The One Who Got Away (Love and Danger, Book 2)

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It starts with a murder. As we read The Secret History , we don't so much wonder what might happen as worry about what will happen. It is in love with Ancient Greece. Donna Tartt proves the truth of what literary parents piously tell their children: nothing can beat the Greek myths. It has all the best elements of the campus novel. Everyone who has ever been to university loves this peculiar subgenre, in which we can relive our earliest years of pretend adulthood.

But it appeals to non-graduate readers too. It has a classic lonely narrator. A clever boy from nowheresville, he sets out to "fabricate a new and far more satisfying history". So he narrates with the force of passion. It is full of quotations. Within a couple of sentences Richard is quoting from Rimbaud unattributed and untranslated.

Their creativity sizzled making their company renowned and in hot demand. No nonsense consumer psychologist, Sienna Lambert moderates focus groups to assist her clients with marketing their products to target audiences. Sienna interviews men from all professions and all walks of life to get their opinion on the new line. When adrenaline junkie, Vaughn Deveraux meets Sienna he takes her breath away—literally.

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After a run-in at a client softball outing Sienna assumes Vaughn is one of the new models for Dexter Clothiers. Devon Mitchell's past is tormenting him and his future is uncertain. Plagued with the thought that he was responsible for his girlfriend's death, Devon finds solitude at his uncle's farm in rural Illinois.

He commissions himself as the gallery's new art director to investigate. Refusing to make his transition a smooth one, she sets out to make Devon's work live miserable. Tensions between them spark intense heat.

As the two grow closer, Devon learns of hostile takeovers and hidden agendas—all revealing the truth about his girlfriend's death. Could Jayde be next on the hit list because of him? When she sets up a blind date for him, Adrian decides to teach her a lesson; he stands his date up! Intent on doing the right thing, Justin goes to the restaurant to break the date for his friend, but gets more than he reckoned for.

Now what? Danger doesn't make an appointment. And it only takes a spark to set off a fire As world leaders gather and a student demo gathers pace, a small flame takes hold - and suddenly an unquenchable fire bursts into life and an inferno of flames up to l00 metres high tear through the streets, threatening homes and lives.

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And in the smoke and confusion, an important general is kidnapped! Ben - just learning to fly - finds himself at the controls of a microlite and on the trail of the kidnappers Ben's on a trip to London to meet his mum. But an accident at the Thames Barrier, combined with a tidal surge and a dramatic thunderstorm - and suddenly his trip turns into something totally different as the Barrier is breached and London is flooded. With streets underwater, communications down, rats pouring up out of the sewers and thousands of people in a state of panic, survival becomes a key issue.

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But as Ben tries to get across London to meet his mother, little does he know that two terrorists have a similar rendezvous. Set in Scotland, Alpha Force are helping out on a survival outdoors adventure holiday programme for problem youngsters when they stumble across evidence of an illegal drugs laboratory, hidden high on the moors on the laird's land. High-speed chases with quad bikes and 4x4 vehicles across country along with survival skills like rafting, abseiling and hiking bring this l0th actionpacked adventure to the UK with a dramatic storyline focusing on one of today's major problems - designer drugs and their manufacture.

Target: Assassin!

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The five members of Alpha Force are training in the Caribbean when an oil tanker runs aground, spilling oil - black gold - into the seas. Diving down to the stricken tanker, Alpha Force soon discover that all is not as it seems. But they will need all their skills and ingenuity - powerboating, scuba diving, jet skiing - when a bomb explodes and an assassin strikes.

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Mission: Earthquake Survival Tough training and even tougher missions have turned the five members of Alpha Force into a formidable team. While honing their survival skills in the Belize jungle the group interrupt a raid on a Mayan tomb - and must abort their training and return to the city. But disaster is about to strike - a massive earthquake devastates the area, trapping Alpha Force and a group of schoolchildren amid the debris.

The team must race against time to locate and rescue the survivors. Includes Chris's top SAS tips on dealing with an earthquake situation. Target: Body Snatchers Alpha Force are a crack team dedicated to fighting injustice around the globe. While in southern India they learn of the growing trade in organ transplants from living donors. With lives on the line and big money to be made, the demand for organs is urgent - and there are people prepared to go to extreme lengths to get them.

When a young girl is snatched, Alpha Force must use all their surveillance skills to locate her - before the surgeons get to work. Includes Chris's top SAS tips on street surveillance. Target: Ivory Hunters Alpha Force - an elite five-member squad of highly trained young people - head to Zambia to compete in an extreme sports contest. They discover a horrifying threat to the local wildlife and immediately snap into action. But soon they find themselves facing a desperate battle with a ruthless band of ivory poachers who shoot to kill.

The team freefall into danger. An edge-of-the-seat thriller in the Alpha Force series, from bestselling author and ex-SAS hero Chris Ryan, whose personal experience as one of today's ultimate modern warriors gives authentic detail to every single page. Alpha Force - a group of five kids dedicated to fighting against injustice in the world - are in Australia, helping with a TV reality show. But when Paulo spots a dangerous terrorist hiding out in a nearby town, events suddenly force them into a terrifying adventure as the terrorist seizes hostages and flies off into the bush.

Supporting the Australian SAS, Alpha Force have to take action - even if it means flying into the midst of a scary bushfire-. Mission: Pursuit! Alpha Force are a unique group of five individuals, each with special skills, each ready to go anywhere in the world to help others in need. Undercover, they head for the Sahara Desert, resolved to gather evidence of young landmine victims. But they are catapulted into a desperate race across the desert when they discover a terrible evil - a gang of child-slavers operating in the area.

The One Who Got Away (Love and Danger, book 2) by Amy Gamet

Target: Toxic Waste Flying to Northern Canada to investigate reports of illegal dumping of toxic waste, the Alpha Force team must dive into an icy river, cross the harsh landscape on snowmobiles and test their caving skills to complete their mission. But they need all their courage and determination when they come face-to-face with a man who is ready to kill - or take a hostage - to stop them. Target: Drug Rat Alpha Force are an elite team of five highly-skilled individuals brought together to battle injustice. To gain information, they infiltrate a tight-knit community of street kids then head into the isolated mountains where a terrifying and twisted hunt is to test their individual skills to the max.

The first in an exciting new series for children from ex-SAS officer and bestselling adult author Chris Ryan. Five kids: Alex, Li, Paulo, Hex and Amber, are marooned on a desert island where they must face the ultimate test - survival! Killer komodo dragons, sharks and modern day pirates are amongst the dangers they face. Can the five bond as a team - and stay alive? If this is your author page then you can share your Twitter updates with your readers right here on LoveReading.

If this is your author page then you can share your Facebook updates with your readers right here on LoveReading. Check out the latest activities in our KidsZone. Becoming a member of the LoveReading4Kids community is free. Find out more. The Baby Beast Chris Judge.

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