b. His typographic contributions were presented under various labels such as Signalgrau, Fontomas.

Kombi was created in At Felix the Fish c. The Poodle and the Schnauzer The Chameleon The Triumph of the Wolves c. The Chameleon c. The Revolution in the Zoo c. The Glasses The Silent Engine Room Back Matter Pages About this book Introduction This book is a collection of traditional German fairy tales and fables, deliberately transformed into utopian narratives and social commentary by political activists in the Weimar Republic Though many of their tales deal with the grim situation of common people and their apparent helplessness, they are founded on the principle of hope.

This revised edition includes over 50 illustrations by contemporary international artists who reveal how similar the Weimar conditions were to the conditions in which we presently live. H8 P37 Coupe, William A. C68 vol. C68 Couvee, D. Protest per prent. Schoppen tegen heilige huisjes D 0 C75 Cox, Beverly J. Miguel Covarrubias caricatures NC W37 C7 Crauzat, E. S7 C7 Craven, Thomas, Cartoon cavalcade.

Peoples Book Club ed. C7 C3 Crawford, Hubert H. Crawford's Encyclopedia of comic books PN C7 Crawhall, Joseph, Olde ffrendes wyth newe faces. Adorn'd with sutable scvlptvres PR 0 C C7 Crosby, Percy L. Percy Leo , Always belittlin' PS R A7 Crosby, Percy L. Percy Leo , Cartoonist's philosophy PS R C3 Crosby, Percy L. S5 C68 Crosby, Percy L. Percy Leo , Skippy PN S5 C7 Crosby, Percy L. Percy Leo , Skippy : a complete compilation, PN Percy Leo , Skippy and other humor PN S5 C72 Crosby, Percy L.

Percy Leo , Three cheers for the red, red, and red E 0 C76 Cruikshank, George, Drunkard's children : a sequel to "The bottle" in eight plates NC New ed. C86 Cruikshank, George, Phrenological illustrations; or, An artist's view of the craniological system of doctors Gall and Spurzheim NC Sinks of London laid open : a pocket companion for the uninitiated, to which is added a modern flash dictionary containing all the cant words, slang terms, and flash phrases now in vogue, with a list of the sixty orders of prime coves : embelli DA 0 S67 Cruikshank, George, , ill.

Travels and surprising adventures of Baron Munchausen PN M8 W6 Cruikshank, George, , illus. Comic almanack; an ephemeris in jest and earnest ? C64 Cruikshank, Robert, , illus.


Monsieur Nongtongpaw PR M6 Cruikshank, Robert, , illus. Real devil's walk PR R43 Crumb, R. C7 S5 Crumb, R. Fritz the no-good : from Fritz the cat PN F72 C78 Crumb, R. Crumb coffee table art book. C7 R16 Crumb, R. C7 R2 Crumb, R. Crumb's The yum yum book PN C7 Y8 Crumb, R. Robert Crumb PN Secret agent for the C. M38 C8 Curnonsky, Wagon des fumeurs : petites histoires de tous et de personne PN C87 Curran, Francis William Developmental study of cartoon humor appreciation and its use in facilitating learning PN C8 Curtis, L.

A Royal air force story PN DD 0 T45 Dallari, Marco Scuola e fumetto : proposte per l'introduzione nella scuola del linguaggio dei comics PN D34 Dalziel, George, Brothers Dalziel : a record of fifty years' work in conjunction with many of the most distinguished artists of the period, NE D3 Daniels, Les, Living in fear : a history of horror in the mass media P 00 D37 A4 a Darling, Jay N. D H4 Darling, Jay N.

Jay Norwood , Ding's half century. PQ D3 B6 vol. H8 D38 Davidson, Harold G. D35 Day, Langston, Life and art of W. Heath Robinson NC 0 D4 Defoe, Daniel, ? C63 Demchenko, E. D45 Demchenko, E. Evgeniia Petrovna Satiricheskaia pressa Ukrainy gg. D45 Dennis, Denise Black history for beginners E 0 D46 Derrickson, Marione R. I65 D4 Deutsche Buch-Club. D45 Dic Fundamentals of cartooning NC A1 L6 Dickey, Robert L. Beans PN M57 D3 Dickinson, H.

Caricatures and the Constitution, DA 0 P8 D54 Dille, Robert C. Collected works of Buck Rogers in the 25th century NC W Disraeli, Benjamin, Earl of Beaconsfield, Beaconsfield cartoons from London Punch : one hundred and eight caricatures by Leech, Doyle and Tenniel illustrating the whole political career of Disraeli from his entrance into parliament to the present time, NC G4 S8 Dolbin, Benedikt F. Bayreuth in der Karikatur ?

D6 A4 Dolbin, Benedikt F. Gesicht einer Epoche NC 0 D6 A5 Dolbin, Benedikt F. F D6 vol. B48 Dorn, Wilhelm, comp. D59 Dorset, Catherine Ann Turner, ? Lion's masquerade : a sequel to The peacock "at home" PR Peacock "at home" : a sequel to The butterfly's ball PR C7 D6 Dorval, Marcelle, comp.

