Der ländliche Raum - Definition, Funktionen und Merkmale des ländlichen Raumes (German Edition)

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Prices do not include postage and handling if applicable. Volume 47 Issue 1 Oct , pp. Volume 45 Issue 1 Nov , pp. Volume 44 Issue 1 Dec , pp. Volume 43 Issue 1 Dec , pp. Volume 42 Issue 1 Nov , pp. Volume 41 Issue 1 Nov , pp. Volume 40 Issue 1 Nov , pp. Volume 39 Issue 1 Nov , pp.

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Volume 27 Issue jg Dec , pp. Volume 26 Issue jg Dec , pp. Early Film Theory [-]4. The Reinvention of Cinema in Abstract Film [-]2. A Universal Language [-]3. Bergson, Intuition, and Art [-]4. Transition to Film [-]6. Forays [-]2. A Meditation on Mediated Dogs [-]3. The Agony of the Starfish: Uexk ll's Chronophotography [-]4. Of Ticks and Humans [-]5.

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Against Anthropocentrism: Umwelt and Cinema [-]6. The Mediation of a Dog's World [-]2. A Brief Aesthetic History of Stimmung [-]3. Bal zs, Kammerspielfilm, and Expressionism [-]5. Cinema's Milieu [-]3. Life and the Temporalities of Film and Painting [-]4. Conclusion: Vital Cinema [-][-]Bibliography. P65 Unknown.

Climate politics and the impact of think tanks : scientific expertise in Germany and the US []. Ruser, Alexander, author. It includes advanced empirical analysis of the case of Germany, compared with the situation in the USA. R86 Unknown. Bleuler, Anna Kathrin, author. Beck, [] Description Book — pages, 8 pages of plates : illustrations chiefly color ; 18 cm. H4 B54 Unknown. Comanches and Germans on the Texas frontier : the ethnology of Heinrich Berghaus []. Gelo, Daniel J. First edition. Heinrich Berghaus's study was based on lexical data gathered by a young German settler in Texas, Emil Kriewitz, and included a groundbreaking list of Comanche words and their German translations.

Berghaus also offered Kriewitz's cultural notes on the Comanches, a discussion of the existing literature on the three tribes, and an original map of Comanche hunting grounds. Perhaps because it was published only in German, the existence of Berghaus's study has been all but unknown to North American scholars, even though it offers valuable insights into Native American languages, toponyms, ethnonyms, hydronyms, and cultural anthropology.

It was also a significant document revealing the history of German-Comanche relations in Texas. Daniel J. Gelo and Christopher J. Wickham now make available for the first time a reliable English translation of this important nineteenth-century document. In addition to making the article accessible to English speakers, they also place Berghaus's work into historical context and provide detailed commentary on its value for anthropologists and historians who study German settlement in Texas.

Comanches and Germans on the Texas Frontier will make significant contributions to multiple disciplines, opening a new lens onto Native American ethnography and ethnology. C85 G45 Unknown. A companion to Nazi Germany []. Description Book — xvi, pages : illustrations ; 26 cm.

Since that time, scholarly debate about its causes has volleyed continuously between the effects of political and military decisions, pathological development, or modernity gone awry. Was terror the defining force of rule, or was popular consent critical to sustaining the movement? Were the German people sympathetic to Nazi ideology, or were they radicalized by social manipulation and powerful propaganda? Was the "Final Solution" the motivation for the Third Reich's rise to power, or simply the outcome?

A Companion to Nazi Germany addresses these crucial questions with historical insight from the Nazi Party's emergence in the s through its postwar repercussions. From the theory and context that gave rise to the movement, through its structural, cultural, economic, and social impacts, to the era's lasting legacy, this book offers an in-depth examination of modern history's most infamous reign.

Assesses the historiography of Nazism and the prehistory of the regime Provides deep insight into labor, education, research, and home life amidst the Third Reich's ideological imperatives Describes how the Third Reich affected business, the economy, and the culture, including sports, entertainment, and religion Delves into the social militarization in the lead-up to war, and examines the social and historical complexities that allowed genocide to take place Shows how modern-day Germany confronts and deals with its recent history Today's political climate highlights the critical need to understand how radical nationalist movements gain an audience, then followers, then power.

While historical analogy can be a faulty basis for analyzing current events, there is no doubt that examining the parallels can lead to some important questions about the present. Exploring key motivations, environments, and cause and effect, this book provides essential perspective as radical nationalist movements have once again reemerged in many parts of the world. C Unknown. The Construction of Ottonian Kingship : narratives and myth in tenth-century Germany []. Grabowski, Antoni, author. G73 Unknown. Le couple franco-allemand et le Royaume-Uni : une histoire d'Europe s [].

Chikhoun, Laurent, author. Paris : L'Harmattan, [] Description Book — pages : illustrations ; 22 cm.

