The End of the Pier Show

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Cast Size Cast Size 4m, 4f.

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Additional Info There is talk of impending war, while visible proof that war is expected, sandbags, gun installations, etc. We meet the various members rehearsing their acts on stage as well as their more private moments in between. License details Licensing fees and rental materials quoted upon application.

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The End of the Pier Show

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The End Of The Pier Show

Jack the Ripper. As holidays have moved on, the end-of-the-pier show and the piers themselves have become much less popular. Various attempts have been made to preserve them and there are a few still in existence, e. So, the expression End of the pier show just refers to any light entertainment that is intended for pure amusement. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered.

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What is an 'end-of-the-pier entertainment'? Ask Question. See telegraph. The end-of-the-pier show became a tradition.

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Chenmunka Chenmunka More specifically, it's usually and certainly in the case of OP's citation a derogatory label meaning "downmarket" entertainment. Typified by those painted backdrop screens with oval holes where unsophisticated holidaymakers stick their heads through to be photographed.

The end of the end of the pier show?

Slightly odd when one considers that the specific theme addressed by the writer is in fact a fairly knotty philosophical problem but the writer affects to consider Pascal's wager a "trivial" issue. So this is the origin of the phrase but what an 'end-of-the-pier' synonym would be?

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