Fairy Tales and Fables from Weimar Days

C68 Doyle, Richard, Foreign tour of Messrs. D68 A4 Dr. K4 K4 vol. Funktion d. D9 Dubout, Albert, Du bon! Dudovich NC A34 z Dukel'skaia, L. D8 Dummett, Michael A. Tarot triumphant ? GV A book of cartoons from the New Yorker NC D86 C4 vol. F3 A75 vol. E27 A vol. E44 Efimov, Boris, Satira v bor'be za mir D 0 E45 Egan, Pierce, Matthews's comic annual, or, The snuff-box and the leetel bird : an original humourous poem PR DT 00 B7 B72 Eichenberg, Fritz, Artist's proof : a collector's edition of the first eight issues of the distinguished journal of prints and printmaking NE 1.

E33 A4 Eichler, Richard W. E5 Eigener, Ernst Mein skizzenbuch D 0 E4 T6 Eisner, Will Will Eisner's gleeful guide to living with astrology : an every-day manual for coping with people, events, and afflictions through astrology PN Neue Ausg. A3 vol. E74 Erickson, Hal, Television cartoon shows : an illustrated encyclopedia, through PN W6 V66 vol.

E97 no. How they illustrated and interpreted their times NC E8 Exsteens, Maurice, b. R6 E9 vol. Mandrake in Hollywood PN F3 no. E Z6 Farquhar, Ferdinand Relicks of a saint. A right merry tale PR D 0 N5 F4 vol.

Robert A. Taft ? HG 0 F A43 Feiffer, Jules Explainers. F A Feiffer, Jules Hold me! H6 F4 Feiffer, Jules Passionella, and other stories. D37 F4 Feiffer, Jules Tantrum. U55 F4 Feiffer, Jules, ed. Great comic book heroes. F4 Feild, Robert D. Z67 z Feith, Jan Kronings-idylle : made in Holland ? F4 A4 Feldstein, Albert B. Gaine's Mad power PN M25 W Fellner, Richard, , ed.

F45 vol. Big swingers PS T7 Field, William B. Osgood John Leech on my shelves Z S Fips Juden stellen sich vor DS 0 P79 Z97 Fischer, Roger A. F57 Fischetti, John R. Zinga zinga za! F57 Fisher, Bud, A. Mutt, a complete compilation, PN Book 6 PN M8 F5 vol. F Fisher, Harrison, , illus. American girl NC 0 F57 Fleisher, Michael L. F5 vol. B38 vol. P7 O38 no. P7 F6 vol. Limited ed. F82 vol. F72 Frank, Josette, What's in the comics? F7 no. W3 Freisburger, Walther, ed. Konrad sprach die Frau Mama. Adenauer in der Karikatur F Frewin, Anthony, comp. One hundred years of science fiction illustration, NC 0 L55 F8 vol.

Arthur Burdett , Bull calf, and other tales PN F78 S54 Fuchs, Eduard, [i. Achtzehnhuntertachtundvierzig] in der Caricatur NC F8 vol. F8 Fuchs, Wolfgang J. C Fuchs, Wolfgang J. F8 A4 Fultz, Barbara, comp. Naked emperor; an anthology of international political satire PN F9 A3 vol. S26 G35 vol. William M. Gaines's Greasy Mad stuff PN M25 N5 Gaines, William M. Gaines's It's a world, world, world, world Mad PN M25 N52 Gaines, William M. Gaines's Raving Mad PN M25 W54 Gaines, William M. Gaines's The indigestible Mad PN M25 W Gaines, William M.

Gaines's the organization mad PN Gaines's The questionable Mad PN Gaines's The self-made Mad PN M25 N56 Gaines, William M. Gaines's The voodoo Mad PN M25 N58 Gal'ba, Vl. Vladimir Vladimir Gal'ba NC G2 Galerie Michael Pabst 1. Weltkrieg D 0 R58 A4 Galewitz, Herb, comp. Great comics PN G3 Galloway, John T.

Gospel according to Superman. Ganf NC G34 A4 b Gardner, Chas. Charles W. Doctor and the devil, or Midnight adventures of Dr. Parkhurst HV N5 G3 Gardner, Gerald C. Who's in charge here? V47 vol. G3 A4 Geel, Rudolf J. Schijnhelden en nepschurken : beschouwingen over het beeldverhaal PN H5 G45 Geipel, John, Cartoon; a short history of graphic comedy and satire. G44 no. G43 A4 Genovesi, Giovanni Stampa periodica per ragazzi. J8 G45 George, M. G4 vol. G68 Gessler, Alfred, ed. G4 no. C46 Gianeri, Enrico, Cesare di cartapesta, Mussolini nella caricatura.