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C Unavailable At bindery Request. Cryptic concrete : a subterranean journey into Cold War Germany []. Klinke, Ian, author. Description Book — xiii, pages : illustrations ; 24 cm. A scholarly work that suggests a reassessment of the history of geo- and bio-politics Attempts to understand the material architecture that was designed to protect and take life in nuclear war Zooms in on two types of structures - the nuclear bunker and the atomic missile silo Analyzes a broad range of sources through the lens of critical theory and argues for an appreciation of the two subterranean structures complementary nature.

G3 K55 Unknown. D36 Unknown. Dangerous mystic : Meister Eckhart's path to the God within []. Harrington, Joel F. Joel Francis , author.

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  4. Description Book — xvii, pages : illustrations, maps ; 25 cm Summary Meister Eckhart was a medieval Christian mystic whose wisdom powerfully appeals to seekers seven centuries after his death. Dangerous Mystic grounds Meister Eckhart in a world that is simultaneously familiar and alien. E3 H Unknown. Datenschutzrecht : Grundlagen und europarechtliche Neugestaltung []. Beck, Description Book — xxxii, pages ; 24 cm. R87 Unknown. The death of democracy : Hitler's rise to power []. Hett, Benjamin Carter, author. A timely reminder of the fragility of democracy and the dangers of extreme nationalism.

    The Death of Democracy explores one of the great questions in all of human history: what caused the fall of one of the most progressive governments in twentieth-century Europe, and the rise of the most terrifying? Drawing on extraordinary individual stories to illustrate its broader arguments, this revelatory new account presents a panoramic portrait of Germany at a turning point, focusing on the global dimension of the Nazi phenomenon as part of a widespread reaction against a world order of triumphant, cosmopolitan liberal democracy and capitalism after the First World War.

    This was a world situation that pushed its opponents to embrace authoritarianism, nationalism and economic self-sufficiency, kick-starting a revolution reliant upon the innovative exploitation of new media technologies, and the formidable political and self-promotional skills of its leader. Based on award-winning research and recently discovered archival material, The Death of Democracy is an authoritative and panoramic new survey of one of the most pivotal periods in modern history, and a book with a clear and important message for the world today.

    H Unknown. Description Book — pages ; 24 cm. H Unavailable At bindery Request. Democracy in exile : Hans Speier and the rise of the defense intellectual []. Bessner, Daniel, author. Ithaca : Cornell University Press, Description Book — xv, pages : illustrations ; 22 cm. Summary Preface Acknowledgments Introduction 1. Masses and Marxism in Weimar Germany 2. The Social Role of the Intellectual Exile 3.

    Public Opinion, Propaganda, and Democracy in Crisis 4. Psychological Warfare in Theory and Practice 5. The Making of a Defense Intellectual 6. The Adviser 7. The Institution Builder 8. In Democracy in Exile, Daniel Bessner shows how the experience of the Weimar Republic's collapse and the rise of Nazism informed Hans Speier's work as an American policymaker and institution builder.

    Bessner delves into Speier's intellectual development, illuminating the ideological origins of the expert-centered approach to foreign policymaking and revealing the European roots of Cold War liberalism. Democracy in Exile places Speier at the center of the influential and fascinating transatlantic network of policymakers, many of them German emigres, who struggled with the tension between elite expertise and democratic politics. Speier was one of the most prominent intellectuals among this cohort, and Bessner traces his career, in which he advanced from university intellectual to state expert, holding a key position at the RAND Corporation and serving as a powerful consultant to the State Department and Ford Foundation, across the mid-twentieth century.

    Bessner depicts the critical role Speier played in the shift in American intellectual history in which hundreds of social scientists left their universities and contributed to the creation of an expert-based approach to U. As Bessner writes: to understand the rise of the defense intellectual, we must understand Hans Speier.

    S69 B47 Unknown. Stockinger, Claudia, author.

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    G37 S86 Unknown. Deutsche Auslandskorrespondenten im Jahrhundert : die Entstehung einer transnationalen journalistischen Berufskultur []. Hillerich, Sonja, author. F67 H55 Unknown. Ces dangereux livres, en ce qu'on ne peut Unterschlagene Quellen deutschsprachiger Erotica im Da solls an ein Gucken gehn!

    E68 D48 Unknown. Die Deutschen : eine Autobiographie, aufgezeichnet von Dichtern und Denkern []. Fried, Johannes author. Beck, [] Description Book — pages : illustrations ; 21 cm. F75 Unknown. Croitoru, Joseph, author. C76 Unknown. Deutsches Haus : Roman []. Hess, Annette, author. E D48 Unknown. Deutschland, Deutschland Paul, Helmut, author. Wider die Dealer! Anglerdeutsch Oder, Odra : oder?

    A Brief Introduction

    Sollen wir Sie evakuieren? P38 Unavailable At bindery Request. Sow, Noah, author. Was ist Rassismus? S69 Unavailable On order Request. Deutschland und Afghanistan : verwobene Geschichte n []. A35 D48 Unknown. Deviation []. English D'Eramo, Luce, , author. First American edition.

