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It is a tradition that Jonathan lived at one time in Ando- ver, Mass. In , they lived in Concord, N. It stood at the fork of the road at St. March 2, , Jonathan executed a will, appointing his son Amos executor, and it was admitted to probate in Exeter, May 30, The following year , Amos removed to HoUis, N. Eber Eastman, of No.

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Haverhill, said when living, that his mother had seen Hannah, when an old lady, riding horseback behind her son Amos in Hollis. In a list of people in Hollis who died at great age, the name of Hannah does not appear. The date of the deaths and the place of burial of Jonathan and Hannah Eastman is unknown, but as we trace the life and character of this devoted couple, we cannot fail to observe that they possessed to a notable degree the true pioneer spirit.

We find the tribe ever the leaders, but never the followers of civilization. Where the Indian once hunted and fished and lived his sav- age life, pretty villages now cluster among the trees and hill- sides, and well-filled barns and storehouses attest to the f ruitf ul- ness of the country and the industry of the inhabitants. Hard indeed would it be to find a hamlet, however small, that did not contain one or more of the descendants of Jonathan Eastman and wife Hannah.

From Massachusetts line to Canada, they have left the impress of their lives upon the land and upon the people. The descendants of Jonathan Eastman show on the New Hampshire Revolutionary rolls their loyalty to the colony in Four brothers, grandsons of Jonathan Eastman, served in the war of the revolution. Take the Eastmans as a whole, the writer has found them extremely patriotic, and all, with the exception of only two, very fond of their country. No costly granite, nor sculptured marble, marks the resting place of this couple. Mournfully and sweet the breezes chant a requiem over those lonely graves hidden among the granite hills.

But in the hearts and memories of their descendants they will ever be held in honored remembrance, until that " last great day " when each hillside grave shall give up its dead, " touched by God's right hand. This deed probably establishes the date, or about the date, of Jonathan's removal from Haverhill, and also that at the time he lived in Haverhill instead of Andover. It is a little singular the deed makes no mention of a consideration at all. This property is now owned by St.

Paul's School Corpora- tion, Concord. I give, devise, and dispose thereof in manner and form following. I also give her one cow, six sheep, one swine and my horse, to be hers forever, all which I will and order my son Amos to keep for her, winter and summer, or others of the like number if she dispose of them during the time she remains my widow. In witness whereof I, the said Jonathan Eastman have hereunto set my hand and seal in this second day of March Anno Domini , and in the twenty first year of his Majesty's reign.

John Shute. Richard Hazzen. Wash Pond is in Hampstead, N. Will can be found in Vol. March 17, ; d. July 20, April 20, : m. Elizabeth Uarriman. Hannah Wilkins. Aug, 3, June 5, They lived in Hadley. He married, and had a son, AVilliam H. He was a Canadian soldier. Samuel and Ann Marsh Cook. Eastman resided in Hadley, Mass. Timothy having no sons, the name in this branch becomes extinct. Judo 16, ; m. EbeDezer Marsh. June 2, ; m. Phiueas Lyman, April 5, June 2, , Oliver Smith.

Joseph was a student with Rev. Williams at Deerfield, Mass. He was three years a captive of the French government in Canada. On his return he settled on his grandfather Tilton's estate in Hadley. He was a deacon of the church in Hadley for many years, a staunch friend of Elder Edwards, and endorsed his views. No children. He was a Tory, and it was made so hot for him that he went to New York, where he soon after died. March 28, Ephraim Smith, of Gran by, Mass.

March 13, Peter Eastman probably settled in Suffield, Conn. From SuflSeld, Peter removed to New Jersey, probably on account of his mother going there, sometime between the birth of his son Hezekiah and son Benjamin. The earliest mention of him in New Jersey is in the deed mentioned below. It is very probable all his children, except the first five, were born in New Jersey, but no records of their birth can be found. He returned to Connecticut and located in New Fairfield in the thirties, as the proprietors records of Cornwall, show he bought land there in , and he was called then "of New Fairfield.

