Toward Lasting Peace

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  • Toward Lasting Peace!

This marks a big step toward a peaceful resolution of their disputes. There were plenty of bumps along the road, too, mostly due to foreign interference; yet those efforts failed to kill the common aspiration of those involved to establish a necessary order, one that would facilitate regional cooperation and prosperity.

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The agreement illustrates that a longing for peace outweighs any outstanding differences between the parties. It defeats attempts by non-regional countries to mislead public opinion, provoke confrontation and create tension; dialogue and consultation have proven better at settling disputes than outside meddling. One cannot dismiss their will to create regional rules while thwarting attempts by outsiders eager to play God. The Lutheran communion has been accompanying South Sudanese inside and outside the country throughout the years of conflict, in which over 2.

Libya: Build Foundation for Lasting Peace

In his opening remarks at the side event, General Secretary Rev. In recent years, support has increased for capacity building in human rights advocacy, targeting both government institutions and civil society organizations CSOs.

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Junge said linking humanitarian and human rights work was critical in achieving sustainable development and long-lasting peace. Collaboration from government leadership, faith-based organizations and civil society is required to ensure support for transitional justice so that years of violence, rape and killings can come to a complete stop.

She however noted there are critical gaps in addressing gender-based violence, mentioning as an example, the many instances of light punishment for perpetrators of sexual violence against girls and women. South Sudan civil society representative Ms Lilly Grace Delfin second right said there are critical gaps in addressing gender-based violence. Ongoing efforts toward lasting peace and reconciliation, he emphasized, is a process. Other speakers at the side event included CSO representative Mr Jame David Kolok Joshua, who said the UPR process has created a conducive environment for civil society to openly engage with key government sectors such as gender, education and security.

Free Ireland: Towards A Lasting Peace

We need to ensure the victims are part and parcel of this process. LWF in South Sudan. International Affairs and Human Rights.