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The message can be a shared joy of something divine that has happened, a blessing of good things to come, or a warning of something we should prepare for. The items held by the angels or carried on their person, will also have great significance. We want to examine each object carefully, explore what each of them symbolizes, as well as what they each mean to us.

The masculinity or femininity of the angels in our dreams, also constitutes part of the message that they carry. Finally, actions and expressions are also important. What did the faces of the angels convey, and how did we feel in their presence? Similarly, the actions of our dream angels also carry meaning. An angel that is brandishing a sword in warning, will have a different message than one who is handing us his sword, or one who is standing still, with his sword pointed to the ground. If we are being handed something, then we may need to perform an important task, or go on a quest for our spiritual well being.

The nature of the task or quest will rely on the object handed to us. On the other hand, an angel standing with his sword pointed down, may be guarding us from something. Perhaps we need to be vigilant, check our spiritual defenses, and watch out for sinful temptations that may lead us astray.

Actions may also indicate immediacy of the message, in particular, whether we need to attend to it very soon, sometime in the near future, or NOW! The environment surrounding our angel is also important. An angel standing in the middle of a storm, signifies spiritual turbulence, whereas one who is standing in a calm pool of water, signifies peace and relaxation.

When we dream of angels, there is always the question of whether the angels are real and sent by God, or whether they are a manifestation of our subconscious mind.

However, some argue that angel dreams and visitations are the result of our subconscious mind only. They further propose that visitations that occur during the day could be the result of lucid dreaming. It could also be the result of a hallucination or trance. As with all things spiritual, that is difficult to prove or fully disprove.

The belief in angels, I think, is a very personal thing. And if so, then perhaps angels exist within us, if we but dare to see. Fallen angels have always had a strong allure to the human psyche. Fallen angels are exciting and dangerous because we can never predict their behavior. They are a wonderful fantasy and a beautiful dream.

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However, if we constantly seek the excitement of darkness, it will surely overwhelm and destroy us. We frequently dream of water, because water is such an important part of our lives. Here, we consider how to interpret our dreams about water by analyzing its cultural symbolism, and how that relates to our emotions and actions.

I jst saw 4 angels all white flying in the Dark cloud tro and Fro my Area, shock to behold such glorious site I lydown speaking in tongues, but am only worried no one will believe me whn I got hold of myself I try taken a video but it was jst the dark cloud on my screen but I can still see them with my eye indeed God loveth and reignet.

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I then work up but it was so vivid. I had a recurring dream as a child. My house caught on fire and I ran through the house as the smoke was right behind me. Her screams haunted me and was very terrified. A hovering angel was next to me while I watched in horror. I had this dream many times but finally understand I think why I was having this dream. I can Not remember my dream of course.. And before I woke I knew I Had to remember the name. This morning on June 10, , at am I woke from a dream in which I was walking near an interstate where there was a business I used to work for before I became disabled.

As I was nearing an exit a car stopped and a lady got out and pointed towards a fence where I just had passed and an angel was leaning against it. The angel was male, African in appearance, white wings but with blood here and there and wearing a breastplate and greaves. He had no weapon but looked as he had been a battle. The expression on his face was calm. Me and this white lady ran to attend this angel as several other people began stopping and getting out of their vehicles. Three of them were large men; one had a. Immediately the lady and I began to protest and then an light emulated from angel and his appearance changed.

His wings were now pure white, his armor undamaged, all the while he remained calm. He did not speak but the lady did. Next thing we are both in the sky; the lady had an expression of pure joy as I looked at the earth below so amazed. The earth was rounded; the sky was ethereal blue.

Next thing we both where on in a field bordered by trees. I noticed the angel walking ahead towards the edge. I woke up. I had a dream of an Angel flying in the sky wearing all white with a glow around it. I woke up immediately and Heard that was an Angel in my head.

I had my only Daughter Murdered last year she was pregnant we saved the baby but Unfortunately my daughter was shot 3 times 1 to the back of the head walking into her own house she was 5 steps and would of been in the door. Not all are believers. But I finally just said God I out it in your hands so I prayed about it and forget it and just believe God will give me Justice.

My current realionship ship is Violent and verbally abusive and really thinking of leaving him. I just want to know what the Meaning is Of an Angel flying glowing. I had a dream that an angel in golden color appeared to a congregation where I was but am the only one who managed to touch the Angel. And immediately I received supernatural powers, the Angel disappeared, i developed wings and flew. I ended up praying for them and the evil spirits were going away as they were asking me where they should go to.

I directed them to the desert. I had a dream that i was in an awkward position and i had angel wings formed from like an yellowish energy light that turned into white wings. Then i was outside the school with my kids and other on lookers as i was floating in pain where wings turned black and my eyes from white to red and when pain disappeared the wings on my back where white again but the feathers on the edge where black.

