Salome: An Invitation to the Dance

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Explore Now. Buy As Gift. Overview Salome: An Invitation to the Dance begins when the Bogweasel family spends a week by the lake, but the weather is not good.

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To entertain his brood, Mr. Bogweasel, a history teacher, suggests they do some research. The Bogweasels discover quite a lot about their subject, even though their efforts are interrupted by romance and adventures on the lake. During the barbecue that marks the end of their holiday, they announce their findings to friends, neighbors, and extended family.

They are surprised to find out that even though years have passed since the time of Salome, feelings still run strong. Product Details About the Author.

Naldini, Giovanni Battista

Zoom in Zoom out. Wash, Pencil, Grey-brown ink on yellow paper The setting of this Dance of Salome resembles more a Florentine palazzo from the middle of the sixteenth -complete with a special balcony for the band of musicians, top left- than a palace in Jerusalem in the early years of the first century.

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Clic para ampliar. Foreshortened figure in the Battle of Cascina.

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As Herod seeks his absent stepdaughter in the garden, Herodias accuses him of staring at Salome. The Tetrarch invites his guests to drink wine on carpets laid on the ground. The princess rebuffs his advances.

Herodias accuses Herod of fearing the prophet. A group of Jews debates whether anyone since Elijah—or even Elijah himself—has ever seen God.

Hussar | Salome-Hussar

Herod shares a rumor circulating throughout the land that Jochanaan is the prophet Elijah, a statement that sparks further deliberation. Jochanaan claims to hear the footsteps of the son of man, whom Herod forbids from performing miracles. She implores Herod to silence the prophet and to defend her. The princess refuses, until Herod offers her anything she desires and swears an oath on his own life, kingdom and the gods. Herodias orders her daughter not to dance, but the young princess summons the slave girls to apply ointment and the veils and to remove her sandals.

The musicians begin a wild dance. Salome, at first motionless, rises to her full height and makes a sign to the musicians, at which they begin a wild rhythm instantly then transition to a soft and swaying tune.

Salome: An Invitation to the Dance

Salome dances the Dance of the Seven Veils. She appears to faint for a moment, then pulls herself together with new strength. After the dance is finished, Salome reveals her diabolical request: the head of Jochanaan on a silver platter. Salome reminds her stepfather of the oath he swore before the banquet guests. Herod relents.

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Herodias removes the Ring of Death from his hand and dispatches the First Soldier to take it to the executioner. Salome leans over the edge of the cistern but hears no sound below, no begging or pleading from the condemned prophet.

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She detects a dull noise of something falling on the stones. Salome orders the Page into the cistern to claim her prize. Just then, the black arm of the executioner emerges with the head of Jochanaan on a silver shield. Du wolltest mich nicht deinen Mund kussen lassen, Jochanaan! Unable to command his attention in life, she painstakingly mocks him in death. Salome addresses the closed eyes that never met her gaze and praises his white-pillared body.

And his blood-red lips, which she vainly begged to kiss, Salome now tastes in all their bitterness. Login Go. Program R. Scene 2.


Salome arrives in an excited state.