The Hundred Days War

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The treaty also established the island of Elba, where Napoleon was exiled, as a separate principality to be ruled by Napoleon. The British position was that the French nation was in a state of rebellion and Napoleon Bonaparte was a usurper.

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Lord Castlereagh explained that he would not sign on behalf of the king of the United Kingdom because to do so would recognize the legitimacy of Napoleon as emperor of the French and that to exile him to an island over which he had sovereignty only a short distance from France and Italy, both of which had strong Jacobin factions, could easily lead to further conflict. Its role was consultative except on taxation , as only the King had the power to propose or sanction laws and appoint or recall ministers.

Many of the legal, administrative, and economic reforms of the revolutionary period were left intact, including the Napoleonic Code. Other groups bearing ill sentiment towards Louis included the army, non-Catholics, and workers hit by a post-war slump and British imports. The growing anti-royal sentiments would soon help Napoleon to gather popular support for his own restoration.

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Two days later, he landed on the French mainland at Golfe-Juan and started heading north. The 5th Regiment was sent to intercept him and made contact just south of Grenoble.

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Kill your Emperor, if you wish. The two then marched together towards Paris with a growing army.

Hundred Day War

Napoleon arrived in Paris on 20 March and governed for a period now called the Hundred Days. In an attempt to strengthen the trust of the public disappointed by the restored royal authority, Napoleon took up a constitutional reform, which resulted in the Charter of , signed on April 22, and prepared by Benjamin Constant. It was very liberal in spirit and gave the French people rights which were previously unknown to them, such as the right to elect the mayor in communes with population of less than 5, The ministers were to be responsible to the Parliament for their actions.

The liberalization dealt both with the guarantees of rights and the end of censorship. In the end, the two chambers held sessions for only one month, from June 3 to July 7, The rapid fall of Napoleon prevented it from being fully applied. The hopes of peace that Napoleon had entertained were gone; war was now inevitable. Furthermore, the Treaty of Alliance against Napoleon, in which each of the European powers agreed to pledge , men for the coming conflict, was ratified on March Such a number was not possible for Great Britain, as its standing army was smaller than the armies of its peers and its forces were scattered around the globe, with many units still in Canada where the War of had recently ceased.

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Consequently, it made up its numerical deficiencies by paying subsidies to the other powers and to the other states of Europe that would contribute contingents. Some time after the allies began mobilizing, it was agreed that the planned invasion of France would commence on July 1, The advantage of this invasion date, later than some military leaders expected, was that it allowed the invading Coalition armies a chance to be ready at the same time.

Yet this postponed invasion date gave Napoleon more time to strengthen his forces and defenses, which would make defeating him harder and more costly in lives, time, and money.

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Napoleon chose to attack, which entailed a preemptive strike at his enemies before they were fully assembled and able to cooperate. By destroying some of the major Coalition armies, Napoleon believed he would then be able to bring the governments of the Seventh Coalition to the peace table to discuss peace for France with Napoleon remaining in power. If peace were rejected by the allies despite preemptive military success he might have achieved using the offensive military option available to him, then the war would continue and he could turn his attention to defeating the rest of the Coalition armies.

First, he had learned that the British and Prussian armies were widely dispersed and might be defeated in detail. Also, the British troops in Belgium were largely second-line troops as most of the veterans of the Peninsular War had been sent to America to fight the War of Also, a French victory might trigger a friendly revolution in French-speaking Belgium.

On June 17, Napoleon left Grouchy with the right wing of the French army to pursue the Prussians while he took the reserves and command of the left wing of the army to pursue Wellington towards Brussels. On the night of June 17, the Anglo-allied army prepared for battle on a gentle escarpment about a mile 1.

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The next day this proved the decisive battle of the campaign. With the right wing of the army, Grouchy engaged a Prussian rearguard at the simultaneous Battle of Wavre. Although he won a tactical victory, his failure to prevent the Prussian march to Waterloo meant that his actions contributed to the French defeat at Waterloo. The next day June 19 he left Wavre and started a long retreat back to Paris. The battle also ended the First French Empire and set a chronological milestone between serial European wars and a time of relative peace.

Additional troops landed on 15 July, under the command of General Jacques Beauchamp. Beauchamp, under orders from Fanchon, lead the army on the march to Mexico City. The Mexican army had been prepared for the advance, but fell back steadily in the face of French assaults. The advancing French army liberated thousands of black slaves, many of whom joined in the attack on Mexico City. On 13 August Consalus replaced the aging General Vincent Collins with General Emiliano Calles , commander of the Durango district, and at 40 the youngest general in the Mexican army and its only Mexicano general.

Calles, leading fresh recruits to the front, met the French Expeditionary Force at Chapultepec along the Tampico Road. The Battle of Chapultepec would prove the deciding point in the war; General Beauchamp was killed in the battle, and the next day his successor, General Pierre Bordagary surrendered unconditionally, ending the drive to Mexico City.

Hundred Days

Afterwards the Mexican troops liberated Tampico from the French by 29 September. Four days later Fanchon sued for peace. France also ceded control of the Caribbean islands of Martinique and St. Thomas to the U. When the French troops withdrew from Tampico, they left behind some 8, black slaves who had run away to join them on their march on Mexico City.

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President Consalus ordered the slaves arrested and tried for treason. The Chapultepec treason trials provoked international outrage, especially within the C.

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Governor Howard Washburne of Southern Vandalia called for the abolition of slavery in Mexico, and formed the Friends of Black Mexico to further that aim. In the U. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. admin