We have no record of his death, but it is probable he died soon after the leasing of his last and only farm to his beloved son, Joseph. No will or settlement of his estate has been found. The records of this branch of the family have been so imperfectly kept that not much data concerning them can be obtained, consequently we have to rely on tradition. One is that he had twelve sons and some daughters. It is possible he had more than one wife, though we have no record of another.

March 21, ; d. June 16, HezekiahS b. Consideration L, , acres of land in any place unappropriated in said Eastern Division of N. Alexander, Surveyor Gen. Deeds, liber K, folio Deeds, liber D, folio Burnett of N. About 30 acres are laid out by the north branch of Raritan so called to accomodate an iron work, the aforesaid tract I bought of Col.

John Hamilton which will appear in Records of Perth Amboy. John Sunderling. Ephraim Hubbell.

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Deeds, liber K, 2 folio Ithen Sill. The original is in possession of Mr. Almon R. Eastman, Waterville, N. Considerations hereafter mentioned hath Demised Leased and to farm letton unto the sd Joseph Eastman and to his heirs a certain farm or Tract of Land in Newfairfield aforesaid Being all ye land I now own in said Town sd tract of land is Bounded north on a highway west in said Joseph Eastmans Land, South on a River East on John Leaches land which farm is now in ye tenure ocupation of Azariah Eastman.

His estate was administered upon June i, AnneS b. May 6, ; bapt. LydiaS b. June 28, ; bapt. May 28, She married again, Dec. Hill ; died Oct. Doro- thy Lindsey Quimby. Eastman first lived in Salisbury, Mass. Book 27, p. Joseph Long, of Chester. On Oct. On Feb. Kimball was a wheelwright, and lived in Amesbury, Mass. July 8, , Caleb Pillsbury. Sarah Brown Clough, widow of Ezekiel Clough. Lucius Root East- man in his work says he married 2d Sarah Brown, but it is very doubtful of his having a second wife, as in his will dated Dec.

Also he mentions his son Timothy, of whom we have no account. He also mentions his " Brother Philip Huntoon. Samuel Eastman's will can be found in Vol. Chase Osgood. June 3, ; bapt. March 14, ; m. Sept 12, , Mary Bean, and removed to Salisbury, N. April 26, ; m. Samuel French, of Epping, N. April 24, June 26, ; went to Halifax, and died there. She died in Hop- kinton, N. Married 3d, Hannah ; she died in Hopkinton, Aug. Eastman settled in Kingston, N. Later it is sup- posed he removed to Hopkinton, N. May 11, May 4, ; d.


This child must be by a fourth wife, of whom we have no record. He died in Kingston, N. He lived in Kingston, N. May 7, May 12, , Anna Judkins. May 3, She died Feb. He married 2d, Mary ; married 3d, Elizabeth, who survived him. Thomas Eastman lived in Kingston, N.

I give and bequeath unto my beloved sons Obadiah and Thomas all my lands lying within the east parish in said Kingston, it being all my lands in my home place whereon I now live as it lays and is bounded and nine acres be it more or less in said parish as it lays and is bounded which I pur- chased of Thomas Brown of late of the parish the said lands with the buildings and the orchards thereon be it more or less with all the appurtenances, privileges, and commodities unto the same belonging or in anywise appertaining to be equaly divided between them the said Thomas and Obadiah and they, the said Obadiah and Thomas, their heirs and assigns forever the said premises to have and to hold forever.

I give and bequeath to my beloved son Thomas all my wearing cloaths. I give and bequeath unto my beloved daughters Sarah and Mary all the wearing cloaths that their mother, my late well beloved wife Mary brought with her to me when she became my wife, to be equely divided between them. Banister backs and round stand or tea table all which their mother brought with her when she became my wife and to be equely divided between them the said household goods to be delivered to the said two daughters when they arrive at the age of eighteen years or if they or either of them should marry sooner than that age, then to be given to them on their marriage but their wearing clothes to be given up to them as soon as they grow up to wear them, and if either of them should depart this life before the above mentioned things are delivered to them as before mentioned, then the survivor to have and to enjoy aU as if both of said daughters should die before they come into possession as afforesaid that then my will is that all these things given to my two daughters, shall go to my son Ebenezer by him to be freely possessed and enjoyed forever.