What does this mean? I had a dream just last week that I was chatting with a numbers of angels, but after some time the angels realised that not all of them are from God and that some were from the devil so they angels of God started fighting the one from the devil to protect and I was also praying behind them while they were fighting what does that mean and rem they were all men and in human nature. I had a dream recently about crashing ships in dark water.

With a cloudy sky in the dream after the ships crashed a man rose out of the water with long blonde hair that looked beaten then God made him an angel and gave him a staff and told him he could do good or bad with it if he chose to do bad that he would parish mortal. So me and my wife have been fighting a lot lately after being married for 2 years and together for almost 9 she was even thinking about splitting up. I asked if she wanted divorce she said no. I woke up and felt amazing. Me and my wife are working on things but wish I knew what this dream meant.

Any help much appreciated! Hello Pete my name is Jodi. My story relates to yours. I love him and he loves me god gave us a daughter and a son which I am truly greatful for and very blessed to have them these kids have change my life in so many ways. I am a deeply believer in god and pray when I need him and ask questions and I always get answers. Meaning my kids are always asking there dad to do things but he pushed them away and makes broken promises.

The lord has blessed us with another child when we found out we were so happy about the lord giving us another chance to have to do this right. I want my kids to be baptized by people I know and from our home towns church. To me there is only one god and we all pray to him even tho he symbolizes in different clothing and how he looks. Last night I have a dream about so many angels standing in front of me choring and blowing trumpets and I felt peace happiness and love.

My boyfriend called me a devil and I just thought why would he say such a thing to me when I know where my heart belongs. I doubted myself for so long I thought everyone was leaving me and forgot about me but my kids stayed by my side to comfort me and keep me busy and the lord never left…. Cause inside I know I love him with all my heart nothing can break that. We are 20 years apart but I know when we get to heaven the lord has plans and love. But now I need to focus on my boyfriend he needs my help. And for you to have a blessed day with your wife and may god bring happiness and fulfillment to your marriage.

God bless you and your whole family. I think I was singing with them.

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The last word sung was what I heard.. It sounded like con-something. It seemed to convey absolution, cleansed. It was a pure word and all these descriptions pale to the actual meaning. I want to know the meaning behind this. I actually felt very good after hearing it. So random but I just woke up from a dream. Normally I would describe a little bit about the book but the book blurb already does that and more. I like a little mystery going into these types of stories so I think the description gives a bit too much away.

Despite that, this was a creative story and the author does a good job of bringing you in and keeping you engaged. This is not a standalone and does continue into book 2. My only complaint about the story is the main characters are high schoolers and acted like it. I'm an adult and I don Normally I would describe a little bit about the book but the book blurb already does that and more. I'm an adult and I don't really enjoy reading, what was at times, bratty behavior. I would much prefer reading about adults. Now I can and have enjoyed a goood young adult book, however, the cast of teenage characters acted more like adults in those books.

Probably not, but that's just my reading preference. I think this book series would be a better fit and a hit with a teenage audience. The story is about a teenager learning her true birth and that she was created by the Illuminati. They call her a genetically altered angel. Everyone around her is somehow a part of the Illuminati. Even the guy she falls for is somehow involved.

No one is what they seem, characters change when you least expect it and every page is a turner. I couldn't put the book down and the ending really blew me away! I didn't see that going. Great book and I am looking forward for the next book. I recommend you get this book! The first part of the Angel Trilogy takes place in a small town where gossips spread like wild fire.

There is an interesting mix of the occult and science. Stephanie who goes by the name of Stevie lives with her mother and they never stay in one place for long. Stevie's friends have organised her eighteenth birthday party, only she won't be there because her mother has decided that they have to move on that day. She doesn't have a choice. Another town and another new school. Aidan is the mysteri The first part of the Angel Trilogy takes place in a small town where gossips spread like wild fire.

Aidan is the mysterious, rich and popular bad boy. He wears designer clothes and drives a flashy car! It just so happens that he starts at the new school on the same day as Stevie. He strikes a conversation with her but she is not impressed. Why would a rich kid be interested in her? She leads a poor life. She starts her day with a job before going to school to help her mother pay the bills and any food is a luxury.

Stevie is befriended by Sally who introduces her to her little click but one of her friends is not very keen and takes an instant dislike to Stevie. She seems to know more about Stevie than she should and her insults spark a near "cat fight". Luckily, Aidan intervenes and then something strange happens. From then on he seems to be there whenever she is in trouble and he doesn't take no for an answer when she declines his help.

