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Cheap steel shakers can also freeze shut so tightly that you can easily find yourself mired in frustration and despair, wondering if your precious concoction will ever pass your lips before it devolves into a tepid soup. Heaven forbid. The cobbler shaker design, we might add, is also a little more user-friendly for those of you and your guests who might find themselves a little too lubricated to safely handle the Boston shaker. Pros: Gorgeous design, high-quality materials, user-friendly cobbler shaker style.

Cocktail Kingdom's double-sided jigger is the jigger that is best fit to survive the treacheries of bar use and abuse, which may be the reason I keep spotting this one on all manner of bar tops across New York City. We like the unique, bulbous shape of this jigger, which is reminiscent of a cabernet sauvignon glass and just adds a little more character to the bar set all around.

Of course, you could just completely ball out with Tiffany's sterling silver one why yes, it is nearly a cool grand. It's designed for easy measuring and pouring. Granted, it's a modern design that won't necessarily fly naturally with the rest of your barware, unless you're going for an ultra-modern look. If you're looking for something cheap and classic, check out Winco's 1-oz.

A mixing glass is a proper way to make cocktails with whiskey. Shakers are generally reserved for citrus-based drinks in which you want to break up the molecules of the fruit to impart flavor and scent. Hiware makes a timeless little mixing glass for a remarkably fair price. There's no need to go over the top here, but some of the more popular brands fall short here by using cheap glass that cracks early on, according to both professional and verified buyer reviews.

Hiware makes dependable but affordable stuff across the board, and, generally speaking, is a brand we'll stand behind. While this spoon won't break the bank, and our affordable pick will do the job just as well, there's something about holding a denser, higher-quality stainless steel mixing spoon that's worth appreciating. Bar spoons are fairly plain contraptions, but to make a cocktail with whiskey, you're going to need one. The important things to make sure of are that it's balanced and that the spoon is one piece, and not bonded to the handle, which will eventually cause it to fall apart.

Walnut, so long as you dry it well, is a sturdy, hefty wood that will live a very long life as a muddler. You want a little weight in a muddler because it makes your job a good deal easier. It also doubles as an excellent tool should your guests get a little unruly.

Just know that shiny varnish comes with a bit of a threat around food and beverages: Neglect it, and it may start to peel, at which point you might start finding shards of urethane in your mojitos. We see both form and function working together in the Carter Stainless Steel Muddler. Certain things, like mint leaves, call for more gentle muddling, so you'd want to use the flush end for those, while others, like citrus, require a slightly more aggressive approach with the toothed end.

50 Things You Should Always Buy at the Dollar Store

When it comes to muddling and juicing, there are no better tools than bare wood. They're easier on the hands than metal, and the fact that there's no finish means you won't find shards of enamel in your drinks. We like the Chef'n FreshForce Juicer because of its elaborate gear system, which not only makes squeezing citrus easier on the hands but also helps you get more juice out. It even comes in three different sizes meant to fit lemons, limes, and oranges.

While we usually prefer metal to plastic, the paint coat on most metal citrus presses eventually breaks up and chips due to the acidity from citrus, and we don't really like the idea of having paint chips in our margaritas. Pros: Easy to use, gets lots of juice, comes in different sizes. The Oxo SteeL strainer has a raised lip and a little thumb piece to make pouring a cinch. It's also nice and compact, so it won't get tangled up in your drawer like some other strainers with what we find to be oversized, unnecessarily complicated handle designs.

Good ice is much more important than some of us might think. Tovolo 's ice trays produce astonishingly clear ice cubes that seem to last forever and are sure to win the hearts of your guests. Guides Editor Malarie Gokey has had a pair of them for five years and they're still going strong. From an oblong shape that allows you to fit more than one bottle inside of it, to a drain tray for keeping your good ice above the melted stuff, Crafthouse's by Fortessa Ice Bucket checks all our boxes.

The main thing to keep in mind when you're buying an ice bucket is that you have sufficient insulation. There are a lot of pretty ice buckets out there, but many of them don't function all that well. Pick up a thin-walled, copper-plated bucket and you'll have nothing but water in no time — maybe slush, if you're lucky. Fortune Candy's ice bucket is our top pick because of its double-walled construction that creates great insulation to keep your ice from melting. I've been enchanted by Juliska's playful take on drink- and tableware since it first caught my eye a few years ago.

If we were splurging on heavier drinkware, and especially rocks glasses, we'd go with Schott Zwiesel , which is heavy, thick, chip-resistant, and nearly unbreakable. It is your responsibility to check this page periodically for changes. Your continued use of or access to the website following the posting of any changes constitutes acceptance of those changes.

15 Items TO BUY at Dollar Tree and 10 items NOT TO BUY at Dollar Tree - Hip2Save

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At the entrance of the store, shoppers were greeted with a "last chance" table of discounted goods.

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Why do technically savvy insider threats choose not to challenge cyber defenses?

A technically savvy insider will study corporate cybersecurity policies in an attempt to find an exploitable loophole. So, even a technically savvy insider may consider a vigilant cybersecurity program too risky, and opt for an easier way to obtain the desired information, such as an eavesdropping device. How can an insider access information without penetrating cyber defenses? While these devices are capable of capturing valuable corporate information, cybersecurity programs are not designed to detect these threats. Several of these attack modes fit the definition of a cybercrime, while other methods do not involve the use of the Internet, a computer system or computer technology.

However, an insider may use any of these types of attacks to steal valuable corporate information.

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Information is plentiful, and eavesdropping devices are inexpensive and relatively easy for a novice to use. And, cyber TSCM is the detection of eavesdropping devices that operate within or interface with cyberspace. The examination is a precise process using a number of different electronic detection devices to identify potential threats. The threats are then either confirmed and their source detected where possible , or ruled out by scientific examination.