Furthermore, I hereby will and ordain my said executor immediately after my decease to agree with his mother in law, my present wife well beloved wife Eliza- beth and make her full satisfaction for her trouble which she shall have been at with and for me and my family during the little time she has been my wife and furthermore in case my present wife should have a child by me I hereby will and ordain my said executor to pay the said child fifty pounds equel to the 'old tenor' when it shall arrive at the age of twenty one years.

Furthermore I will and ordain that my said executor shall give my daughter Sarah my looking glas which my said wife Mary brought with her to me when she shall arrive at the age of eighteen years and if she should marry sooner than that age then to be delivered on marriage also to Mary my great Bible to be given up to her when she arrive at the age of eighteen years and if she should marry sooner than that age, then to be delivered up to her on her marriage also to give up to the said Sarah a gold ring which was also my wife's to be delivered as the looking glass and to Mary a silver book pin and a pair of silver shirt buttons to be delivered as the Bible, And I do hereby utterly dissalow, revoke, and disanul all, every, and other former wills, testa- ments, legacies, and bequests by me in any way before named, willed, and bequeathed ratifying and confirming this and no other to be my last will and testament.

Andrew Wiggin Esq. Judge of the Probate of wills for said Obadiah Eastman executor of the foregoing will and testa- ment presented the same to be proved and accepted that trust. Jeremiah Webster Esq. Jeremiah Currier and Joseph Eastman, the subscribing witnesses appeared and made solemn oath that they were present and saw Thomas Eastman the testator sign, seal and heard him declare this instrument to be his last will and testament that at time of doing this he was to their best discerning of a sound mind and memory and that they subscribed their names hereunto as witnesses at the same time in the testators presence wherefore said will is proved, approved, allowed, vide " Andrew Wiggin.

Examined by William Parker, Register. Edward Eastman. Daniel Eastman. April 23, ; d. Eliphalet Crordon, of New Hampton, N. Letters of administration were granted to Margaret Eastman, Oct. April 21, April 3, ; bapt June 6, April 30, ; bapt. May 10, ; bapt. June 27, ; bapt. June 5, ; bapt. March 31, She out- lived him.

He and his wife were admitted to the church in South Hampstead, N. Joseph Hoyt', b. Ist, Sarah Collins ; 2d, widow Ruth Brown. He was known as " Capt. His wife survived him. Oct 31, ; m. Ist, Sarah Shepard, of Salisbury, Jan. Joanuah Smith. He died in Hopkinton, N. Martha Clough. Eastman lived in Salisbury, Mass.

April 21, ; m. July 27, , Samuel Baker. March 20, June 28, June 21, April 6, ; d. He never married ; was a ship carpenter, viii. April 21, ; d. They lived in Salisbury. April 28, ; was a Revolutionary soldier, and served in Colonel Bedel's regiment against Canada, in May 16, , Mary Jackman. She died Sept. June 26, , WiUiam Walton. Ebenezer Webster. She died in She was his second wife. Joseph Hoit and settled in Sandwich, N. Sally Flanders, and had 1 Albert G. May 21, Joanna Willey. He settled in South Hampton, N. On the South Hampton church records, there is to be found the record of three of his chil- dren as being baptized.

It is probable he removed to San- down, where he died, as license was granted by the Judge of Probate, dated July 27, , to sell real estate of David Eastman, late of Sandown, to Susannah Eastman. She married 2d, Nathaniel Eastman. He settled in Byfield, Mass. June 29, Ist, a Mr.