As the story unfolds, it becomes apparent that some of the strange occurrences are way out of the ordinary. Stevie is a sceptic and doesn't believe in the paranormal, even when her new friend Ms Noel holds a seance and gives her information about her father. Something that she is very sensitive about. Sara, her mother is never very forthcoming with information and she is far from being a model mother.

Her behaviour is appaling and the more is revealed about her, the worse it gets. She always puts herself first and doesn't care that she has led Stevie is a dangerous situation. There is something that others want from Stevie and would go as far as killing her to get what they want. Besides Ms Noel, the only other person who appears to have her interest at heart is Aidan or does he?

Aidan is a contradiction in term. His moods swing from one extreme to the other. He is one of those characters who brings out the love hate relationship in the reader. Stevie tries to be independent but she is very naive and impulsive, getting herself into more and more trouble.

She stomps her foot once too often but she has a good heart! Her relationship with Aidan is unpredictable. He is unpredictable! This story revolves around the occult and as soon as a mystery is solved, another one rears its ugly head. Most of the characters are not who they appear to be. The revelations about some of them are quite shocking. It's an intriguing storyline which kept me guessing.

I found it a little long winded in places but then again it could be just me. Otherwise, it's a captivating read. It ends on the most disturbing and unexpected cliffhanger. What happens next is anyone's guess! I would recommend to those who like the paranormal with a mix of the occult, science, romance, mystery, suspense, dark and evil magic. I received a complimentary ecopy from the author. The views expressed are my personal and honest opinion. With a mentally unstable mother, lack of resources and living a nightmare all the time was no way to keep going.

Betrayal was at every pace and her options were almost none. Who to trust? This was a story that kept me thinking from the first chapter to the end. The characters were intriguing, the situations unexpected, strange and sometimes scary. All the time I was guessing about the role of some characters in the story. Liked that there were some a With a mentally unstable mother, lack of resources and living a nightmare all the time was no way to keep going. Liked that there were some amusing characters and scenes that were easy to visualize and enjoy.

The plot development was rich, very detailed and descriptive scenes. Nothing was what seemed. Way to build suspense! So many twists and all of them that crafted in a way that made sense. I had no time to bored myself. Very good written story. Enjoyed it a lot. Jane keeps you interested by wanting to know what is happening next. I do have to say there was a lot of huffing and puffing done by Stevie and that started to drive me crazy. If that was minimized I would have enjoyed the story even more. This is book one and you are left with even more questions by the end of the story.

It will be interesting to see how the author does in book two and what will develop. A well written story, with down to earth characters. If you enjoy romance books with a twist this one is for you. What a fantastic story! Stevie Ray is a teenager with a lot of problems. Her father dies when she's a mere eight years old.

Her mother is bi-polar and totally self absorbed. From the point of the father's death, the mother Sara hauls the poor kid from town to town never settling down until they land in a little town in Louisiana. Stevie starts a new school and faces a whole new set of problems.

She makes a few new friends and meets a dashing, handsome boy named Aiden who throughout the story is What a fantastic story! She makes a few new friends and meets a dashing, handsome boy named Aiden who throughout the story is her love interest. As a reader it was hard to get a pulse on him.

I wanted to believe he was a good guy and many times he came to Stevie's rescue, so I was rooting for him to be good. I'm still not sure he was. The story is one of magic, dark secrets and a secret society with evil motives that ultimately involve Stevie. The story unfolds nicely, but Aiden's true motives behind his relationship with Stevie don't come into play until later. For me this was a real page turner.

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I got hooked on the love story and appreciated the way it unfolded. The ending was a shocker and I'm not sure how it left me feeling. Although what I think was good about the ending is it will make you immediately want to pick up book two in the series. So kudos to Jane for that smart crafting. The writing was good, provocative, reflected the age of the characters quite well. The story itself was very engaging and kept me hooked.

I'd highly recommend this read unless you're looking for a HEA. I love reading a variety of genres, this being one of them. All Stevie wanted was to be a normal girl, she wanted to plant roots in one town and know she could make life time friends, not live out of a suitcase and have to be ready to move any day of the week when she arrived home from school. Life was pretty grim. When Stevie and her mum arrive at Tangi, a small town in South Louisiana, Stevie feels like she has bit rock bottom. Another run down hovel to live in and food is yet again a luxury for her not an every day occurrence to be taken for granted.

Her unstable mother soon disappears leaving her to fend for herself. This strange town will become a sort of coming of age place for her, a place they have been drawn to, where not everyone and everything are as they seem, even her. There are some pretty strong characters in this book, Mrs.

