Lunar Eclipse: A Heart Bound Love Project: Past, Present, and the Future

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Lunar Eclipse: A Heart Bound Love Project: Past, Present, and the Future

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Anytime I want to fight, I also consider if this is the right battle to pick. If it is, I do so unapologetically. With a commitment to the truth and telling it without feeling the need to embellish it. I let it speak for itself. May I recognize myself. May I know who I am. May I remember just how sneaky my self-sabotaging ways tend to be. May I be reminded how capable my heart is to heal from the wounds of my past. May I refuse to let my shame, my abandonment issues, and insecurities control my narrative.

With this eclipse may I appreciate my efforts, seek to understand my needs a little more, and never give up on getting underneath the more challenging of self-doubt systems. The scars deeply embedded in my psyche may tell me I am in a battle, but I try my best to understand what is just a reverberation of wars long-gone and what is a present moment predicament. The difference between the two can turn a difficult day into an entryway to self-acceptance.

May I leave eclipse season a little less armored and a little more open to nourishing myself with the love I crave. Right now, what happens behind the scenes is more important than what the world can see. Even though I have much to show for my past efforts, what I am working on in private is potent and precious enough to need my protection. I serve it sincerely. I am devoted to it completely. I am learning the power of playing to the crowd while coveting what is still in rehearsal.

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It reveals the hidden scripts my mind so often runs through. It exposes my less helpful habits. I makes the unconscious conscious.

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Though this can sometimes be a startling gift, I know that it is one not to be taken for granted. I am willing to love myself more than I fear being alone with myself. I am willing to embrace my less socially acceptable parts in order to embrace the power in them. I welcome any knowledge about myself as both enlightening and a way to praise the messy in me. Those that I gather around are teaching me what community care looks like.

Mercury enters Cancer

I know that in order for wellness to be a lived experience, we all need spaces where it is reflected back to us. I know that I need to find rooms where I can cry and come into my power. Spaces where I can bear witness to the impact of suffering that others have endured. Halls where we are all allowed to be broken and coming back together. Gatherings where there are as many solutions for us as there are problems we face. I need to know I am not alone in my suffering, self-doubt, or my astoundingly stubborn capacity to heal. I need my resilience mirrored back to me, my problem solving skills pointed out, and my capacity for love lifted up.

I am human, which means I am more than likely going to forget the things that I find helpful when I need assistance. With the first eclipse of July, I promise to keep finding the groups that care enough about themselves individually to make spaces to love on each other communally. What I am working on now, in my personal and professional lives, carries with it the ability to make a long-lasting impact.

Any amount of care that I can cultivate for my work goes an incredibly long way. I create spaces where kindness can thrive in the world, starting with myself. How I show myself love when in public does more than just make me feel good. Modeling how to be gentle and generous while being productive and professional impacts my entire system while shifting the industries I am a part of. My life is made more beautiful when I become a conduit for it. Eclipse season gives me ample opportunities to deal with issues big and small in my public and private life.

The shifts that occur now help me to unearth the proverbial pebble in my shoe.

Virgo Past Present Future New Moon/Solar Eclipse July 2019

What gets uncovered can be worked on so I am grateful for anything that comes up for healing. I seek out the systems that give soulful solutions to the problems I grapple with. I know that unless I get myself to the places that put tools for success in my path, it will be much harder to stumble upon them. I know that thoughtfully outwitting myself is a way towards sustainable self-care, so I make my destination one that centers my need for healing, my appetite for joy, and my dedication to pleasure.

With this eclipse, I reorient my energy, focus, and aim on what is healing, holy, and encouraging of my connection to feeling good through caring well for my life and my world. I know that nothing lasting comes out of situations where others feel unappreciated, unseen, or unacknowledged. I am never cheap with my care.

All I can do is mirror the kindness I wish the world to contain. All I can do is come to my own feelings of inadequacy with the kind of compassion that was lacking earlier in life. All I can do is honor my commitments and refill any resources that are running low. This eclipse season is a marathon, one that when done with me will give me an entirely new appreciation for my efforts, talents, and ways I work with them.

In the process I try not to take myself for granted. Overextending myself is one way I have learned to protect my heart. Going past my limits is a way of keeping people at a distance. Giving others what they need without checking in with myself about whether or not I want to give it to them is a surefire way to avoid intimacy. I am not allowing them to show me who they are. It also cheats me out of a sincere yes. Eclipse season is teaching me to be more courageous in my asks, less fearful about saying no to what feels too much, less averse to living within my means.

What I cut out, or pass on, leaves more space for what I am asking for, what I am setting intentions for, and what I am directing my life towards. I know that how I work on what I work on makes all the difference. I know that how I work with who I work with does as well. I forfeit the right to complain when I only offer my whining to my industry. I work with this eclipse season to find solutions.

I work with this eclipse season by offering my devotion to my projects. I work with this eclipse season by caring enough for my own well-being to give myself a little tough love when necessary. I am not swayed by the changing tides of my emotional life. I know that if I have a goal, part of getting to it is working through the inevitable resistance along its path. I know that just feeling like doing something will never get it done.

Instead I focus on where I have professional power: my habits.

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  • I make a habit out of giving my best effort daily. I make a habit out of not berating myself when that differs day-to-day. I make a habit of not mistaking the waxing and waning of my energy for an excuse to give up. I refuse to falter. I refuse to entertain doubt that has no logic.

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    I recall my energy to any and all past circumstances that I lost it to. Love is never leaving my creativity in the lurch. Care is knowing not to criticize my creations when they are up against a block. Kindness is channeling self-doubt into being thoughtfully inquisitive about what else might work. I know that learning to trust my creative process is akin to learning how to trust myself. It happens a little at a time. I know that learning to appreciate my more misshapen creations is just as important as praising my more stunning ones.

    Everything I learn in the process of putting myself out there is valuable, whether I win or wind up back at the drawing board. With this eclipse season, I practice studying my shame so I can outsmart it with honesty. Your email address will not be published.