Gould ; 2d, Joseph Folsom. Sept 3, May 1, ; m. Ebenezer Prescott. Nancy Cram. Sept, , Abner Hoyt. March 23, He was a Revolutionary soldier, served in Captain Livermore's company. Third N. Regiment, in , and in Captain Eangman's company, in March 14, May 13, Eastman settled in Newton, and at the time supposed he was in Massachusetts, but when the line was run out found he was in New Hampshire. I, Roger Easman of New- ton in the State of New Hampshire in New England, Husbandman, being sensible of my mortal state, and finding the infirmities of age coming upon me, but through the good- ness of God of perfect mind and memory and of a disposing mind and knowing that it is appointed for all men once to die.

Do make and ordain this my last will and testament : and in the first place I give and recommend my soul into the hands of God who gave it, and my body I commit to the earth to be buried in a decent Christian manner at the descretion of my executor after named, nothing doubting but at the general ressurection I shall receive the same again by the mighty power of God, and as to such worldly goods and estate as it hath pleased God to bless me within this life, I give and dispose in the following manner and form.

I likewise give to my said Jenne Sargent one pound four shil- lings lawfuU money to be paid her out of my estate by my son Isaac Easman in six years after my decease. Then Moses Pillsbury, personaly appear- ing made solomn oath to the truth of the above deposition by him subscribed, and at the same time Micajah Pillsbury, one of the subscribing witnesses made solomn oath that he saw Roger Eastman the testator sign, seal and heard him declare this instrument to be his last will and testament, that at the time of doing so he was to the best of said Micajah's discern- ment of soimd and disposing mind and memory, and that he with Caleb Pillsbury deceased and Isaac Pillsbury, not present set their names hereto as witnesses in presence of the testator.

Sarah Sargent. May 22, Henry Hunt. The births not in order. He lived in Norwich, Conn. It is said he removed to Woodstock, Conn. April 22, ; d. Amos Scott. His sister was wife of Jonathan Eastman They were married in Norwich, Conn. Late in life he removed to Vermont and located in Bristol, but later removed to New York, and founded a new settlement, which they called Woodville. March 2, March 31, ; m. Parthenia ; had SOD, William. March 5, ; m. Ist, a Hibbard ; 2d, Obadiah Kiugsley. There is a tradition in the family that he served in the French war and in the Revolutionary war, died with fever in Charlestown, Mass.

Miss Emer- son, a cousin, said when living she had seen his grave, but now no trace of it can be found. The name of his wife is unknown. It is said Samuel left a widow and five children. He married and settled in Bridgewater, N. Thomas Eastman enlisted April 23, , in Capt. Isaac Baldwin's company, Col. John Stark's regiment, as a private ; time of service, three months and sixteen days. This was the same company his brother Collins was in. Thomas Eastman again enlisted in Captain Hutchins's company, Col.

Joseph Cilley's regiment, as a private; mus- tered in February, His brother John was in this same company. Thomas was in the battle of Bunker Hill, where his captain was killed. It is honor enough to know he was in the battle of Bunker Hill, with a big B. Eastman removed from Hopkinton, N.

Dorothy Peaslee. Sally Howe ; settled in Holdemess, N. Polly Harris ; settled in Holdemess, N. He was called "Bonus. Gardner K. Sargent, and had two daughters ; d. Was a stonecutter. Dolly Pingree ; had one son, Winslow, murdered in Cali- fornia. John Eastman enlisted in Captain Hutchins's company, Col. Joseph Cilley's regiment, in February, This was the same company his brother Thomas was in. Nathaniel Hutchins com- pany, has been a deserter with the enemy, has since returned and joined his regiment and was present last Dec.

Signed "D. Livermore, Capt. Preserved BobinBon. July 2, March 18, ; m. Samuel Clifford. Jaly 12, ; m. July 6, , Hazen Walker, of Boscawen, N. Jonathan Fowler, of Hopkinton, N. John Tilton; had Timothy Fowler. Olive Hale, iii. June 19, March 7, April 3, March 21, After his death his widow married again. June 6, April 1, July 12, July 30, July 30, ; d. She neyer married. He lived in Newport and Boscawen, N.