Noel, a neighbour that can speak to the dead and a very handsome wealthy young man, that arrived at the school when she did, who is more than persistent to get to know the new poor girl in town. There are very dark elements at work too but who can she trust. Throw in a little volatile romance too and you get a little fire cracker of a read. I really enjoyed the writing style of this author that didn't flower up the characters I didn't need to know a lot about, very much like life you get to know people on different depths.

It has a slow tension build to begin with but soon picks up to keep any reader page turning. Love the curve balls that she kept throwing in too. Keep your eyes peeled for book two. This novel is the first book in a series of three books and it does end on a cliff hanger. This book was downright gripping! The author didn't waste any time jumping into the excitement of the story and keeping me rushing along each line to find out what would happen next. A brilliant plot, starring a troubled and neglected teen, and filled with one mystery after another.

Stevie is eighteen years old and working on finishing her last year in high school. Her mother forces her to move to a small town in Louisiana, making her start over in a new school and find new friends.

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It isn't lon This book was downright gripping! It isn't long before unusual things begin to happen around her and she's thrown into a whirlwind of drama. This story was not disappointing in the slightest and if my eyes would have behaved themselves, I would have finished it in one day. Grab your copy as fast as you can!! You will be glad you did! Loved reading this book. Didn't want to put it down, so finished it in one day. I love paranormal and fantasy type books and at first I was like, ok this is ok, but not what I'm looking for. I kept reading and it did not disappoint. By the end I was like no!

What happens next. Great read!! Dream Angel is an intriguing tale of deceit, treachery, murder, and the occult. Stephanie Ray suffered abuse and neglect all her life. Her only friends were her neighbor, Miss Noel, and Jen Dream Angel is an intriguing tale of deceit, treachery, murder, and the occult. Her only friends were her neighbor, Miss Noel, and Jen, a schoolmate. She and her mother could not speak to each other without getting into an argument each time.

Her attraction to a male student at her school draws her into a diabolical plot by Lords of the Underworld, her discovery about her birth, and DNA. From then the story took a new and intricate turn. Jane West did an excellent job of portraying the characters in this novel with her superb descriptions and scenes filled with suspense. The book was a page-turner, with numerous twists and turns, and the tale was gripping.

She is another talented writer waiting to be discovered. I thank Jane for gifting me a copy of this book. Dream Angel is a paranormal romance set in Louisiana. Stephanie Ray is on the eve of her eighteenth birthday, when her mother forces them to upsticks and move once more.

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They settle in a tiny backwater town and Steph is left to fend for herself, while her mother gets herself a new job, a new man and is rarely seen at home. Steph is befriended by Ms. Noel a lady with the gift of sight, she takes Steph under her wing and introduces her to the idea of spirits who live beyond the veil. At school Steph Dream Angel is a paranormal romance set in Louisiana. At school Steph quickly learns which girls to avoid and who might become her friends. Mysterious boy Aidan Bane rescues Steph from sticky situations on more than one occasion and her feelings for him rocket between keen interest and cold rebuff.

Yet it looks like they have a predestined connection which they are both expected to play out. This is book one in a new series and the story ends on a cliff-hanger. There are some good quirky characters and a storyline which I enjoyed. Poor Stevie has had a rough start to life. Her father died while she was still a child and she has been raised by an alcoholic mother who is also bipolar. Stevie and her mother move from one crummy hotel to the next keeping all her worldly possessions in a suitcase that she lives out of.

Stevie finds herself in a small town named Tangi where she is pursued by Aiden. Knowing the type, Stevie tries her best to stay aw Poor Stevie has had a rough start to life. Knowing the type, Stevie tries her best to stay away from him. Unfortunately, he will not stop pursuing her.

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He follows her into a restroom where her anger gets the best of her and the story reveals that Stevie is anything but ordinary when she destroys the bathroom. Stevie continues to run into Aiden and the love hate relationship the two of them share turns into more love than hate. She soon learns Aiden is not who he appeared to be and has known her much longer than she has known him. This book is packed with action with surprises around every turn.

The character development and evolution drew me into this book. Stevie grows so much as a character throughout the story. My only complaint is that I could start reading the second book fast enough! This first book ends on a crazy cliffhanger so I highly recommend purchasing book two immediately. This time we start with Stevie waking up in an insane asylum after being found guilty of killing her mother and several of her boyfriends.

She was amazingly was released for no reason. The Illuminati had worked j ed their magic again but not without a price. Jeffrey and Dom was waiting for Stevie with a mansion and buckets of money that Aden had k left her. Stevie was told Aiden was dead. A lot went on while she was in the mental hospital 3 years that she doesn't remember much.

Life has never been easy for Stevie but even with money and family she still can't be happy. Jeffrey and Dom try to make a life for her but she goes and meets Val.