    Berlin : Verlag Theater der Zeit, Description Book — pages : illustration chiefly colour ; 29 cm. T53 V. Dinosaurierfragmente : zur Geschichte der Tendaguru-Expedition und ihrer Objekte, []. Heumann, Ina, author. H48 Unknown. Kieninger, Stephan, author. Description Book — xiv, pages ; 25 cm. The volume examines the relevance of trade across the Iron Curtain as a means to facilitate mutual trust, as well as the emergence of new habits of transparency regardless of recurring military crises. A major theme of the book concerns Helmut Schmidt's foreign policy and his contribution to the resilience of cooperative security policies in East-West relations.

    It examines Schmidt's crucial role in the Euromissile crisis, his Ostpolitik diplomacy and his pan-European trade initiatives to engage the Soviet Union in a joint perspective of trade, industry and technology. Another key theme concerns the crisis in US-Soviet relations and the challenges of meaningful leadership communication between Washington and Moscow in the absence of backchannel diplomacy during the Carter years.

    The book depicts the freeze in US-Soviet relations after the Soviet invasion in Afghanistan, the declaration of martial law in Poland, and Helmut Schmidt's efforts to serve as a mediator and interpreter working for a relaunch of US-Soviet dialogue.

    Eventually, the book highlights George Shultz's pivotal role in the Reagan Administration's efforts to improve US-Soviet relations, well before Mikhail Gorbachev's arrival. This book will be of interest to students of Cold War studies, diplomatic history, foreign policy and international relations. K Unknown. Disruptive power : Catholic women, miracles, and politics in modern Germany, [].

    O'Sullivan, Michael E. Toronto : University of Toronto Press, [] Description Book — xiii, pages : illustrations ; 24 cm. Summary List of illustrations Acknowledgements Introduction 1. The book follows the dramatic stigmata of Therese Neumann of Konnersreuth and her powerful circle of followers that included theologians, Cardinals, politicians, journalists, monarchists, anti-fascists, and everyday pilgrims.

    Disruptive Power explores how this and other similar groups negotiated the precariousness of the Weimar Republic, the repression of the Third Reich, and the dynamic early years of the Federal Republic. Analyzing a network of rebellious traditionalists, O'Sullivan illustrates the divisions that characterized the German Catholic minority as they endured the tumultuous era of the world wars. O'Sullivan investigates the unsanctioned but very popular visions in several rural towns after World War II, providing micro-histories that illuminate the impact of mystical faith on religiosity, politics, and gender norms.

    O88 Unknown. Documents on the papal plenary indulgences preached in the Regnum Teutonicum []. Leiden : Brill, [] Description Book — xx, pages : illustrations, maps ; 24 cm. This volume prints for the first time in a modern edition the full text of all available papal bulls and brevia between and which granted plenary indulgences i.

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    The Regnum Teutonicum provides the geographical framework, since it includes all the areas where the Reformation initially broke out. D63 Unknown. Dokumente zur Geschichte des deutschen Zionismus []. D65 Unknown. Dortmund, Sprachliche Vielfalt in der Stadt []. Description Book — pages : illustrations ; 24 cm. G3 D67 Unknown. D6 B54 Unknown. Jahrhundert []. Schmidt, Christian, author. Berlin : De Gruyter, [] Description Book — ix, pages ; 24 cm. S34 Unknown. Drawn to Berlin : comic workshops in refugee shelters and other stories from a new Europe [].

    Fitzgerald, Ali, author, illustrator. F45 D73 Unknown. Das dritte Reich : Diktatur, Volksgemeinschaft, Krieg []. E33 Unknown. Description Book — pages : illustrations ; 20 cm Summary Duisburg, R89 A5 Unavailable On order Request. Haag, Norbert, author. Duisburger Akzente 39th : : Duisburg, Germany , author. Volume 36 Issue 1 Nov , pp. Volume 35 Issue 1 Nov , pp.

    Volume 34 Issue 1 Nov , pp. Volume 33 Issue jg Dec , pp. Volume 32 Issue jg Dec , pp. Volume 31 Issue jg Dec , pp. Volume 30 Issue jg Dec , pp. Volume 29 Issue jg Dec , pp. Volume 28 Issue jg Dec , pp. Volume 27 Issue jg Dec , pp. Volume 26 Issue jg Dec , pp. Volume 25 Issue jg Dec , pp. Volume 24 Issue jg Dec , pp. Volume 23 Issue jg Dec , pp. Volume 22 Issue jg Dec , pp. Volume 21 Issue jg Dec , pp. Volume 20 Issue jg Dec , pp. Volume 19 Issue jg Dec , pp. Volume 18 Issue jg Dec , pp.

    Volume 17 Issue jg Dec , pp. Volume 16 Issue jg Dec , pp. Volume 15 Issue jg Dec , pp.