June 22, March 6, Eastman was one of the first members of the church in Hopkinton, N. March 21, ; died. April 10, Thomas Cater, of Hopkinton, N. He lived in Hop- kinton, N. May 1, July 10, March 10, ; m. Benadam Denison. John Swan, Jr. Mary Prentice, iv. March 12, Amy Denison. Abigail Randall. She was a lineal descendant of Nehemiah and Ann Bourne Smith.

Ist, William Wheeler ; 2d, Thomas Wheeler. June 5, ; m. Isaac Wheeler, iii. Isaac Avery. July 15, ; m. Esther Avery, vi.

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  • Experience Smith, vii. John Wheeler. July 26, ; m. Isaac Hewitt. He came to Concord, N. He always resided in Concord, N. He enlisted Jan. April 17, ; Revolutionary soldier in battle of Bunker Hill, iy. July 31, Bill Philips," on a forged license, and had one son. She left him and joined the Shakers in Canterbury, N. She was married by Esq. Ebenezer Eastman, of East Concord, N. She died at the Shakers Nov. He died about , about years of age.

    She never married. She was probably born in Haverhill, Mass. Eastman was one of the most useful citizens of his genera- tion; was a man of sterling integrity, great resolution and force, of sound judgment, and took a leading part in the business of the town. Mary Brad- ley, and died May 22, Pecker, East Concord.

    He had no children. He was about forty years of age when he married. June 10, ; married Mary Chandler, and d. Page, and settled in Fryeburg, Me. He lived in Concord, N. He signed the oath of allegiance in He was with Colonel Gerrish at Ticonderoga. His tax in was 9 pounds, 9 shillings, and 4 pence. Mary6, b. Asa KinibalL ii. May 27, ; ni. Joseph Eastman see No. March 3, ; m. Lucretia Tyler, iv. David Young. March 4, ; ra.

    FULL Family and Friends Grade 5 Special Edition - FullHD 1080p

    Syble Chamberlain. William Charaberlain, of Peacham, Vt. Ebenezer Webster's company at Ticonderoga in His town taxes in were 8 pounds, 9 shillings. Ruth Bradley. April 6, ; ni. Abiel Blanchard, of Peacham, Vt iii. Abiel Blanchard. His second wife. July 9, ; m. Abigail Kimball. April 7, ; m. James Hosmer. Eastman was a merchant in Concord, but eventually removed to Maine. An old account book of his is in the possession of Mr. Eastman, of Cornish, Me. Sarah was about eight years of age when her mother was captured. Eastman lived in Salem, N. He seems to have been a worthy and substantial citizen.

    He was chosen selectman ten times, commencing in , in which year he was chosen treasurer of the town ; was moderator in Samuel Hazeltines pue, for one hundred and sixty and one pounds, which I resign to Obadiah Eastman, his giving the town security, as witness my hand. It is said that Mehitable married again, but we have no record of it. The grave of Obadiah is in the cemetery near the south part of the town, and is the only grave, so far as known, of an Eastman in town.

    His children all left town and died elsewhere, except those who died young. April 27, ; m. Mehitable Merrill, iii. June 22, ; d. Enoch Knight; d. April 11, Anna Kimball. Ezra Carter. Her first child was bom before she was fourteen years old. She was married by Rev. Timothy Walker, Jan. Carter died, and his widow married 2d, by Rev.

    Timothy Walker, Aug. He was the first lawyer and tavern keeper in Boscawen. Thomas Gross. Thomas Ger- rish. The child was christened after the Episcopal ser- vice, Daniel Webster being ite god-father. His father was Gen. Samuel Fessenden, of Portland, Me. William Pitt graduated from Bowdoin College in , with dis- tinguished honors, receiving his degree of A. Sach precocity has few equals ; one was Edward Everett, and another was the great commoner of England, for whom he was named. He was a member of the national convention in 1B40, candidate for congress in , member of national con- vention in same year.

