The Grid - An Allegory for Our Times

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The Project: Taking the next step

But Amirpour can be also be confounding to viewers seeking understanding of her work beyond what's onscreen. Her films offer rich and loaded images, and sparse dialogue to explain them. As an artist, she's more determined to ask questions than answer them. She's had her limbs taken away. She's been dismembered by these people.

With the truth of seeing things how they are, comes a lot of discomfort. When an audience member challenged her over the brutal violence that black characters in the film suffer, she answered: "Just because I give you something to look at, doesn't mean I'm telling you what to see. Addressing the "Bad Batch" controversy, Amirpour reiterates that the choices she made every step of the way were deliberate — and not meant to offend, but to spark deeper examination.

I'm led into all these things I'm exploring by my feelings.

Allegory Handrafted Goods Co. by Chad Schumacher — Kickstarter

I believe what I say, I believe in asking difficult questions through art and through these stories and through these characters," she says. I'm brown! And I grew up and fought my way to my life, working really hard to do what I do and be where I am.

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I don't have any concept of how it would be possible for someone to misunderstand me as an enemy of anybody. She says she is asking tough questions in "The Bad Batch," even as she resists answering them herself. Can you break out of your system?

Jonathan Lethem: ‘I’ve always thought of myself as a dark writer, but this is utterly different’

Does everything we do originate out of our social conditioning? That's not what I see outside my door. I feel like we all need to take a look at how we treat each other," says Amirpour. She smiles. It's pure feeling… there's something about that song that cuts my gut open. And as a filmmaker courting controversy in the Internet age, she laughs, she's a bit envious of pop idols like Lionel Richie and Michael Jackson, creators behind some of the most powerful music in history — whose songs, unlike certain challenging art films, get to speak for themselves.

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THE ROAD, an Allegory of Life

Now Second, stronger quake Ridgecrest shakes Southern California, causing more damage. And it might have worsened quake strain.

A memorial is defined as a location with an honorable purpose. This has long been the space of unfinished ideas and ambitious intentions, a space whose hazy past and unpredictable future failed to articulate a convincing present narrative. While the Memorial Park is primarily conceived as a location of respect, it will also serve as an urban park and a public space tailored to various events.

The Memorial Park also manages to fulfill its educational mission, presenting its visitors with fragments of national historical, technological, architectural and cultural phenomena through a precise grid representing our urban diversity. This space can host diverse public events and convey different cultural standpoints, making it a place of dialogue and political exchange. The Memorial Park project rethinks the urban area encircled by the City of Vukovar Street, its neighboring northern alleys and the existent buildings of the Embassy, while striving to maintain the present green spaces.

The project will appropriately reshape the existent lawn by dividing it into two grassy hills and a small green valley. This spatial grid outlines a system of lanes, footpaths, bridges and walls, creating specific divisions within a congruent whole.

Homeland Memorial Park

From the grid arises a series of walls of varying heights, stretching this spatial system up to 6 meters above the ground. Each of these rooms illustrates a particular region of our homeland. Different cities, towns, districts and counties are presented in a rectangular collage, each depicted by tiny hills, squares, living rooms, decorative forests and parks with diverse flora. admin