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M8 G5 Gianeri, Enrico, Intesa cordiale : l'inghilterra nella caricatura francese : con stampe e caricature DA 00 Pipp NC 0 G45 Gibson, Charles Dana, , ill. G3 A4 vol. Leitstudie PN G4 Gifford, Denis British comic catalogue, Z R86 Gifford, Denis Stap me! G5 S7 Giglio, James N. G52 Gilbert, W.

William Schwenck , Bab ballads with which are included Songs of a Savoyard. G48 A4 z Gillray, James, Works of James Gillray: plates and supplement containing the 45 so-called "suppressed plates" NC G5 B7 Gilmore, Donald H. Sex in comics : a history of the eight pagers PN G54 vol. C66 G6 Goings, Kenneth W. C5 Goldberg, Rube, Rube Goldberg vs. G46 A57 Goldmann-Hessenhorst, G. Karikatur im Weltkrieg Russland D 0 P3 T9 Gonick, Larry Cartoon history of the universe. G66 vol. M4 G6 Goodrick, Susan, comp. Apex treasury of underground comics PN A6 Goodstone, Tony, comp.

Pulps: fifty years of American pop culture. G6 Gordon, Hampden, Our girls in wartime D 0 G6 Gore, Mrs. G5 N4 Gorey, Edward, Dracula : a toy theatre : the sets and costumes of the Broadway production of the play PN D53 G62 no. D53 O75 no. D53 O no. C65 F4 Gowans, Alan Unchanging arts; new forms for the traditional functions of art in society. G6 Grachev, A. A62 Grand-Carteret, John, Bismarck en caricatures. G73 Grand-Carteret, John, Femme en culotte : 54 croquis originaux de Fernand Fau et Gustave Girrane : images documentaires ? GT 0 G7 vol. DP 0 Von John Grand-Carteret ?

DC 0 G72 z Grand-Carteret, John, Nicolas, ange de la paix, emperaur du knout, devant l'objectif caricatural. La Turquie en images Photographique DR 0 G7 Grandville, J. G66 S4 vol. G73 Graves, Charles L. Charles Larcom , Mr. Punch's history of modern England DA 00 G7 Gray, Harold, Arf!

L53 G7 vol. L53 G73 vol. G74 A4 Greene, Douglas G. Douglas G. Greene collection of L. Frank Baum and related Oziana PS 0 F3 D68 Greene, Frank F. How to create cartoons, a text book for class instruction, cartoon clubs and self-instruction NC G67 Grego, Joseph, History of parliamentary elections and electioneering in the old days : showing the state of political parties and party warfare at the hustings and in the House of Commons from the Stuarts to Queen Victoria ; illustrated from the original po JN 0 G8 Grego, Joseph, Rowlandson the caricaturist; a selection from his works, with anecdotal descriptions of his famous caricatures and a sketch of his life, times, and contemporaries NC R8 G8 vol.

G7 Grego, Joseph, , ed. Cruikshank's water colours NC C9 A38 Greim, M. Marty Comic crusader PN E44 Grimm, Jacob, German popular stories : with illustrations after the original designs of George Cruikshank PT G no. G73 A4 z Grose, Francis, ? G Gross, Milt, He done her wrong : the great American novel and not a word in it--no music, too PN G Gross, S. Sam National lampoon's cartoons even we wouldn't dare print : a collection of thoroughly reprehensible cartoons NC N G83 Gulbransson, Olaf, Aus meiner schublade; Album ? G75 Gulbransson, Olaf, Es war einmal.

Neue, erweit. G87 A4 Guthmann, Johannes, b. April Kestner-Gesellschaft Hannover N H32 Hagen, Ursula, ed. B63 Hahn, Don Animation magic : a behind-the-scenes look at how an animated film is made. Erinnerungen an eine grosse Zeit DD 0 H5 H Halbritter, Kurt Disziplin ist alles ? H3 Hall, Murray G.

H34 no. O4 Hanemann, H. Henry William , As is; a book of miscellaneous revelations PS F4 H37 Hardt, Fred B. Tausend D 0 H3 Haring, Keith Art in transit : subway drawings. B6 H37 Harrison, M. John Michael John , Luck in the head. L8 Harrison, S. Stanley L. W5 Hartenstein, Liesel, ed. Facsimile Querschnitt durch den Kladderadatsch. Eingeleitet von Hans Rothfels PN H3 H37 vol. H37 Harvey, Robert C. Art of the comic book : an aesthetic history PN Man of his time. Part I. H35 pt. H vol. H38 Hayman, Joseph Twenty different adventures of Cohen on the telephone and other different smaples of Hebrew humour PN C5 C48 Heath, H.

F46 Heath, H. Henry Heath's caricature scrap-book NC D9 H42 Heide, Robert, Box-office buckaroos : the cowboy hero from the wild west show to the silver screen. H39 Heide, Robert, Dime-store dream parade : popular culture, Pharmacy in caricature NC Heine ? H4 Helfand, William H. H44 Helioflores Sexenio inolvidable. H Heller, Alexander, ed. F8 Helnwein Helnwein : die Katastrophe N H45 A4 Henderson, Ernest F. H4 Hengeler, Adolf, A.

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