    He was elected to congress in , elected senator in , for six years. The year previous, Bowdoin conferred on him the degree of LL. He died suddenly after a week's illness, Sept. His mother married Nathaniel Green, of Boscawen, N. Daniel Peterson. During the French and Indian war, in Septem- ber, , he was one of Capt. John Chandler's company of scouts, and in he was sergeant in Capt. Joseph East- man's his brother's company of Rangers, who marched to Albany, then to Fort Edward, in the expedition against Crown Point.

    September, , he was one of Captain Marston's company, at Crown Point. Early in the Revolu- tion he enlisted as sergeant, on April 23, , for three months and sixteen days, in Captain Baldwin's company, in Col. John Stark's regiment. He was with Stark on the seventeenth of June at the battle of Bunker Hill. During the siege of Boston, in , in consequence of the Connect- icut troops retiring at the expiration of their term of enlist- ment. General Washington sent messages to the Committee of Safety of New Hampshire, for three regiments of militia to be raised immediately for his reinforcement, and within ten days thereafter.

    The sixth com- pany on the list was from Concord, N. Benjamin Emery, of which company Moses Eastman was second lieutenant. These companies of militia were discharged soon after the evacuation of Boston, March 17, In September, , Moses Eastman again enlisted in Capt. Joshua Abbott's company, in Lieut. This company marched to reinforce the Northern Army, and while they arrived too late for the battle of Bennington, they joined the army at Saratoga, and were present at the surrender of Burgoyne.

    In August, , Moses Eastman again enlisted as sergeant in Capt. Aaron Quinby's company of volunteers, in Col. Moses Kelly's regiment, in the expedition to Rhode Island. Moses was a signer of the Association Test, in 1 , wherein each of the subscribers solemnly engaged and promised that they would to the utmost of their power, at the "risque" of their lives and fortunes, with arms oppose the hostile proceedings of the British fleets and armies against the United American colo- nies.

    In the Old Fort Cemetery in East Concord, a fine granite monolith was erected last October to the memory of thirteen Revolutionary soldiers buried there. Five of the names inscribed on the tablet were Eastmans, among whom were Moses and David Eastman. Jacob Carter. John West. Ruth Carter. Esther Farnum. Sally Thompson.

    Aaron Austin. Susan Osgood. May 11, ; m. Abigail Virgin, ix. April 2, ; m. Lathrop, of Cleve- land, O. Persist b. May 81, ; id. Jacob Trossel, of Canaan, N. Eastman was licensed as a tavern keeper in Ashford, in On the town records of Ashford will be found the births of his first six children, and on the records of Rehoboth, R. On the Congregational church records in Rehoboth will be found the date of the baptism of the children of Samuel East- man, viz.

    On the same records will be found the name of Dorothy Eastman, a member of the church, Jan. This was probably Mrs. Eastman, as her daughter Dorothy would have been rather young to join the church at eleven years of age. It is not known when or where Samuel or his wife died, but it is thought in Rehoboth.

    July 7, ; d. Jane 6, June 20, ; m. March 30, ; settled in Rutland, Vt. One of these daughters married a Bixby. He lived in Ashford ; was a surveyor of high- ways in Sept 27, He was a ReyolutioDary soldier.

    Quinn Eastman

    July 22, ; m. Mary Trumbull. April 4, The date of his death is unknown. Cheeney and wife both joined the church in Ashford, May 16, He bought lands there of Martha Fitch, of Boston, Oct. Thomas Cheeney, April 13, Six of their children were living at the date of their uncle's death, and inherited a share of his estate. May 23, ; bapt July 11, July 1, ; bapt. June 10, ; bapt. June 27, May 23, ; bapt. July 11, March 14, ; d. John Babyno.

    John Cheeney, a son by adoption ; bapt. Oct 12, Eastman was a farmer. Late in life he removed to Northfield, N. Of his family record it is difficult to obtain much, especially dates, as his records were lost by fire at the " Shakers. April 28, The order of births may not be correct. He, with Peter Green probably his uncle , owned a large share of Hampstead, as also the island in Island Pond in Hampstead. We have no further record of him except the birth of his children on the town books.

    The proprietors of Haverhill, March 21, , gave to Hon. Richard Saltonstall, a member of His Majesty's Council, one half of the large island in Island Pond, in consideration of valuable services rendered the proprietors ; the remainder was sold to him for thirty shillings an acre. It was then estimated to contain two hundred acres, and called Island Farm in Perch Pond.

    Benning Wentworth in 1. This Jonathan Eastman must have been the father of Peter, as his will mentions Wash Pond, which lies in Hampstead, though no record is in existence of Jona- than ever living in Hampstead. Peter settled in the town about , and made his home near the western shore of Wash Pond. Peter Eastman was town clerk of Hampstead in and On a petition sent to Gov. Benning Went worth and to the General Court assembled Jan.

    In a list of persons assessed in Hampstead in the name of Dr. Peter Eastman appears. June 24, Oct 15, May 7, ; d. Oct 16, July 7, Philips, Nov. She died in Pembroke, N. Sarah was the widow of Job Abbott. Eastman settled first in Pembroke, N. Soon after, he removed to Lovell, Me. The most of his children settled in Conway and the adjoining towns, and at this day there are more of the name in that part of the country than any place known, the greater part of them descendants of Richard.

    He took a prominent part in the settlement of Fryeburg, and was a deacon of the church there. Oct 27, ; d. April 29, April 20, May 6, July 26, April 7, ; d. July 17, Eastman removed to Haverhill, N. U, April 8, July 15, Nathan Jadd. Colonel Johnson's regiment, at Coos, N. He was also in Colonel Hale's regiment in He was from Bath, N. We can find no further record of him. Amos lived in Concord, N. Paul's School, about two miles west of the city.

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    To be honest, I was never truly satisfied with that, and explored approximately 7 other study options yes, I still went to uni without finishing school - and again, I was left hungry for more juice. So, after about 7 years of exploration of "the thing" that would satisfy my need for creativity, togetherness, and freedom the pillars of my business now , something happened.

    A big catalyst. I found out I was pregnant Yep, it's as hectic as it sounds. And, right when I was 4 months pregnant, that fabulous man and I both lost big contracts in our work, and were all of a sudden, income-less. As they say, from the ashes, the phoenix rises. Honestly, my story hasn't felt like that at all, but when I look back, I can see that THAT is exactly what has happened.

    So what happened next was not so much panic, but action-packed planning and problem solving. I called my friend Alice you can check her out here , she's amazing , asked her how I go about doing this oils thing she does so well, and I started an oils business immediately. I'd built up trust in the oils over the previous 2 years using them, and it had only just dawned on me, that the business opportunity attached to those beautiful oils, was calling for me.

    Yep, we've been on quite the trip. This work has breathed life into my ideas, my family, my heart, my belief, my relationships, my quality of work, my need for community, my devotion to making my life sacred, and so notably, my financial health. This work has provided a way for me to honour my duty to nurture, love and be present with my children, and has allowed me to pursue my own creative and entrepreneurial desires.

    I know myself well enough by now, to know that I am not a woman who would ever decide between being a mother or a light worker in soulful entrepreneurship. I have always known that I would need both. And nothing less.

    Cadence Sinclair Eastman in We Were Liars

    We have grown exponentially in our short time together, Team Heart. I am now the foundress of a 6-figure organisation, and honestly, that has me welling up at the very thought of it. And I'll be real, to ground my business in results and growth, it was 2 years of …. I did the tremendously hard yards and the gritty, behind the scenes work when no one was watching. I had tough conversations and deeply meaningful ones. I modelled the possibilities available to each and every one of you, and I breathed life into the ideas that had sat dormant in my mind for too long, and I hope that it breathes life into yours too.

    And finally, I had the discernment to never let the hard stuff stop me. I have grown exponentially more in this work than I have with the rest of my life combined.